How To Earn 6 Figures From Email Marketing

[UltraVid id=38 ]what UPS in willings at your boy rabbi can’t lose AKA potato latke aka Noah Kagan I’m here with sumo GM what do you close so I’m the hare Issa sumos you know that’s it a McHale doula you know aka papa bear papa bear hair they’re hairy sumo runs up to me calm and he’s here today talk to you about writing your first six figure email simple that’s that’s just crazy because I think I thought email no one reads emails anymore everybody’s on snapchat with the deal I mean yes seriously email marketing is dead goose so like it’s but clearly we did something right because within one email within 24 hours we’ve cleared six figures in profit that’s money in the bank and so we did something right and yeah we’re going to we’re going to be here to talk about it so Amy maybe you could do a demonstration of how like how that actually went down how you secured this deal you know I mean we can literally do an exact reenactment of exactly how we did we close this six-year deal Sony we’re gonna do 2-0 Walkman aiming you made me an offer I can’t refuse is it all dead you got to stop I got the stuff man you got the money I got the money I got the stuff so when you’re gonna send me the code well you know I can just talk to my developers and we should have the other codes by next week and then you see you ad file is that okay I can upload if your Dropbox that’s fantastic all right take care perfect Cheers bye bye and so just to preface it because some of you guys are watching like damn $100,000 one female can make that much I think there’s want to preface it like more yeah well it was more than that but the point I want to preface it with is that that’s taken time right on this is now six years later of working hard where we’ve been able to build up to that and that’s what like this scene that just like we’ll talk about some the lessons learned but I just wanna put a little warning cuz I’m just using a marketer scammers they’re like oh we got rich scamming other people and it’s like this is all taking six seven years it’s not just like some overnight thing that’s happened but when I share the lessons and the story behind that how do you get someone to it’s a very popular product right right so if people are trying to partnerships that people are trying to send emails and make a bunch money right I gotta you approach it deposit photos and be like yo give us your product at half off or whatever kind of deal you guys enjoyed it yeah I didn’t even do that we used to walk into consulting and sales with with a partner and tell them hey we can send you you know X number of licenses let’s buy it for you know $10 a license and Lola and it became a transactional thing it became something where I’m sort of like how much like we’re going back and forth negotiation like hey let’s split the middle and it just became very convoluted where it became like more of a business transaction and over the last two years we’ve actually flipped that model now we’re going on to the sales calls and we’re actually just saying hey we actually want to find out are you a good fit because we have hundreds of companies that want to be NFC mo we can only pick eight per month right so think about that so out of hundreds of companies that want to be on appSumo we have to be incredibly choosing and so now instead of it being a negotiation it’s a it’s a pageant you got to sort of earn earn being on appSumo so eps number one is coming from that position of strength number two is you’ve got to you got to sit there and find out like is this a good fit and so we actually asked them a bunch of qualifying questions and we actually end up helping them and so it became no longer negotiation but actually rather a console – looks like an example of a questions and it normally the same questions with every time you call people you kind of do the same checklist of like the consultative part it is for the most part I mean will typically ask them like where are you getting your customers what is a typical upgrade path we what is what is the typical profile of your customer what do you tend understand what that we’re trying to find out if there’s a good overlap between their audience for our audience yeah that’s exactly it and so all of a sudden it’s no longer us pitching them it’s them sort of pitching us and they don’t even realize it like one of my favorite lines is like my concern is X and there’s always a concern and I want them to address those concerns and I always say my concern with well I know you say that to them I say that’s every and it almost every call because I always is a concern so a perfect example is my concern with sumo is you tend to be a little bit on the higher end do you still serve like a first-time entrepreneur and then all of a sudden you’re like well of course that’s exactly what we’re here for so it’s like that almost like I have to earn it but you almost take it away from me like him you may not get this exactly now then I wanted even more exactly exactly and that’s exactly what happens in and by the time we get to negotiating the terms we’re not even like there they’re actually chomping at the bit to be on F soon because it’s a great thing for them and then you guys are like hey we can provide good things for you guys too we deliver on the goods and that’s really the number one thing is we have a very consistent track record we wouldn’t be in business for seven years if we didn’t we’ve grown every single year since then 90% of the partners we work with that we want to come back end up coming back to us because we deliver on those promises and so when we say hey we’re going to be able to send you thousands of customers we actually do it because we’re very choosy with the partners we work with let’s say you you were you know pre appSumo days free having all this experience negotiating what do you think most people are doing incorrectly when they’re trying to go see like let’s say you’re caught you’re gonna you’re going to start like crap zoom oh yeah like you’re going to be a card inserted competi but seven years ago yeah like what do you think you would be missing an equation I guess what I’m trying to get at for me or like people watching too is like what is something that they can learn so that you know mistakes they’re probably making in the negotiation so I think they are immediately walking into it as a sales call and they immediately think that every person they get on the phone needs to be sold and I think you need to spend the first 10 15 minutes finding out if this person is a good fit and I think that takes time sometimes you need to know who’s your perfect perfect person that you can you can help so I think that first 15 minutes for a novice salesperson is usually just spent hey let me tell you how awesome appSumo is let me pitch you and let me do this let me do that and then the person like yeah I got it hard it hurted all the forces saying stop trying to sell me whereas now we don’t