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Tech Tonics: Navigating the Healthcare Highway with Megan Callahan, Lyft’s Head of Healthcare

Veering off her initial plan to become a physician, Megan obtained an Masters in Public Health and headed into epidemiology, looking at underserved populations devastated by cancer in the strip-mining city of Pueblo, CO.. But seeing that her ability to earn a meaningful influence was limited, she headed down a different, more business-oriented route, first at firms including Anderson Consulting and HealthNet, however afterwards finding her way into a rabbit of people that went from startup to startup collectively. She learned some wonderful lessons regarding entrepreneurship but some ones.
Today’s episode is sponsored by Manatt Health–a services firm that integrates a full service law firm and also a business and policy consulting practice to assist its customers grow and prosper. Manatt Health supports the entire array of stakeholders in changing America’s healthcare system.
Lyft known as Megan from the blue while she had been taking a sabbatical; the business couldn’t have known that Megan’s own cancer experience painfully highlighted the importance of transport support. Megan jumped at the chance to join her experiences as a patient with her devotion to serving those in need. An interesting revelation has characterized moving from conventional healthcare players to Lyft being frees one to think at ways our traditional system sometime forgets to do and the healthcare voice at a company compels you to depart the jargon behind.

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Content Delivery Sharing – Intel Chip Chat Network Insights – Episode 214

To learn more about the Streaming Video Alliance, a forum for cooperation to improve interoperability among executives, providers, and vendors, see:

For more information visit:
Intel Chip Chat – Network Insights Music podcast with Allyson Klein: Mark Fisher, VP Marketing and Business Development at Qwilt joins Intel® Chip Chat Network Insights to Talk about the Way Qwilt is changing the game around content delivery. Qwilt is addressing the biggest barriers facing service providers now with the launch of their open advantage CDN (content delivery network). Mark shares how he imagines that the transition from metal to virtualize CDN will happen for cable operators and service providers. Learn what exactly ’ s next after CDN, and more about industry trends. Qwilt is currently a founding member of the Streaming Video Alliance that made to accelerate ecosystem cooperation and handle the absence of standardization, in order to induce the development towards a media world that is really immersive.

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3 Facebook Trends to Consider in 2020 Planning

Want to learn more? Subscribe to our upcoming webinar at which we’ll discuss Facebook Groups for Brands and provide information to take into account in your 2020 planning.
With media efficiencies in CPC or CPM, we have noticed engagement can endure,
as several placements (such as Marketplace
or right-hand rail placements) are not as conducive to engagement as
the newsfeed.

This combined with Messenger advertising opportunities
[endif]–>Register for the Webinar hbspt.cta.load(4551527,’8e6bd94b-8a3f-46d6-84ae-23d83120dbca’, );

Given Facebook is still a priority channel for several brands, we
Wanted to discuss 3 main trends we are seeing that may have a big impact on media plans for next calendar year.

1. More Concentrate On Several Placements & Automatic Buying

And a brand new sharing app that is private being created by rumblings of Facebook, Threads reveal us
that the system sees possible in private engagement.

More or Increasingly noticed within the past year, Facebook is progressively moving drive involvement on the stage and is focused more on advertising offerings which can drive site traffic and conversion that.

With initial 2020
One particular trend clear is made by announcement of Campaign Budget Optimization:
Facebook is going to progressively push against agencies toward multiple placements and purchasing features from the new calendar year. This will enable the platform to
make the most of its advertising inventory to satisfy the demands of marketers, which may reduce
prices. We consider social media marketers should be wary and
keep a close eye on overall performance. Facebook’s Advertisement Offering is significantly less Focused on Engagement, More Focused on Growing

Make certain your concentrate on Facebook or your family of Facebook systems is
adjusted accordingly. Given Facebook has stayed in the solitude hotseat for most of this season, we expect many brands and users will
appear to diversify channel strategies.

Announcements to demonstrate that it is taking personal messaging and Groups seriously.
Solitude preferences on features and Facebook Groups to help assist in the visibility of Group engagement’s simplification are moves from the community to
promote consumers and brands create or to join groups.

The role Groups play in their social networking marketing approaches and keep
an eye on testing and learning personal messaging opportunities as they roll

This shift in focus will have a
While we’ve seen this move
Finally, we encourage you to pull on current audience information to
Trickle-down result to brands that may have formerly developed engagement-based aims or appreciated engagement on Instagram and Facebook. When goal setting for the approaching year, brands must ensure
objectives and plans keep this gradual shift. Increased Priority on Personal Messaging and Facebook Groups

Marketing planning discussions in movement, it’s important to look at industry
trends that can affect your social websites marketing strategies and tactics.

This year, Facebook has created a few
Facebook newsfeed) is competitive, which explains the reason why many Facebook
representatives this season have greatly encouraged press buyers to proceed toward four
positioning choices.

