How To Make Millions Online PT 4: Email Marketing

[UltraVid id=42 ]alright guys it is alex becker hopefully this would be really weird if someone came on like this is gregory Humperdinck is the big logo and picture but anyways welcome to the next video in the online business academy starting videos i changed the name from how to make millions online to that because how to make millions online just sounds too outrageous okay you’re not going to watch this video and make millions of dollars online so let’s call it the online business starter videos instead so today we’re going to get into something is near and dear to my heart this is email marketing now if you guys have looked in any my past and stuff I do I got my start in SEO I still do a lot of SEO if you notice on YouTube the reason why my videos get a lot of views is because I do SEO and rank them for lots of terms like Ferrari and Rolex and then big marketers names and stuff like that now what I do that makes me the majority of my money these days is I run advertising on Facebook YouTube other sources for my software companies and then what I do is bring those emails in and then I basically convert those emails and the people that buy my software that is where the brunt of my income comes from and that’s what I’m actually really really really really good at that is my if you were to put anything in my list of special ninja skills that is my bread and butter okay so email marketing my bread and brother I just said in the last slide but let’s repeat it again talk about some bread as well as butter now in my opinion this is the most stable easiest way to make money online because look when you get deeper down the rabbit hole of starting online business and stuff you’re going to see affiliate marketing you’re going to see SEO you’re going to see e-commerce you’re going to see Amazon marketing you’re see a million-in-one different ways to make money online and yes they all work okay with that being said the word stomach wrote the profession of gathering emails and sending emails to people that gets them to buy things no we’re not going to be spamming people’s emails with stuff you can do that that is a tactic that doesn’t really work these days actually as well as it used to but it still can work but that’s not what I’m going to be teaching him to do here with that being said the act of creating or gathering lead customers in the form of addresses emails whatever and installing themselves not going anywhere anytime soon ever okay that’s just marketing 101 it’s not going anywhere so it’s just there okay it’s also one of the most consistent ways to make money because it’s just so hard not to get your return on a lead that you pick up or an email or a customer if you know what you’re doing it’s very hard not to now it’s essential for any real online business now what do I mean by real online business look if you’re running like an affiliate business where you’re sending people to weight loss pills through Amazon SEO that’s it’s a real business okay it’s it’s it’s a real business I’m not saying you’re not you’re not more officially a business but if you have like a brand like yeah I don’t know a software company or if you have if you’re selling like a protein powder and you have your own health store or you have a store where you sell like water faucets that purify water or if you are selling or you’re selling any form of product from your own website your own business you have a brand where you have customers coming back to you that’s what I mean by real online business like an actual store if you go and look at any store online that sells stuff that that’s an online like real online business I’m saying anybody else that does anything it’s not like you have an imaginary business it’s just different type you’re sending whatever I don’t care if you’re offended shut up all right so if you master this you will literally never be poor and I say that with great comments because this is again not going anywhere ever if you look at other forms of internet marketing you’re kind of up and down and all over the place sometimes because that’s good people the basis of internet marketing a lot of times is getting in on loopholes or trends before they become hot and then tapping them and making them explode so I kind of like gold money this is like oil okay oil is just always going to be that actually that point I don’t know it’s just going to be around forever let’s continue so what is it it’s the core of marketing a lot of people might tell you there’s some magic mumbo-jumbo fucking wizardry Batman stuff going on in the background to make money online there isn’t okay the core of any business is getting a lead whether a lead is getting a person to walk in the door of your store if it’s getting a person’s email if it’s getting their address if it’s getting their phone number it’s getting a way to get a person to interact with you or have the contact information so on and then selling to that lead okay if you can go out there and gather people’s addresses and then send them postcards that I get them to buy stuff and cost you two dollars to get that address and you usually make $8 return on average for every address you get that’s the core of any business okay business 101 especially online businesses if you get to the core of the businesses is essentially get a lead sell to a lead keep the lead buying stuff from you and you can apply this to any type of business out there whether you were selling Batman underwear or car engines you can apply it okay keeping contact for people now in this situation I mean you can talk about addresses phone numbers anything there’s all sorts of ways to contact customers or get people in or get out customers or potential leads contact information in this situation we’re going to be talking about email because this is just going to be like a 10 minute 15 minute video so I want to give you the overview so you understand this and it’s actually been really funny because when you go around YouTube and you start seeing all these ads for other marketers or other businesses or basically anything out there you’re gonna start seeing you’re gonna go oh that’s how they’re making money I see now that’s that stuff that that Alex Becker guy was talking about so but then this situation where was just going talking simply emails so here’s the overview of this type of business they’re supposed