How To Be A Solo Ads Broker

I am going to provide you the expert rules on how to kick start your own
solo ads business.

There are three major rules to be a solo ads broker:

1. You need to build your own list
2. Be selective in renting out your list
3. Track the progress of the solo ads

The first expert rule is to start building your own list.

This is important as you can never start your solo ads broker journey without
having a list. Usually, a solo ads broker must have a large list which you can sell to your clients so you can deliver the maximum amount of clicks.

There are various ways to start creating your own list but I will list down the 3 most effective methods, which are:

1. Creating a ‘Call To Action’ on your website Your website can be your traffic generator if you know how to use it to its maximum potential. You can allow them to sign up for a newsletter on the sidebar or footer, or you can even have a pop-up when they visit the page to ask them to sign up.

2. Using social media to drive traffic. Social media is not only an important marketing tool and lead magnet, but it also serves as a traffic generator. People click links that direct them to a website or your content and from there you can ask them to sign up for your newsletter or mailing list. This can be done through Facebook ads, Twitter ads and other social media platforms.

3. Hosting a webinar. A free webinar is all that it takes to expand your list. You can provide valuable content related to your niche via the webinars. Provide them the materials for the webinar by asking them for their email. This way,
you can begin sending your materials and newsletters within that list.

The second step is to be selective in renting out your list.
There are many cases where solo ad brokers sell the list that they have built to
clients who market anything and everything. This is done for the sake of having
your list rented out but it will not sustain your business in the long term.

This will inevitably give you and your buyer a bad reputation. For instance, if
you have built a list focusing on the personal development niche and you advertise Internet marketing materials, this will confuse your subscribers and
some of them may consider it as spam. It is also possible that you may lose
some of the people in the list as they feel misguided by the information

Therefore, it is important for you to be selective and calculative in choosing
your clients to rent out your list to. Always stay true to why the audience opted into your list for!

The third and final rule is to track the progress of the list you have sold, which is the number of clicks.

This step is important so you have an idea of how much you are able to deliver
to your clients. The number of clicks also tells you how well your ad performs
and to ensure that you get value for money. Remember that numbers do not

To track your clicks, you can use the WordPress plug-in called Pretty Link
where it has both a paid and free version. You are able to create short links
using your domain name where it has all the tracking required, but make sure
you possess a WordPress account beforehand.

You can also use ClickMagick where the system makes it extremely easy for you track your data or number of clicks. ClickMagick will offer you information
such as your traffic score and which Tier did you obtain the traffic from.

You are now set to kick start your solo ads broker journey!

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