Lease on Facebook (especially
The post
3 Facebook Trends to Consider in 2020 Planning appeared first on Ignite Social Media Agency.
Brands must consider
– moves coupled with the
As you we’ve

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Das sind die 25 gefragtesten Startups in Deutschland – laut Linkedin

Das Karrierenetzwerk hat anhand diverser Datenstränge expire gefragtesten Startups at Deutschland identifiziert. Ergebnis: An der Spitze steht ein alter Bekannter es gibt auch Neulinge.

Die Berliner Smartphone-Bank N26 ist Deutschlands gefragtestes Startup — zumindest unter Jobsuchenden auf Linkedin ergab. Das Ranking bestehend aus 25 Jungunternehmen hat Linkedin bereits zum zweiten Mal erstellt und es basiert auf vier Faktoren: Personalzuwachs über ein Jahr in Prozent, Interaktion mit der Profilseite, Aufrufe von Jobanzeigen und …
weiterlesen auf

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Using AI to Build Explainable AI with Intel Optimizations and DarwinAI – Intel on AI – Episode 25

Sheldon explains their technology lessens the complexity in designing high performance deep learning solutions and also facilitates explainable deep learning, which makes it possible for an individual to understand why a system gets the decisions it does. Ultimately he explains a recent study conducted by the Intel AI Builders group, in which Darwin-generated networks coupled with Intel Optimizations to get TensorFlow managed to send up to 16.3X operation increase on ResNet50 as well as 9.6X NASNet workloads.

For More Information, see:

Visit Intel AI Builders at:
In this Intel about AI podcast incident : deep neural networks (DNNs), which are arguably the most effective form of AI now, are not simple to construct, run, and also explain. Challenges constitute roadblocks that are substantial . Ironically, AI itself may be utilised to assist data scientists and developers to construct and evaluate DNNs. Sheldon Fernandez, CEO of DarwinAI, joins us to talk about the way DarwinAI is using this’AI building AI’ method within their Generative Synthesis platform.

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5 errores que debes evitar en redes sociales y cómo corregirlos

Juan Carlos Mejía Llano.

Las principales preguntas que debemos responder para tener un perfil de nuestro target group boy: quién es, cómo su y dónde se encuentra, no se trata solamente de saber su edad, género u ocupación, la realidad es que generar un perfil un un análisis que va más allá de esos datos.
Es basic determinar si queremos hacer branding o engagement con nuestra audiencia, gracias a eso podemos diseñar estrategias que nos permitan crear contenido de valor hacia nuestro público objetivo.
La crimson social más popular a nivel mundial y desde luego con la mayor cantidad de usuarios activos, esta crimson ayuda a crear relaciones sólidas y duraderas con la comunidad que te sigue en tu fan page.
Por otro lado, por el tamaño de la red, te ayudará a generar tráfico hacia el site de tu empresa y lograr la atención de los usuarios.

2.2. Twitter

5. No te ves auténtico

3.4. Selecciona el contenido ideal

Si aún no tienes un calendario de publicaciones algunos puntos importantes que debes tomar en cuenta al momento de crear uno.

La red societal del contenido visual y de los videos, por lo general los usuarios son muy activos dentro de ella, enfocada a un público más joven, así que si tus productos van dirigidos a un target joven, no dudes en usarla.
Por lo tanto, se deben aprovechar al máximo las características de cada una de las redes sociales, esto con la finalidad de conectar con tu goal ideal. A enlistamos las redes sociales más populares y el objetivo de cada una de ellas.

Contar con un aim group o un público objetivo dentro de tu plan de redes sociales es de suma importancia, ya que debemos tener muy claro a quién vamos a dirigir todos nuestros esfuerzos y principalmente el tipo de contenido que les mostraremos.

Hay características generales que se deben tomar en cuenta al clasificar el perfil del cliente ideal al cual queremos llegar, los cuales son los siguientes:
Establecer el estilo y la forma en la cual vamos a dirigirnos hacia nuestra comunidad es fundamental, ya que no es lo mismo dirigirnos a empresarios o emprendedores que a un joven público más joven como alumnos de nivel preparatoria.
Se caracteriza por ser una red de microblogging, donde el principal objetivo es informar a la comunidad de una manera rápida o instantánea, noticias, opiniones y sucesos que pasan día a día.
Esta crimson social ayuda a mejorar el posicionamiento en los buscadores, ya que otros usuarios pueden incrustar el substance sitio en sus páginas y al generar enlaces hacia tu sitio aumentan los suscriptores y por lo tanto, mejora el posicionamiento.
Conocer los intereses de nuestro público objetivo es fundamental, saber qué es lo que realmente les llama la atención, así como su estilo de vida y sus principles, nos ayudan a segmentar aún más el perfil y de esta forma obtener información para escribir contenido de valor que necesiten.

