How I Make $12-$24,000 A Day With Email Marketing (Email Guide PT1)

[UltraVid id=41 ]I guess before we even get in this video whenever I teach email marketing you guys just turn off all you want to hear about is a Shopify store or getting clients or some magic SEO process and I know no even working is pretty cool look guys we’re going to talk about email marketing videos it’s built every single of my businesses and to get you a little bit excited because email marketing sounds like is it sounds like a grandpa running around talking about old bridges and stuff sounds pretty uninteresting but once you master email marketing that’s just average day let’s just never say right here in a 17th Dave so ago about $14,000 in sales in one business that’s just one business we’re emailing we emailed our lists at market hero sent them an offer right here did $14,000 and so so the thing is if we go over here job over here their source way here’s the 17th right here we also haven’t emailed our source wave list that same day got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 got 8 sales each of those is a thousand dollars a pop alright so we’re at 22,000 dollars in sales just from a typical day of mailing or list and if we go over here to our other to our other section of business when it loads up become our here to 17th we did about another $2,500 and sales and this is just in front end product sales does not include any of the back end software that we’re selling nothing like that hopefully I get you excited hopefully it does if not like you go go warm yourself up at pornhub and then come back and this videos going to rock your world let’s do it do that yes the time is cometh it is time to unleash my secret beat my bread and butter my meat and potatoes my Excalibur my secret ultimate move my lost Raiders tomb of marketing secrets today guys I’m gonna be teaching and starting what I like to call the email marketing training series look I’ve taught you how to build a Shopify store I’ve taught you how to do SEO I’ve taught you how to do Facebook ads I’ve taught you how to do YouTube but nothing in the past seven years that I’ve done there’s many more money than email marketing and that’s just because it’s the best fucking thing ever that’s that’s really all there is to it so what I’m going to do in the next few videos is I’m actually putting together a series where I’m gonna show you step-by-step how to start an email marketing business how to go and actually get your first people opting in how to get your first customers how to turn those people in the customers actually get them paying you so and I’m going to be breaking down how to scale up the tank a month and obviously I think this is the easiest thing that’s ever been been taught ever so there you go and the reason why I’m teaching this guys is I really don’t have any more ideas of what to put on the channel so we’re just you’re just making training series now good out of series no I’m serious now this is what really took me to the next level so what took me from you know hundred dollars a day to five hundred thousand to ten thousand dollars a day and it’s just because it’s so damn consistent and so straightforward to do once you understand the process you know the thing is email marketing sounds boring it’s buck it sounds like hanging out with your grandfather or grandmother all day on a Sunday just not fun and of course she’s like let’s imagine your grandmother is also really boring and dry and it’s super hot she doesn’t even say anything all entire time that’s about I’ll text email marketing sound but once you get to know granny she’s pretty fucking awesome so I’m not going to do any more metaphors but we are going to dive into the first training video where I’m gonna be breaking down what email marketing is and how you make money from it and then in the next video I’m gonna be showing you how to get your first opt-in to customers all that cool stuff video 3 we’re going to get into turning them into customers and video for ring into scaling it’s a 10k month so put on some some pants that are water-resistant because this is going to make this is going to make you way too excited and you can taking that so let’s back into it our guys were my computer and we’re at a legendary place we’re at the whiteboard of truth and justice this is where all the training this world of knowledge is where all the good stuff that’s going to happen it’s going to happen that was pretty overdramatic so anyways what we’re going to get into right now in this video is your first lesson on email marketing now if you’re watching us on YouTube all right guys I’ve got to tell you one thing real quick this videos going to be a little less controversial than some of my videos not as much cussing and crazy stuff because I’m actually using this video as well as content for one of our courses were releasing so understand that but what we’re going to get into in this video is exactly what email marketing is and I’m going to break it down and what you’re going to see in this course overall is what is the email marketing you’re going to see how to get your first 2,000 customers you’re going to be able to do this with a hundred percent free traffic as well I might add mm-hmm and then I’m going to get them or shit and I’m not going to get them you’re going to get them to pay you I’m going to show you exactly how to get these new customers and these new people joining your email list to actually pay you money and what they’re going to buy how they’re going to buy it from you it’s all going to be broken down and then I’m going to showing you how to scale this business model to 10k a month without that much resistance but what is email marketing depending on what you’re doing and the thing I want to break down first if you’re watching this video you might be a beginner alright you might be a person you just started out you might be a person who’s a veteran already has a business you might have a Shopify store you might be taking clients or you might just be someone who is selling info marketing or coaching or anything like that and I got to tell you one thing the reason why email marketing is the best method online and it’s what I’ve been using for years this has been my bread and butter this has been how I built every one of my businesses it’s because all of this while I do a little bit of all of this email marketing is the core of everything if you don’t have good email marketing you so much harder to grow these things and if you have good email marketing it’s so much easier to grow all these things because the number one reason why email marketing is makes people so successful is because you’re able to get lifelong access to your customers at 100% free whenever you want this means I can reach my customer list I can get my base of people I can go and hit my fall whenever I want with completely no restrictions there’s no filtering of anything there’s no nothing and the thing is when people come and buy regardless of