What is an Affiliation?


what is an affiliation basically an affiliation establishes a relationship between an agency and an individual it lets the Department of Insurance know which individuals work for a particular agency an individual can only be affiliated from lines of authority that are held by both the individual and the agency unfortunately each state has different requirements for who needs to be affiliated and how to do it roughly half the states require affiliations a newly hired producer who has his license needs to be affiliated within 30 days if a producers in the process of being licensed he will need to be affiliated within 30 days of his license being issued if her producer leaves the agency his affiliation must be terminated within 30 days so why is it important to keep your affiliations up to date failure to keep affiliations current may result in fines and administrative actions keeping your affiliations current is good business to learn who’s affiliated at your agency and who needs to be visit us at Ilsa in calm [Music]

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