Es necesario saber cuáles boy las inquietudes o necesidades que tiene el perfil al cual vamos dirigidos, saber que dolor vamos ayudar a sanar con nuestro producto o servicio es basic, esto con la finalidad de identificar perfectamente dichas necesidades que tiene nuestro goal audience.

1.3. Intereses

3.5. Organiza tu calendario

Otra forma de determinar nuestros horarios, es de acuerdo a la cultura de nuestra comunidad o de nuestro negocio, por ejemplo, si vendo desayunos, es mejor publicar nuestro contenido por la noche para considerarlo para la mañana siguiente, sin embargo, si lo publico por la mañana es probable que mi comunidad ya haya desayunado o ya tenga otra opción en mente para su desayuno.

Se debe tomar en cuenta que los datos anteriores son de acuerdo al giro de tu negocio, por ejemplo, si vendes jugos orgánicos, no es necesario saber el estado civil, debido a que es un dato irrelevante para el perfil al cual va dirigido.

Para determinar el horario de nuestras publicaciones que aparecen dentro de enthusiast page.


  • Título de la publicación
  • Objetivo de la publicación
  • Duplicate de la publicación
  • Día y hora de la publicación
  • Red o redes sociales en la cual se publicará
  • Formato de contenido (imagen, video, gif, etc.)
  • Arte final de la publicación

4. No está tu contenido adaptado a móviles

1.2. Haz encuestas


Hoy en día la mayoría de las personas utilizan dispositivos buscar algún contenido, navegar en páginas de web o simplemente entrar a sus redes sociales que nuestra página y los diseños que publiquemos deben ser responsivos.

3.1. Determina tus objetivos

Aportar información constantemente a tu audiencia es de suma importancia, ya que al ser tu público objetivo, están interesados en obtener contenido de valor. El tener un calendario con todas las publicaciones un sean o mensuales, te será de gran ayuda al momento de plasmar el contenido en tus redes sociales.
En la siguiente lista puedes encontrar algunos ejemplos de contenido auténtico para tu marca en redes sociales:

Cada crimson societal tiene una personalidad diferente, por lo tanto, cada una tiene una meta o un objetivo distinto a las demás, ya que funcionan de diferente forma, esto de acuerdo a la audiencia que tienen, la forma de comunicarse o interactuar con la comunidad es distinta en cada una de ellas.
Es importante saber qué deseamos lograr al publicar en nuestras redes sociales, especificar detalladamente las acciones que vamos a realizar para lograr dichos objetivos serán la clave para alcanzar el éxito.
El estilo que maneje en las publicaciones debe ser congruente con nuestra audienciaser con el producto o servicio que ofrecemos así como con el contenido que brindamos.

1.1. Descubrir las necesidades

El contenido será la puerta principal que tu comunidad entre y conozca tu marca, al igual que saber. Mostrar información auténtica dará aún más credibilidad de tu marca y podrás crear lazos únicos con tu público objetivo.
Ahora que ya sabes las razones por las cuales tu marca no funciona en redes sociales, te invito a que tomes en cuenta estas buenas prácticas y logres los objetivos que deseas obtener a través de las redes sociales.

2.4. LinkedIn

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Ways to Use Stories to Promote Your Brand on Social Media

What’s An Instagram Story?

The post Ways to Use Stories to Promote Your Brand on Social Media appeared first on Social Media Explorer.
Ok, so the fact that both Instagram and Facebook stories are gone after 24 hours may seem like a downside. But should you leverage a fear nearly every human being has, the fear of missing out (#FOMO), you can create that 24 hours just get the job done for you. Using content gets your customers’ interest , especially in the event that you tease the release beforehand. 

Leverage News and Trends

According to David Bressman, creator of a personal injury law firm at Ohio, “Social media permits for information and tendencies to spread like wildfire. The stories become engulfed in social commentary very quickly. If it is possible, find a way to relate a relevant news story to your own brand and encourage comments. If done correctly, your involvement can be transformed by this kind of advertising. ”

How do stories be utilized to promote my business?

Don’t Just Promote — Engage

It is no secret that each other is frequently emulated by social media platforms. Snapchat came out in 2013 back of their tales. Followed in 2016, then came Facebook stories in 2017. In accordance with one of the most recent conventions in 2018, Facebook claimed that Stories was one of their most well-known services. 
It’s time to start looking at what the newest features offered by Facebook, Instagram, and also Twitter can give you, if you’re already using social media to market your business. Leveraging attributes is critical to staying ahead of your competitors. Let’s Look at Instagram and Facebook tales.

Let Your Portfolio Behind the Scenes

What about Facebook Stories?

