Popular Business Models

This is not an exhaustive list but it should give you a general idea on what are the best business models on the Internet…

Your Own Product

While you can start off promoting other people’s products as an affiliate, eventually when you get better with marketing you will want to have your own product.

It gives you more flexibility, control and above all higher profit margin because after transaction fees you keep the rest of the sale!

And you get to step into the shoes of a vendor recruiting affiliates to promote YOUR product – and you leverage off their efforts!

High Ticket Programs

Moving up the ladder, you can offer higher-end training programs such as consulting, coaching and even Done-For-You services to a select few Clients.

The great thing about High Ticket is that you don’t need to sell so many in order to hit your monthly income goals. It’s easier to reach your income goals in chunks of $5,000 payments than say, $37 offers.


If you don’t like the idea of selling digital products, that’s okay – you can run your own E-Commerce store selling tangible products! While it has its drawbacks, the great thing about physical products is that they are consumables… and that means you get to earn repeat business from loyal customers over and over!


If none of the above appeals to you, you can take advantage of your traffic network and sell advertising to other product owners and mailing list owners who are looking to reach more audience who have yet to hear of them.

When you look at the likes of Google and Facebook, their main income comes from advertising… and who’s to say you can’t do this at least on a smaller, personal scale!

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