The Shift In The Mindset 100%

OK so and haven’t done a video like this point while so i decided to do another video purely because of the fact that i got really really busy so I’m now going to dedicate at least the video once maybe twice a week and download it and keep you guys on track now back in July last year 2016 I took it upon myself to change my mindset and in result of that I’ve escalated upwards with everything in my life one with my attitude, two with my business, three with my life my health.
Just a general rounder and the first steps I took because you have to take action on everything that you set your mind to this is what helped me my mindset wasn’t in the right place you know a little while ago and I needed to reset everything I my mind that was great then all of a sudden I just slip straight out of this feeling of being in the right place doing the right thing, now the mindset it’s really a solid thing to work on if you don’t change it you don’t make me the difference in yourself that you’re never going to see a change in your life now.
In July i decided that i was going to join the gym I was going to lose a bit of weight which I did and I’ve lost two stone two-and-a-half so to be precise actually, I feel a hundred times better in myself I have more energy in myself what else is there the the business both businesses that I run my internet business and my hairdressing salon is absolutely cracking with the business. Now I was finding it hard because of the fact that but then my mindset wasn’t set right and i just found that I was having a big old problem with I don’t know getting myself in the right place so i decided to change something and I and that’s when I decided to go to the gym because i thought if i change my life it will change everything and that’s what I did and the result of that both businesses prevailed and I got the results i was looking for.
Now when life fails sometimes don’t feel sorry about it don’t feel sorry for yourself and things like that, just make sure you just pick yourself back up and crack on and do the same as what you’re doing before so my advice is if you’re stuck in this little black cloud of yours there is light at the end of the tunnel keep on pushing through change the mindset change something that you do on a regular basis and then what you want to do is start-up going at the gym because it’s something different do something different and stick with it, stick with it for 31 days because then it becomes a habit ok it’s like with an online business you keep at it don’t just give up keep at it because you will succeed and on that note i am giving away my ten steps of entrepreneurship book for free and all you gotta do is basically click the link
down below and it will take you to the page where you can claim the 10 steps of entrepreneurship.
These are the steps that I took the help change my life to be able to progress on-wards and upwards ok so I I’m telling you now that this is something that will change your life forever and all these steps helped me along my way so I wrote the book that helped me progress on words a case I want to help you guys progress on words and change your mindset as well so as I said I’m just gonna put the link below the video, go ahead and just click the link and it will take you to the pages into your email address and you’ll be delivered a password to get into the locked page where you can access the 10 sets of entrepreneurship ebook and you can and hope that you can change your life as well and set your mindset.
The right way manner that will help you change your life forever, so as well guys I’d like to just pop the question in there if you want me to talk about any type of subject to any type of software that you’re interested in or something like this you know i’m going to be doing some reviews on software that are purchased is gonna be reviews on that are used my internet business.
So you know this loads of business software there’s things that people don’t tell you that you need and things that sometimes cost you some money i mean there’s things that cost you I maybe 200 bucks but i’m gonna be talking to review the necessary evils that you need to get your business online you know so if you if you have any questions whatsoever by all means please drop it in the comment box i have a look at them are posted online on the blog or even on the YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel as well which is on the top right hand corner so it just drop a comment and be interesting to hear what you guys think about the videos that i do if they are rubbish please tell me if you want me to talk about something else with a good you know I can take criticism it’s not a problem i’ll take it on the chin another to work on from that and I just hope you guys all the best if you’re stuck on something I might be able to help you so just anything just anything in general whether it’s related to business or whatever it’s related to software.
If you have a problem with software like for instance i use WordPress for my website and blog and i use optimize press as well and there’s a little secret that I’ve learned from another entrepreneurs which I’m actually starting to do for ourselves now i’m going to do another video about this when I get home today we’ll be talking about to how to drive massive traffic to your blog and your website business all at once and how to get highly ranked in Google so you know just bear with me and drop me comments down below!

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