Adidas has been utilizing Instagram stories to demonstrate the process behind their generation and their customers how their shoes are created. You don’t need to become a conglomerate to leverage this choice, either. Mom & pop stores can take their customers behind the drape. 
If you’re unfamiliar, not worry. They are not complex to find out. Much like Snapchat, Instagram has granted users a means to upload both movies and photos that die after 24 hours. If you’re wondering what advantage a company can reap don’t worry. Stories that are instagram work for engagement purposes. It also gives you a opportunity to be playful and casual.

You can create stories for Facebook and Instagram that enable you to do more than simply let your audience know about products and services. Stories can allow your audience know of a brand new product or service launch. They’re also able to give a sneak peek into your company culture, letting your customers know exactly what your brand is about. 

Understanding how to manage the different media platforms that are social along with their services is critical. Not only can you get your message out to a huge number of customers, but you could make them feel like they are part of the procedure.

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Instagram Now Offers Ecommerce

Partners include top brands at the fashion and beauty Industry, including Zara, Balmain Cosmetics, Michael Kors, Dior, H&M, Nike, Adidas, Prada, Uniqlo, Warby Parker, along with Burberry.

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The Two Biggest Ways to Get a Solid Return on Social Intelligence, According to Raconteur [Infographic]

Once It Exceeds Expectations: Tracking the Perfect metrics.
Once It Misses Expectations: Tracking the wrong metrics.

In 2019, Hootsuite and We’re Social reported that social media consumers are spending an average of 2 hours and sixteen minutes on social platforms every day, an all-time high. And it is no wonder: there’ve been more distances, more accounts, more data to eat our focus. Given that we can utilize the posts, tweets, Snaps, and internet interactions to find out more you’d believe our assurance would be in a high.

The great news? Other information in the report provides insight into how to boat. These same surveyed social statistics analysts report barriers in integrating social intelligence with different information resources (31%), while 22% said that social data isn’t integrated into the company’s larger mission. L’Oreal’s Rema Gouyez Benallal said as much through a Social Media Week London board on social data utilization late annually . She talked about her staff was surfaced by by pairing data, with historical information that had already earned respect. Rightfully framing these interactions (and occasional surprises) since a consequence of thoughtful and deliberate involvement helped higher ups determine the requirement to value, then implement, their insights. The ringing extend from the quintet of social advertising and advertising pros:”[we’re] not playing on Facebook daily!”


Moving beyond quantity to quality of engagements by tracking the sentiments expressed, more qualitative accounts as shared by customers, or genuinely business-shifting metrics such as webstore traffic and lower proportions of abandoned carts, needs to be the target we reach for if participating on those platforms. Creating relationships (actual or implied) with all the customers we interact with will help us know how they will let us know when our efforts are working. Moreover, we must value these relationships if they don’t afford the high numbers that a viral count does. To wit: the Social Intelligence Lab’s fourth most frequently cited reason to value social intellect was”to understand consumer sentiment.” Picking, tracking, and working to impact metrics that clearly and intentionally impact this is essential to deeming our efforts a success.
Another bit of the Social Intelligence Lab’s study asked social data specialists,”what are the best goals in analyzing this data?” More than 7 in 10 (72 percent ) cited customer insight, and more than half (57%) stated they use the data to know customers better. All these are numbers. And according to their replies, if this intellect is not utilized to craft copy, goal campaigns, or reach the perfect audience, the work suffers.
In a recent research created by Raconteur and aggregated from a number of social networking studies conductedthat the picture they paint of present social intellect is one of a business which has access to unprecedented amounts of information, but often feels at a loss for how to use it efficiently. An interesting portion of their results, pulled from The Social Intelligence Lab’s 2019 function, poses data analysis professionals: Why does intelligence and expectations meet the query? Aligned nearly while their responses were broken, the reasons why social intelligence matches or misses the mark.

When It Exceeds Expectations: This creates action out of insights.
The moment it Misses Expectations: It fails to create action from insights.

You’d be wrong.

The entire report is well worth a deeper look, bringing together a variety of details on social platform dimensions, relevance, and utilization patterns. The most important thing is that: the information users decide to share on those websites is enormously reflective of our customer bases, and therefore valuable when impacting our bottom lines. Using this information in a way that provokes action across an organization, and that stays focused on impact in the face of vanity metrics, can help us create the most of the time that our users spend online, and that we spend online in support to them.
Does this feel good to get a great deal of likes, traffic, or a stream of remarks ? Absolutely. No wonder. But by using such metrics as measures of success to their own 12, we won’t be served if we wish to garner the entire advantage. I can’t help but think about accounts where I’ve seen complaints frequently surface; because case, is a post that makes 3,000 comments doing”nicely” if 10% are negative?

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