Your Step By Step Guide In Creating Your High Ticket Programs

There are 3 stages in creating your high ticket programs.

1. Build a list (minimum 2000 – 3000 subscribers)
2. Organise a free webinar for 3 weeks
3. Offer them a transformational program worth $5000

The first stage in realising your high ticket program is to build a list of at least 2000 to 3000 subscribers.

This step is important because this is where you generate your high ticket leads
from. Without a list, there is no audience for your show to begin with. You can
build your list almost instantly via Solo Ads, as mentioned in the second
business model.

This saves you a lot of time and helps you tremendously in acquiring prospects.

The second stage is to organize a free webinar for your subscribers for 3
consecutive weeks.

Email your subscribers regarding the webinar and get them to register for it.
During the webinar session, give them a preview of your high ticket offer and
tell them what you want and what they can expect from it.

You should also tackle their pain points according to your niche and why they
need to get their hands on your high ticket program.

By the end of the 3-week webinar run, make sure you direct your subscribers
to the strategic session page. This is where you filter your subscribers and
select the most qualified ones to attend a one-on-one phone interview with
you to discuss their interest and intention in your high ticket program.

The final stage is to offer a transformational program to them.

This is your high ticket program. If you are relatively new to the Internet
Marketing niche, I advise you place a $5000 price tag on your high ticket offer.
Remember you are offering programs with the highest value to your clients.

Your high ticket program can be in a form of coaching sessions over a period of
time, workshops or even retreats.


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