to be arrows but you’re not getting the premium version of this video today okay yes it kind of cost you an extra 50 bucks if you want the one with arrows just kidding I’m just too lazy to put their nose in right now so how does this work all starts at traffic okay we get traffic through two ways now you can get all in arity and I named a billion different ways to get traffic online but there’s really two ways that we’re gonna use in this video and that’s advertising sending traffic via advertisements you see ads on Facebook when you click something an ad there you go okay or free organic traffic which is used through like blogging or when people come to your site naturally okay you go and create some viral stuff or whatever bullshit and people come to your site I don’t really like organic traffic because it’s slow and a pain in the ass and I’d rather have something that I can control and turn on and off really quickly like advertising but people especially beginners loved free organic traffic because they don’t like to pay for anything and they like to have a pure profit business which is actually hard to the scale in the long run and giant pain in the butt but don’t listen to me I don’t know what I’m talking about so what comes next is the opt-in now an opt-in is the thing you probably opted in for to see this course remember I probably wrap in some one of my videos click here through the free online course and you clicked and there’s a page it said under your email details I get this free course and you entered your email details and you ended up in this course that’s an opt-in or anything when you see online where it says enter your email to get whatever a free gadget just because in your email that’s an opt-in okay I’m going to show you an example of the opt-in you went in through actually in this video and then you what happens is so we collect people’s emails at the opt-in they opt in for a free good or usually most people don’t just give you their email just because you have to use what is called email bait so for example you for what example are watching this video you probably want to see how to make money online start a business so in return to get your email I could be like hey I created a free software that’s going to make you a zillion dollars just opt in and give me your email you will actually see people do that it does work people actually give their emails for that but you give the email and that’s an exchange of value in return for email so then what you do once you get the email is you spam people have offers till they die no no that actually can work okay I’ve seen people do it and I’ve seen people have success there are businesses that are based around just spamming the ever-living hella to people um I don’t do that because those type of businesses the margins are just I don’t like it’s just a screwy business I’m not like some moral saint when I’m like I only do nice things on there and I like money okay and I’m gonna go get money with that being said I find when you get a person’s email if you get them to like you and trust you and actually look forward to opening your emails and like you give them values they’re like oh I really like being on the C mail list and you give them realistic suggestions of stuff they should buy they usually stick around and keep buying from you for years which in turn makes the value of this email that you can opt-in like a billion times higher but again don’t loose lamu to spend people with viagra pills and an internet marketing make money pyramid schemes whatever you want to do man and I just test this is like the force okay can either be a light side person or you can just go to the dark side and send toilet ads people anyways you send people offers that are related to what they opted in for so look if a person opsin for a ten-part course on how to build a car engine and then you send them offers about cars like car parts and stuff like that like hey I noticed you picked up this course on car engines here’s the best place to get your parts from and then when people go and buy parts from there you get like a 50% Commission or let’s say you have your own car parts store and people come here they buy car parts and so you get money so you send sell this core stuff like that now what you don’t want to do is have like a opt-in right here says hey opt-in to get the 10 step guide to making a car and then you start sending them like women’s lingerie ads okay that that’s incongruent okay so you get people to opt-in for something that says something about them if they opt-in for car stuff they’re officer in the cars and then you send them offers that they’re interested in now let’s start from the base of this advertising boys has come from Facebook YouTube AdWords this the AdWords is basically when you go to Google and you type something in there’s ads that’s the ad platform that it’s going through okay I’m sure you’ve seen YouTube ads you’re watching this on YouTube okay we’ve probably all seen the same ads you you will actually see ads now and you will see exactly how they’re making money behind the ads anyways I’m not going to explain Facebook YouTube and AdWords advertising I will explain Facebook advertising in a later video in this course if you want to get really in the detail before I get any more into detail email marketing this is the overview and you can actually go out there and start making money with this video okay it is a very deep rabbit hole and I could teach this for 30 40 hours straight do you need all 30 and 40 hours no you what you need to do is get started and not go who don’t know if 30 or 40 hours worth of educational show I’m not gonna do anything you need to go get started okay that’s where you’re gonna learn most anyways we’ll get her advertising from Facebook YouTube in average if you don’t know how to use Facebook advertising fucking Google it okay there’s like a billion guides on it for free out there you don’t Google excuse Google okay I so ask in there like little use or Facebook so I’m not going to do this just Google they have a guide that tells you how to use their platform it’s not like Facebook so we’re just going to make this platform no one can use unless you like figure out the mystery Indiana Jones code Google man alright so the other way we can get traffic is organic traffic now if you guys ever seen blogs you can go to forums like you go to a forum it’s