where you are in your career what happens it allows you to follow up with them and not only increase sales but keep following up with them to get them to buy more stuff now how this works overall and just to understand blasts I’m going to say about this is wherever you are whether you’re beginner you’re a veteran your person is Shopify store you have clients you’re selling up a marketing this course is going to heavily apply apply to if you’re a complete beginner you’re going to be able to get started here 100% free without spending a diamond and that’s just it and if you’re a veteran I’m gonna be showing you literally how I took my first small little blog from a $20,000 $10,000 per month blog to a multi-million dollar business the now selves you know a couple three hundred to three and fifty thousand dollars month of all sorts of SEO software Instagram you’re going to see that in this video so this really applies everybody if you found these other categories I’m going to show you really how to blow up your businesses by bringing customers back and capturing their information so how email marketing works if you’re completely brand new this is how it works now look if you’re a veteran you already know email marketing works you get it it might be best to skip the video number two our video number four is where we’re going to get into the really advanced stuff but I would also watch this is just a little refresher okay because I’m actually going to show you some stuff in this video that you probably don’t know and probably don’t even understand your business unless you’re making $300,000 a month if you’re not I guarantee you probably don’t know what I’m going to talk about right here and this is going to heavily heavily apply to you so look let’s assume we have a camping supply business okay and the people we want to come into this business the people we want to attract to our business are obviously people that enjoy camping okay we don’t want to attract people that are into I don’t know you collecting Barbies or I don’t know an underwater basket-weaving because that’s the underwater basket Weaver’s don’t go camping they weave baskets you know so anyways what’s going to happen is we want to trick people that are interested in camping maybe survivalism and stuff like that maybe just a guy who likes to go in his backyard and eat dirt you know what that might fit to so what we need to do is we need to reach these people online we’re going to use various methods to reach these people online so this is a guy like the camping as you can tell he’s an a little tent we’re going to give him a little a little roasted wienie there we go little hot dog because he’s out cooking so this is what we do we want to attract Fred the camper right here so what we do is we’re going to find ways to reach Fred that we’re going to talk about here in a second we’re going to send them to a landing page the page it captures a person’s email address here’s exactly what one looks like so this ugly page right here has been visited by hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people and captured hundreds of thousands of emails so what essentially happens right here is this business I have the niche is SEO so I send SEO so this page they come in and in return for a list of SCM niches that will help their business they give me their email address and so they get sent that and then they get put into my business and into my email list which we’re going to explain a little bit more here in a second but that’s basically where that stops and that’s all we really need to understand for this video now what happens when they come to this landing page what we’re going to do is what you just saw imagine this is camp and Fred and so we’re going to offer camping Fred maybe a list of the 50 best tools you should have when you’re camping maybe the hundred best campsites the United States I don’t really know camping the last time I slept in a tent was when I was like seven years old so probably not the guy to ask here but let’s just imagine he’s really interested in that list of things we just offered him so Fred comes I’m right here he gives us his email address signified by most nicely drawn mail envelope right here by the way if you would like me to paint pictures for you I only charge about a thousand dollars now or hit me up we can we can make something work so what happens that I have their email address or you have their email address and senses we want to convince Fred to buy stuff from us now the worst way to convince Fred to buy stuff from us would be just to start sending them and spamming his email with all sorts of offers for all sort of stuff I’m sure you’ve gotten your email seeing offers for Viagra and all sorts of other weird stuff depending on the weird stuff you’re checking out online hoot I don’t know where you’ve been no judgments but you probably have all sorts of spam emails coming in your inbox and you don’t know him you don’t pay attention to them we need to rise above that we need to be emails that Fred wants to open and more importantly if you’re going to buy from somebody there’s a few things you need to have when you got to trust them – you got to like them three you got to know who they are you got to have those three things if you don’t have those three things very low chance you’re going to by from somebody so when you get further buy from us so what we do when he signs it for email list is we keep sending them helpful information about camping so let’s just say for maybe a week we send them a bunch of emails one every other day teaching them about the campsites teach him how to pitch a tent teaching them how to I don’t know catch a raccoon and teach it to do his taxes I don’t know I am so after we’re done teaching Fred that what do we have first off Fred knows who we are check Fred likes us because we give him stuff check three he trusts us because we’ve actually had his best interest in mind and so what Fred is probably going to do when we go and offer him our super camping course so we offer him a build-it-yourself tent system we offer him how to train your raccoon to do your tax’s course he’s probably going to buy this and so what we’ve done right here is we’ve reached out to a person who’s interested in a subject online we’ve sent them to a page it offers them something in exchange for their email address that ties into that interest once they opt-in for that interest we can send them emails that help them out with this interest and then once we’ve gained their trust rapport and whatever we sell them stuff now you understand here’s the big picture we don’t Fred doesn’t leave our email list as long as he’s happy okay as long as we keep sending Fred stuff that makes him happy and he looks cracked-out happy face right here maybe Fred likes all sorts of stuff other than camping we never know but what fred is going to do it’s going to stay on our email list cause he wants to keep receiving all of our cool tips and tricks I mean you know