are solo ads a scam

Solo Ads

The relevant information to build your followings via Solo Ads. Firstly, the basics. What are Solo Ads? To make it simple, Solo Ads is a form of advertisement sent out to an entire or a portion of an email subscriber list. The rule is you are purchasing your intended audience or targeted traffic in the form of a mailing list….

How To Be A Solo Ads Broker

I am going to provide you the expert rules on how to kick start your own solo ads business. There are three major rules to be a solo ads broker: 1. You need to build your own list 2. Be selective in renting out your list 3. Track the progress of the solo ads The first expert rule is to…

Is The Solo Ad’s Business A Scam?

    I am so fed up of stupid solo ads spamming FACEBOOK and claiming they can help your business succeed with there clicks that convert into leads, which we all know is total bullshit as you never really get any leads from solo ads – just clicks. I show you in this FREE Method right now how to actually…