even talk about appSumo until 20 minutes into the call and and it’s completely changed the mentality and it’s they are coming at it from a position of you guys are actually listening to us and seeing if we’re a good fit because there have been many times where I’m on the call I’m like you know what this isn’t a good fit but I’m going to give you some advice anyway and I wish you the best of luck and it’s funny I’ve actually gotten a calls with companies like that and they’re like thank you so much and they actually refer me people that are are fit because now they know what we’re looking for alright so you got this deal deposit photos which is the deal of a lifetime right right was it was it a lifetime you lose a certain amount of photos so it’s 100 credits for $39 okay so you can do that and then you set it up in your system you guys go plug it in the back end right so what do you think the elements like for people out there like what can they learn that did you guys experience like you spend a bunch of time getting emails you spend any time in negotiating figure how to do it you got it look at everybody else learn from that for their email marketing for them trying to grow their business or have one email make so much money so you got I think to your point earlier you got to take a step back it took us six years to get to that point seven years to get to that point so the only way we could have gotten to that point has been through knowing our audience over the past seven years so I think the biggest problem right now that most people have is they’re just not they’re not simply sending enough emails so the biggest takeaway if you could do one thing from this this call or from this video is sending a ton more emails like think about this like the people that are on your email list they scroll through Facebook they avoided all the selfies and distractions that are on there they clicked on your link they went to your website they scroll through your blog and they found a sumo pop-up and they enter their their personal email and they hit submit they literally said I volunteer as tribute to be on your email list and what do you do what do most people most first-time entrepreneurs interesting they wait a quarter to send an email like three or four months could you imagine if you you know a picked up a girl’s number at a bar and waited three months to send her the perfect email what would she say to you you phone who did that’s exactly what should say right new phone who did exactly what she would say so I think like the people that are on your emails even if it’s just an email it’s of 300 people you should be hitting them up every week could you imagine if you didn’t text your mom for a week which you would like to call the realtor exactly so this reaches subscribers like your mom and the thing to it the thing with the mom is my mom nobody here’s the thing I know the other thing in this auto I don’t want to bug them I don’t want to bug them right which is the common thing and I got me think about my personal email list we’re like I don’t want to send too many emails so it’s funny you say that over the last year we’ve actually doubled the number of emails we send it up sumo okay and and that’s exactly what we were worried about oh we don’t wanna bug them you know we don’t want to get into their inbox but remember we talked about this they volunteered as tribute what ends up happening over the last year we actually just pulled the numbers yesterday our customer lifetime value has gone up 25% our average purchase rate has gone up 33% our open rates are higher than ever before and our email list is bigger than ever before and so what’s crazy we doubled the number of emails were sending and not only are we not pissing them off but they love us more than ever before and it’s a take away from that I need to take away from that is if if you’re sending an automated drip and it’s pissing them off because it’s not personalized then don’t send more emails but if you are sending real emails and it’s genuine and you know your audience send is a mini like sent two three emails a week I guarantee you they’re going to want to hear from you and more importantly you’re going to you’re going to learn very quickly what your your subscribers are responding to are they opening more emails are going to they’re going to be sharing your blog post and you’re going to learn what’s great and you’re going to be able to optimize what you send them in the future so that everything that all of a sudden you become the favorite email in their inbox all right so number one send more emails like if you’re doing one a month tried to you know what two a month try like four you know four months and see where the balance is your people will tell you either you’ll see them unsubscribing like crazy you’ll see them responding stop sending so many emails yeah number two when you guys send this deposit photos email that generates so much or even a million people which is a it’s kind of big responsibility like imagine us the biggest stadium in the world I don’t it’s Lambo or whatever that’s 100,000 people times that by 10 yeah and now you’re having your megaphone telling all that song which is kind of a big deal right that kind of that is a big deal so how much time you’re spending crafting that email I mean we spend weeks we spend weeks crafting just a single email we actually have a very regimented assembly line that goes all the way from creating the creative assets bringing in the deal from from Olman our business development manager all the way to crafting the deals to writing the copy we actually have an excellent copywriters like one of my favorite comedians from Twitter that’s a pro tip make sure you’re hiring top writers off of Twitter next thing is working identity Chris Chris running the assembly line for setting up the deal writing making sure the copy and the images are all set up actually scheduling the email and then we’ve got 240 point checklists or making sure all the links are working and making sure that there’s no grammatical errors and then finally after everyone’s looked at it is probably taking 2-3 weeks then finally sent it off to Anton for final approval and so for one email we’re sending sometimes up to four emails a week it can take up to three weeks to craft that single email so for everyone else I think so important one similar myth number two because I think what what a lot of people say well how do I know when does an email or my emails are good enough it’s like well yeah it takes us weeks to actually just send a singular email so it’s either hiring an editor I think one tip that you have that was great was like just go find someone who you like reading their emails more reading their tweets or like their Facebook or snapchat and hire them right like one thing I did recently was I hit up a guy from NPR and I was like hey what’s your hourly I’ll pay whatever it is so that you can come teach me how to do better audio Wow right and he’s 