about car parts and you post like links to your opt and that’s spamming but you can do that and then we’ll send traffic because people be talking about car parts you know who chuckles guard Ford or ports and they go and opt in that’s a way to send traffic to nopton or you could build up a reputation on forum and send people there I you create like a viral car video where people click it and you like offer the car part video at the end of it or that car part Corsa benefits they opt in or you create like a community now a community is kind of more of an advanced thing example I have this service called source market it’s basically allows SEO to sell services and stuff to each other and stuff like that um I it’s I don’t personally make any money from this directly I make the money from the advertising on this platform this is also not an SEO video so I mean like you can go use this if you want you don’t it has nothing to do with email marketing but what happens is people come here they create stores they buy stuff from here and so people join they give me their email they give me their information they kind of join the source web community and they’re in forth I send them cool stuff and info and and stuff that helps them do better SEO and sell more services and stuff like that so that’s another way of getting emails you create something a lot of people use like a community based software and you can get emails that way organically as well I personally don’t like blogging posting places or trying viral BS it’s annoying okay I’m not going to speak badly of any bloggers anything out there but in my opinion the days where you go and start a blog and it gets thousands and thousands of visitors are over people don’t digest their content like that anymore the big blogs they’re still big right now they have a following and stuff like that I’m there’s there’s going to be exceptions to this rule where people go out and you’re going to told a thousand times you get started online make a blog if you like fashion make a blog posting pictures of your fucking dumbass and shoes and make a Pinterest yeah if you want to be like if you want to like make money like three years from now do that okay if you want make money now I suggest you learn advertising and more direct traffic sources because when you go out there and you start blogging and stuff like that well you have to be entertaining which takes a while to actually learn how to do the reason why people watch these videos and the reason why I’m good at delivering information is because I’ve been doing this for years and finally I’m confident up that people actually want to listen to what I’m saying I guess you know but anyways yeah you can go out there start blogging creating content that people are tracked to it takes a real long time it’s like trying to build a fire with wet sticks okay you can go spam forms again none of these things right here going to make you rich fast but you can create an income doing this viral BS like making viral social media and trying to like get famous via viral stuff I mean it’s super hit and miss and that’s not how you build it business you don’t build all this stuff right here’s really hit and miss and you can’t turn it on and off when you want and building a business around hit and miss stuff you can’t turn on and off when you want sinks if you can go out there build communities and stuff like that that’s a little bit more advanced marketing and you’re gonna have to need to know a little bit more know how that’s like the bee’s knees like every super giant internet marketing company I know has some form of just completely free traffic that was growing through a community or something like that now the opt-in and we don’t need this here anymore where do we send people to I’m gonna show you okay so you can see right here this is an opt-in you can see people watch my channel obviously interested in building a business online so I sent them to a free course why do I send up here because I want to note about you notify you guys when more videos come out now if you’re watching so you’re like oh god is gonna sell me stuff yeah I’m probably gonna suggest some products to you every now and then to monetize this I like money sue me with that being said if you’re watching this in your worried what I plan on what I do with all my list is I provide a ton of value so when you open my emails you get a ton of value you’re like oh this is great information and then I give you suggestions on stuff you can pick up that’s going to make your life much better so I feel if I work that way you win big time and I win as well so anyways just a smoke out the conspiracy theorists there this is an opt-in okay send people here says hundred percent free online course how I generate millions online and how I gots and how to get started with zero investment which I’m showing you how to do in this video 100 percent free video no experience needed it’s a pretty effective that opt-in works really well for me I just threw this together for this channel for the Alex Becker channel get started because I just don’t care it I’m not gonna put a lot of effort in the opt-in I’m not really working too hard in this now what you can see right here where they opt-in is people get an email so they put in an email just can put a fake one right here and I hit download now and it’s going to be take you to a free video that says I like to do a video that welcomes people this is good marketing kind of more advanced stuff right here I tell people follow me on Instagram Facebook and then I allow them to go get the course which is sitting right here on YouTube funny enough so that’s exactly what an opt-in is what you want to do is put a headline that interest people tell us them what they’re going to get so if they’re interesting cars be like this is about cars you’re going to get cool car stuff they opt-in you get their email and then what you’re going to do is connect it to a weber or accusing soft and you’re going to send them emails hopefully giving them what they want and giving them some more value in education on whatever is happening okay so for example like in this one when you put in your email you get a course and what I’m going to then do is send you some other videos with other courses and videos and stuff and then maybe every third fourth email I’m going to suggest a product you should buy then I get an affiliate