This SEO Strategy = 175.59% More Traffic (NOT CLICKBAIT)

[UltraVid id=16 ]- In this video you’re gonna
learn about an SEO strategy that actually works. In fact, I used this exact strategy to boost my organic traffic by 175.59% in less than a month, and this technique is
one of the main reasons that I rank number one in Google for the keyword on-page SEO. I’m Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, the place where marketers
turn for higher rankings and more traffic, and today I’m gonna walk
you through the process that I used to get than number
one ranking step by step. Keep watching. A while back I published
an infographic on my site, On-page SEO, Anatomy of a
Perfectly Optimized Page. Not to brag but this
infographic was awesome. It had lots of unique actionable tips that I’ve never read about anywhere else and I knew this piece of content could generate the type
of high-quality back links that get you to the top of Google fast. There was only one problem. No one knew that it existed. Hello, I just published a new infographic. Hello? That’s when I decided
to execute the strategy that I mentioned earlier and my back links, traffic and rankings shot through the roof. I call this SEO strategy guestographics. And now it’s time for
me to walk you through this step-by-step process. Your first step is to create and publish a high-quality infographic. I probably don’t need to tell
you that people love sharing and linking to infographics. In fact, a recent
industry study by Buzzsumo found that infographics generate significantly more shares
then blog posts or videos, and for guestographics to work you need to publish a high-quality
infographic on your site. As you’ll see later, you can
turn this single infographic into dozens of white hat back links. Fortunately, creating a great infographic isn’t as hard as you might think. For example, for my infographic.

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