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The relevant information to build your followings via Solo Ads. Firstly, the basics.

What are Solo Ads?

To make it simple, Solo Ads is a form of advertisement sent out to an entire or a portion of an email subscriber list. The rule is you are purchasing your intended audience or targeted traffic in the form of a mailing list.

Your main goal is to drive them to your landing page. You may also purchase
Solo Ads to promote an affiliate link.

Where do you find your targeted audience or your intended mailing list?
Generally, when you have ideal audiences in mind you have two choices. You
may deal with a ‘Solo Owner’ where they have already established their own
mailing list in a specific niche.

You may also contact an ‘Ads Broker’, who acts as an ‘agent’ for this business.
This will be further discussed in the following modules.

When you purchase a Solo Ad, the emails sent to your audiences arededicated
emails. This means the emails revolves entirely around the product or service
you intend to promote.

The emails are focused on a particular niche/area depending on the product/service advertised. This may range from the selling of supplements to
fitness campaigns.

Why Solo Ads?

In a nutshell, Solo Ads work best for those intending to drive quick traffic
in large numbers. This can be applied in contexts where you are about to launch a product, or if you need traffic to be sent to a webpage immediately.

How Solo Ads work in detail, and how and where to purchase your Solo Ads.

How To Purchase Your List?

How to generate and purchase your traffic via Solo Ads, specifically focusing on ‘Solo Owners’. Mentioned in the previous module, in order to search for your intended mailing list there are two approaches:

  • Solo Owners
  • Solo Ads Brokers

What is the difference between the two?

Solo owners are individuals who own their own Solo Ads. They have established their own mailing lists where they will sell a Solo Ad to you and is dependent on your market. Usually, solo owners will charge you by Cost-Per Click (CPC). This depends on how many customers are interested and click on your email for further information.

How To Purchase Your List

There are downsides in opting to purchase your traffic from solo owners. As the name suggests, solo owners are only solo owners. Initially most of them do have a specific mailing list for marketing and business purposes.

But as their mailing list expands, many people enquired to purchase their lists
where they have turned it into their main niche.

Therefore, they are only interested in making money by selling you their lists.
Sometimes, it is possible that their mailing list does not even correspond to the advertisement that you intend to sell.

This means, you may be wasting resources as you are promoting your product
to the wrong audience Secondly, certain markets or niches have very few solo owners as the market can be relatively new or it has not been explored much by consumers.

For instance, markets that caters towards very specific products for very specific audiences. Example, supplements to control the sugar level of diabetes patients. As a result, you might find some difficulties in generating or finding suitable mailing lists for you via solo owners.

Another drawback is, as the solo owners are charging you based on CPC the
conversions may be low. As stated earlier some of the mailing list would not
entirely hit the ‘bull’s eye’ for you, as the audiences are a mismatch.

Now you have understood ‘Solo Owners’, in the next chapter we cover another
vehicle to generate your traffic, which is ‘Solo Ads Brokers’.

You will be able to weigh your choices in generating traffic. What are Solo Ad Brokers, and how do they aid you in generating traffic? Solo ads brokers are individuals who may manage 20 -30 mailing lists, assigned by their respective owners. They observe the progress of each list carefully.

They are also known as the agents of Solo Ads, just like how real estate agents
function in the property investment scene.

They know which lists are active and which are not. They also have an idea of
the list’s interests and how many clicks are made per list. They are paid by the list owners and they will usually charge you base on Cost Per Thousand (CPM).

Therefore, you do not have to worry about the cost as it is highly unlikely for them to charge you unreasonably. How do we measure CPM? CPM is a jargon referring to the cost of a media vehicle reaching 1000 audience.

Usually, how solo brokers work is they advise you on the traffic you should
purchase based on available lists. When you test run your Solo Ad and you find it is not generating the amount of traffic you want, you can always go back and discuss about the problem that you’re facing to your solo brokers.

They are more than willing to help and compensate for your loss by doing what
they call a ‘make-good’, where they try and improve the situation. They will either provide you with another mailing list, or they will give you discounts in your future purchase. It is in their nature to ensure that their customers have a good experience.

This is because their goal is to sell as many lists as possible to the right market,and they want their customers to come back and make another purchase with
them in the future. They want to be in the business for the long haul.

This kind of transaction is also made available through Facebook Solo Ads group. It can be a public or a closed group. In a particular group, there will be Solo Ads brokers/vendors as well as the buyers.

The brokers advertise the lists that they sell. Meanwhile, the customers who purchase the lists can publish testimonials on the group’s page. Therefore, the
members of the group will get direct feedback and this will enable them to
weigh their selection of lists.

Examples of Solo Ads Facebook groups are as follows:

1. SoloAds & Funnel Click’s Market

2. Solo Ads, Ad Swaps and Email Marketing:

Again, one of the drawbacks is that the solo ads brokers are also dependent on
the market. You need to scout around to ensure you are dealing with the right
broker where they provide you with your intended audience.

Different markets have different solo ads brokers. Do not waste your resources by making the wrong choice!

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