Learn How Creating Wealth Is Done With the Millionaire Brain Mindset

Learn How Creating Wealth Is Done With the Millionaire Brain Mindset

Did you know that poverty is a I’m not saying that anyone is poor here, but this is

something that can infect a person slowly, and before he or

she knows it, he is already trapped in an endless cycle of

financial struggles.

Of course, there is no such thing as a “poverty” virus. But

according to a study from the University of California,

Berkeley, it is a mental condition that affects the genes of

a person.

To find out how anyone can overcome this problem, Click the

link found it hard to believe too when I first read this report

on the published on the Wall Street Journal.

I mean, how can our genes have anything to do with our

financial situation?

Upon further research, I realized that there are actually a

number of other scientific reports on psychology and

epigenetics (study of genes in our body), that have similar


As it turns out, the type of environment that we grew up in

as children has a direct impact on our genes early in life

and leads to our brain functioning in a certain way when it

comes to decisions related to money.

This can possibly be passed on later to our children.

Now before anyone goes around blaming their parents for

their own financial struggles, let me tell you that this

problem can easily be solved by taking a few simple actions.

My friend, Winter, has written a book to tell you about how

you can go about overcoming the obstacles that this “poverty

disease” has brought about, and how you can finally clear

your debts and even “create your own luck” with money.

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