How To Start Making $100 A Day With Email Marketing

[UltraVid id=39 ]hey guys what’s going on sean is here welcome to this video in this video I’m going to talk about a specific email marketing campaign that I’ve been running for the past and months and month and it’s been doing really good so what I’m going to do is is that I’m going to explain exactly how it works and how you can actually implement it and also a couple of strategies that are really making this campaign work okay because I know a lot of people do email marketing and I don’t get good results usually because they make some mistakes so what I’m going to do in this video is I’m going to explain exactly how this campaign works on how why this is working really really good okay so just give me a couple of minutes you’re going to see it first so this is one of the affiliate networks of I’m super promoting Shopify and it’s really doing okay and this is the landing page okay so this is the landing page and people sign it it’s basically the whole point of this campaign is to teach people how to start a Shopify store if they don’t know how to do that so on they joined up you know they join the funnel and they get their training video and a training video at the end they’re going to be able to sign up for a couple of different things they’re going to be able to sign up for Shopify you know they’re going to be able to download themes which I’m going to make a fully Commission’s estate purchase it seen and also another Clickbank product so basically as you see are promoting multiple different products throughout this campaign and also obviously they get emails every single day from me after after they join the list after the join and watch this training video so this is the basic rundown of the campaign alright so what I’m going to do right now is go to my white board and explain a couple of things that are really really making this campaign work and why this campaign is working really good and you know making commissions like this right so let’s get into it okay so here’s how the campaign works I’m sure that you’ve seen this before but let me just draw it and then I’m gonna explain what I’m doing different here okay so obviously starts with an opt-in page as I explained as I showed you in the bid in the online screen okay so opt-in okay and then it cleanse them to a training right so and also obviously as I said I’m sending out emails day two you know to get them back to watch other things or you know watch the video that they didn’t watch and all of that stuff so this is what I’m doing it’s the basic rundown this is the basic campaign but so what i’m doing here is i’m doing two things different okay so something people don’t do and they don’t do this and they end up not getting good results in their email marketing campaign the first thing is triggers okay so let me explain what is what a lot of people do wrong so you send out emails you know when someone joins your list you should have these emails every single day but the problem is that you’re just sending out emails without without actually thinking what happened when you sent out the email before that for example what you need to do is if you want to do this smart when you start the first email let’s say this is the number one what do you do is you need to see if they open this email or not if they clicked on it or not if they clicked on the list and the link inside it you know or not you know so you need to actually can consider these things before sending out your second email so for example if they open the email but don’t click on it what you two need is you need send another email and maybe change the text in it and make him to click on the other link right so you need to send our emails based on your subscribers reaction to your emails not just you know you should just an email every single day without without actually thinking hey what what’s going on inside this pond so that’s what you need to be you to send out emails based on people’s reaction so this is something that is really really changing things in my business and I’ve been doing this for the past a couple of months like four or five months I started kind of implementing it and it’s just really really making things much more better and efficient and this is something you should do and that’s what I’m doing in that campaign and its really really doing good I’m not sending a ton of traffic to that campaign that’s why it’s really doing like average of hundred dollars today but yeah see it’s a good example of you know using triggers right you know you sent emails to people in your subscription your list based on based on the reactions you know based on how to interact with your list how they interact with your emails and your with your previous email so that’s the first thing you need to do and the second thing is spreading your emails okay so something people do most of marketers or most people send out emails based on our emails during a period for example that’s the let’s say they zero this is the day they joined your list right so that’s day one day two day three day four and a five so they set up email every single day and they just keep sending emails like ask I’ve been use some funnels some marketers just send emails every single day for like 90 days so it’s just crazy okay so basically these people send out emails a video but what you need to do is you need to spread out these emails and this like this so the way I do my marketing is that this the whole the whole first five days to me is considered the hot lead period meaning that this the whole for the first five days are really really important so I set up emails almost every single day for the first spider let’s say this is 0 that’s one two three four five so I send out emails every single day for five days and then after five days I start to spread things out for example the next email after the fifth email goes on on the eighth day so I see I’m after a while I started to spread things out and this really really helps to improve your open rate so this is really really important so do these two things the triggers so based in sent emails based on your subscribers interaction in your list and then spread out your emails after the fifth day so this way you’re going to get better open rates and better engagement okay so you’re not going to be spamming so these are two things that I do in that camp it’s making me those hundred dollar Commission’s alright so thank you so much for watching this video I hope you learned something new today if you did make sure to like this video and subscribe much out for more videos every single day also the dump for your online business workshop is up and I just posted the second video today so that’s something you definitely need to check out guys it’s absolutely amazing this don’t for your online business workshop is basically going to give you your business to don’t throw your business to you so you don’t have to build your funnel you’re allowed to build your campaigns it’s absolutely amazing and this is something that no one’s doing doing out there and it’s a it’s an opportunity of a lifetime okay so you definitely need to check it out it’s free to join the workshop is free to join just cook and link in the description to join you’re going to get a lot of great stuff in that workshop and it’s like it’s a goldmine of information slides alright so check it out you’re going to love it thank you so much for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one

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