Commission and so on and so forth like that so fairly simple stuff if you want to know if you want to look at like the emails that are being sent in email examples go get the free course right here if you’re watching this video for free I click your opt-in and look at the emails that I send you there you go we’ll get into more advanced stuff email wise and the videos below this video as we go through this so next thing offers this is easy motor okay first off you can go get affiliate offers you can go to places like jvzoo google it okay and go to places like Clickbank Google that as well okay what they’re going to be on these stores is mostly make money online and marketing software and stuff like that I know more about that because I’m work in the marketing niche and what you’re going to do is when people join your list you can send them links to these offers and then when they buy that offer you get a 50% Commission now this works in any niche dating health whatever okay so Clickbank has a ton of those there’s sort all sorts of physical products out there there’s all sorts of weight-loss products there’s all sorts acne cream products Pro just about anything so this picnic and go for it you can also proo out your own offers if you’re a smooth cat now when you’re first starting off you’re probably not gonna have your own authors offers because you don’t know what you’re doing you’re not going to have your own courses teaching stuff you’re not going to have your own creams or physical products now I can have your own software because you still don’t know how to get your finger out of your butt internet marketing wise so that’s definitely not try to do something advanced like pick your nose so good analogy so anyways what do you understand about your own offers is if you look through a lot of my funnels especially on my main businesses this right here is not my main business and nook this is not so it’s not going to be the best example but if you look at my software businesses I followed up with a lot of software I teach people a lot about what they’re doing and show them how they can use my software to do it much more effectively okay for example people a market hero for example if a person likes sending emails and wants to get better returns on their emails and better investments I showed them how to understand it how to understand her numbers and I show them how they can do it with market hero I make their life better and then I charge them money for them to make more money pretty simple so anyways what you can also send is massive high in offers and the one thousand two thousand dollar range I’m going to tell you this straight up no and also with your own offers before I continue it’s a lot easier to make money and make a profit off your advertising when you’re running your own offers why because when you’re affiliate you make a fifty percent commission and whatever they saw up front so if it’s twenty seven dollar product you make fifty percent of course you’re trying to make money already getting fifty percent of profits if you’re getting a hundred percent it’s a lot easier to make your advertising work because you’re making more money okay but then what happens usually when a person buys a product is they get put on an email list and that’s where the person makes all the money okay so if you see like some person if you ever buy an affiliate offer you’re going to get sent to an offer you’re going to buy that and then that person is going to follow up the offer about a week later probably invite you to a webinar or something where they’re selling I get thousand dollar product or something like that and they’re going to make a ton of money okay so if you have your own offers you make one hundred percent up front and then a hundred percent on anything else that gets sold of that person in the funnel so with massive high and offers if you bring a person in being a lead one of the easiest ways make an ROI by selling two thousand four thousand dollar products in any niche not just like make money inline or anything I know you might be thinking I wanna sell a $5000 well make money product you don’t have to there’s all sorts of proximately like golf bags and ninja turtle but secret stuff I don’t know um so the reason for this is because say you get a thousand emails and you pay two dollars for email you spent two thousand dollars you only have to get one of those 1000 people to buy something for you to make all your money back if you get two people to buy something you make double your money back that’s why high-end stuff works really well it’s going to be very hard for you to get a hundred people out of a thousand to buy a twenty seven dollar product it’s gonna be pretty easy to get two people out of a thousand to buy a two thousand dollar product so it’s a little bit of marketing knowledge that you’ll probably pick up later on in your career alright so um got into that all right so how do you get started what you want to do first off you want to go create an opt-in and leadpages or click funnels I believe I covered this in another video basically leadpages allows you to create those opt-in pages I just showed you super easily click funnels does the exact same thing in later videos I’ll be actually like creating a opt-in and stuff in front of you but very very simple stuff I’m using optimized press in my opt-in example the same exact thing but leadpages and click funnels here’s a link there’s also a link in the description as well that’s going to be an affiliate link as well so I’ll be getting a commission if you buy them again and not not trying to flow if your loop this is what people use okay you can go with it learn HTML if you want to if you don’t want to give me Commission all right but anyways go check these out because that’s what you’re gonna be able to build the stuff on there very straightforward I’m not going to teach you how to use them in this video because they have guides inside of them and the sales videos do enough then what you want to do is connect them to Aweber where you can send emails out now um that’s another lesson all in itself again in other videos I may be teaching how to go out and send email I’m not going to teach you how to use Aweber because again they have guides in courses inside of it it’s like if that would be like asking me to teach you how to play a video game when they’re like the owner’s manuals right next to