Looking for someone to review a username’s past history and determine if I should continue using it

For example, I had one company say that they did a search about the username and discovered a whole lot of things they didn't like, and advised that I get rid of it… I will with a lot of it some not; in actuality, a few is internet-archived which I could 't delete. Frankly by themselves the remarks are benign or were back before things were understood about people (so it moves from”that guy's funny” into”you hate x because you liked something that man did”, or guilt only by cite ).
I used it as an email username and then also for each other website account since it was so unique… today it's biting me in the ass because I've posted various political opinions or private information or then-OK-but-now-unpopular items that friends, employers, and acquaintances may not enjoy or might make a problem with them.

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I'm not certain I could ask to assess my background and see if I need to simply dump the username or if they know how to get rid of the old posts…

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