175 an hour which is a lot but for maybe let’s say it’s five hours for the rest of my life my audio is going to be significantly better that’s awesome so I like to point hiring an editor you know spend time on your emails what are the other things that you can learn people should learn from $100,000 you know yeah and so you know because you’re going to be sending more emails you’re going to get you’re going to be getting a ton of data you’re going to learn very quickly what your audience likes and what you don’t this one tip alone has probably doubled appSumo revenue over the last year so right you’re running on this maybe we should and we’re going to end up having a camera yeah no but like we just spend time looking historically at what emails are resonating and you’re going to vary what are you looking at you’re going to well for us it’s profit for you it could be engagement could be shares it could be blog comments whatever whatever a success metric you have you typically want to see high engagement with your emails right so you can look back let’s say over the last year after you’re sending an email a week or two emails a week and be like wow these three want three posts did incredibly well and maybe their posts about productivity over the next quarter double the number of productivity posts and so instead of sending three productivity posts a year now you’re sending three a month and I guarantee you your audience is going to resonate like crazy for us we noticed over the last year content was starting to go down life’s end deals were starting to go up and so we went from doing three four lifetime deals software deals a year to three four a month and so if you like lifetime software deals distribute subscribe when I have seen wacom check it out and I mean all of a sudden our revenue doubled our profit increased I mean ever all metrics went up into the right so I think the point there is besides what works for you because for that there they want to know like how do I get this for me so I love the point is like if you’re like what email should have be sending just go look over the past month one year whatever it is of emails and pick a metric maybe it’s open rates maybe it’s click rates maybe it’s you know buy rates one metric that you guys use sometimes is revenue per open yep so revenue for every thousand so if I take the revenue divided by number of people that open it and then you could have just different ethics and whatever it is just go and be like these ones work best let me go how do I do more of this so if you guys are spending time earning those how do people find their voice like you guys have like a pretty unique voice that apps the most gone right now yeah like what about so when I first came here I actually never written copy before and so like you and Anton we’re doing an excellent job of teaching me how to write copy and I think like some baguette we’ll all some tips for people to learn their own voice is the problem is like you open up a Google Doc you start writing and all of a sudden you’re writing to missus Rudo your fourth grade English teacher and it’s like MLA formatted and APA and it’s like so stuffy and you’re like this is not the email that I want to sit there reading and so what I think like one of the first things that you got to do is start writing your email as an email to a personal friend and so yo Noah what’s good brother boom boom boom you search all of a sudden is good right yeah it is so writing is literally right like to a friend as like as with as much slang as possible and you can tone it down later but by starting with your natural voice all of a sudden that email is going to sound a lot more natural the second part is writing with a template so perfect email is like webinar ninja right webinar ninja ended up bringing us like 80k in profit over the weekend before the email even sent out because it’s sort of spreading like virally and why did that do that is the very first component of the email is webinars are one of the best ways to grow your business but most webinar software sucks right like you got to download software in this net so you start the first email with a problem yeah and then the second part of the email is the solution this is why webinar ninja is awesome right you don’t download software and this and that then you come in with the offer and you know for us absolument lifetime offer then the last component is the scarcity like hey we only have is for so long only I just feel so long being in it and so making sure you have that template lovely thing on the board well it’s funny think about I think about law and order yeah it’s the same show every time is he going to do it no way they’re not going to find found have done think about like that transformers fast and furious 10 right right like if you find a model that I think your point find a template of framing your message so it sounds like two pieces one find your voice and I think our friend almond said it as well you can either write it out or what I like to do is speak it out right right and how would you tell someone that you think they should buy this right and just use voice memo on your phone and then transcribe that right right and that will actually give you because if I was trying to sell you to pause the photos I’m like hey do you blog or like not a bug okay probably would be for you but if you did blog I would be like oh well how do you get your photos and then you kind of go through that and report it and that becomes that the second part I think is really important just as just as important create a template for how you’re doing your writing so that people like you know if it works keep doing more of it as a hundred percent like find your favorite blogger like hey go to Noah like I want to recreate this this post just try to like reverse engineer like okay this was this intro is a story about work this is a lesson about how to do X and literally just translate it and now be like okay I’m going to take this post about doing your first $100 and Facebook ads and I’m going to make my first awesome first webinar and I’m going to use that same format story lesson I was I read about of that recent with Gary Halbert I thought this was interesting which is like he would take his favorite sales letters and write it out by hand so take a blogpost and by hand you’re documenting the whole thing I can tell you like you’ll probably start getting your shift by doing that and yeah he did I was like I’m done I’m like I know that all the copiers like like books say to do it yeah and I’m sitting there on my notebook with my cock I’m like I’m done with this shit I’m Oded on now everything weird I figure out what works for you yeah that’s holy obviously you guys have done that I what anything else in seven figure series for email uh you know that’s it you know hit subscribe because we’re gonna be hitting eight figures very soon for email what up [Music]

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