it however I will get into more kind of answer email tactics writing email cock tactics and how to get people actually like you in your emails so they actually buy stuff in later videos now where to start look dude I’m going to tell you this in every video don’t follow your hashing you frickin hippie okay that’s what everyone who wants you to buy their courses and stuff is gonna tell you you can follow your surfing passion and just sell surfboards and stuff online no you don’t know what the hell you’re doing and it’s likely your passion is like a billion other people’s passion we’re gonna follow what makes money first and then when you’re making money know what you’re doing if you want to make a fricking Ninja Turtle passion store go for it dude until then shut up and listen alright so what you want to do is look at the ads everywhere go to Facebook for example look at the ads that pop up you’re going to notice something they all follow a trend most of them are opt-ins or an offer to buy Prok look at those niches if people are running ads people are making money in those niches now the places you want to start or health wealth education dating so help losing weight curing it like stuff like acne and stuff or skin irritations or even a lot of sexual problems fall in a health you can make a lot of money with opt-ins and selling perks their wealth making money online stuff like that um what I do what I would suggest doing is go go to google and type in Tai Lopez now don’t look at Tylo or you can’t look at title opuses I like his videos he’s a cool guy um he’s fine you know he’s cool what you’re gonna see when you type in Tai Lopez though is a ton of people running ads for his name okay click on one of those videos you’re gonna see people trying to sell make money online offers so again I’m not you don’t have to go look at Tai Lopez’s videos not his videos are also example two but he’s much smarter than these people you’re gonna see in the other ads but go look at that people are running advertisements for his name you’re gonna see a perfect example of make money online offers anyways education okay education would be like college offers are like learning about anything coding etc they all have affiliate programs look it up almost anything did you can buy online as an affiliate program so just go type that products name in the Google type in affiliate program after it and will show up dating another example right there you can literally do this in any niche but I would stick to these niches right here when you’re starting off because this is where people are making money and you’re not smart enough now I’m not saying you’re stupid but you’re not experienced enough to go into just like a bizarre niche like lightsabre building and they do it like dark are like shoes like if you want to make your own shoes and someone that’s just like it’s going to be a challenge your uphill battle sticking to like affiliate offers right here starting the plane in the obvious niches okay so another advice right here again if you’re beginner start by running $5 a day ads learn how to use Facebook ads that is it’s going to be the most beneficial thing to your career ever okay there is no business out there where you don’t need to know how to run Facebook ads it’s so easy to do and it’s so effective so yeah check it out I’m also going to link to a few Facebook courses you can pick up as well and that I suggest that I kind of learned from in the description as well I’m really self talent a lot on Facebook but I pick up these courses first learn the basics and then hop in and get your feet wet what my basket being said what I suggest doing is getting about 100 leads okay try and get them for an effective price look in the later videos if you want to see how to get you know better advertising lead costs and stuff like that but try to get about a hundred leads okay might cost you like two hundred five hundred dollars do that this right here is not a low investment way to start up you’ll usually have to buy leads or someone or you can go out there and you can spam forms and blog until you get a hundred leads or whatever like that then practice selling to these leads until you make your money back okay it be the leads are worth you have to pay money for leads because they’re worth something you can make money off of them that’s that’s why they’re worth something okay now I’ve seen fools make a five times ROI off of this okay you’re not usually sometimes you might not make your money back right away but over a month two months time if you build a connection with your list it’s hard not to make a 5-10 times ROI that’s why I’m such a big proponent of this now if you’re advanced you already know what you’re doing why are you watching this video this is beginner video I why are you still watching it my suggestion is use track everything for six months if you want more information on advanced stuff check out the later videos in this course okay unlock those areas now what you also want to do is calculate how much an email is worth long-term value wise I talked about this I’ve shared this in other videos on the channel I chaired later on this course so you just put it improve lis our market hero if that is out when you’re watching this video and it just shows exactly what the long-term value is and then spend less than that to get an email so that is short guys is email marketing that’s all there is to it that is an overview of course there is so much more to talk about check it out in the later videos okay guys so what is going on right now I put below right here a bunch of other videos you can check out watch right now I put one about SCO and why could another one about exactly what I do so you can look at my business and other ways to make money online and I have a few other video topics right here if you cannot see the annotations right here that’s because you’re watching from your phone others links to each topic in the description of this video as well so you can check it all out so also as well be sure to describe to this channel if subscribe to this channel I can’t talk there’s a subscription button in the description area below this video and there should be one right here if you can see annotation so that being said this is alex becker i’ll see you in the next video broseph we’re a lady friend as well so take it easy

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