we’re in teaching raccoons how to do taxes imagine what we could teach a bear to do so what’s going to happen is if we keep sending them content and we keep selling him stuff what you’re usually going to see on your email list and it depends on your business but you’re going to see usually your an agenda about one to four dollars per month for every single email on your list that means if you have 2000 emails and you hit the average area okay you’re going to get about two – are you going to get about $4,000 a month from that email list and I’m going to show you how to get $2 per email in this course without doing anything crazy without being good selling without doing anything that requires any town I’m going to show you the $2 per month is actually pretty bad results on average we generate about four dollars per month for every single lead on our list but the difference between this is I’ve taken this this is how I built multi-million dollar businesses and if you log into a my market hero account is just in this one business and we clean the list this means we remove people on this list that aren’t opening or aren’t interested but just from the business we have over a hundred and ninety thousand seven hundred contacts now if you go and do the math right there this explains you know when you go and look at the stripe accounting stuff let me just show you right here this is how from this this amount of people right here and these emails that go out we’re generating about one of four dollars per month and that usually generates for us if we go and do some basic math right here we go and do one hundred ninety thousand we go and do that times four and on average that’s going to generate us about 600 to 700 thousand dollars a month you can see we’re actually hitting those numbers right here this is just one business we have of three this one usually does the most every single day the other one does about add on a sixty percent of this another one does about 30 percent of this every day and that’s how we go and generate about fifteen to twenty thousand dollars per day getting us around this range of numbers right here so on this example right here this is going to put us around closer to six hundred thousand I just don’t want to be statistically inaccurate cuz I know you’ve probably a sign up for all sorts of free courses and there all sorts of discrepancies I would say we probably dinner about three dollars and fifty cents per lean so that probably puts us around you know about six hundred fifty six hundred thousand dollars per month so just want to lay that out right there but that’s how we’re hitting those numbers because we go out there and hit up these multiple lists we have different lists for different businesses and different niches and so I really kind of want to show you the potential right there but if you’re going out there and applying the same tactics we’re going to show you in this course it’s very very reasonable if you’re beginner to generate one to two dollars per month now what you’re also going to see in this course is how to get these two thousand leads for free okay that’s where we’re going to be showing you in this so even if you’re generating the one dollar per month that’s an extra two K in your bank account every single month just from this email list that’s renewable and they keep buying which you understand is after we get this person’s email what I do for example and how my business works is I buy all my leads and emails off of Facebook YouTube Twitter reddit and a few other traffic sources that we’ll get into in this course but what’s going on right here is I usually pay about $4 per often that’s about how much I pay for a standard opt-in lead we’re doing that but you need to understand one average about month one what we do is we generate about six as per lead so understand this when a person comes into our business we actually make money bringing the lead in so not only do we get this person on our email list but in the first month we usually make about six to eight dollars back I’m using six right here so we make about a $2.00 profit for every lead that comes in so we’re getting paid to build a big email list that can go and generate us that much money now here’s the kicker people stand our email list and keep buying and what you’re going to see how to do and what I do and this is really my big secret is I keep people on my email list and I keep them happening they keep buying more and more and more and what happens the second month that are worth $10 on average they spend that with me month three on average they spend $14 a month for $18 a month five $22 a month six this is called LTV so what’s going on right here is I track exactly how much people spend when they come into our business so let’s imagine I get a thousand leads and from those 1000 leads over three months I make $10,000 the long-term value are the value that they’re worth over three months is on average $10 see how that works and so what’s happening right here is I track everything that has my business on average and source wave which is the business that’s going to be used in this case study in this course I usually pay about $4 to $5 per lead and I make about $24 to $26 back every single time that the 6x ROI most of time so that means it for every four dollars I spent on ads I make about twenty four dollars back because once I get these people on my email list they keep buying and their value of the lead skyrockets it’s like being in a stock market situation where you come in at $4 and you can guarantee to leave at $24 every single time this also means guys if I want to go and add about twenty thousand dollars a day to my annual income all I need to do is go spend about three thousand dollars a day on paid traffic because I know I’m going to get that 6x ROI okay I probably have to spend about thirty two hundred is to get around there don’t make me do math still make me do math so here’s how we get started if we’re beginner what we’re going to focus on in this course is we’re going to focus on getting free traffic and selling them Facebook memberships and affiliate programs what this means is I’m going to show you to get started while this is not the best method to scale up this is did a method would be a nightmare at 100k months it would be very hard to scale 100k months as well an income this great for beginners because it’s very very easy to scale this to 2000 to $8,000 month very easy to scale this to that so we’re going to focus on is getting free traffic and we’re going to sell them Facebook memberships and affiliate products and this is how we’re going to do this and the cool thing is you don’t need to make your own product you don’t have to have a business exist you don’t even have to have you don’t have to have anything if you can make a Facebook group and you can link people to stuff you can do this and so that’s how we’re going to focus on now if you already have a business in your veteran what we’re going to focus on is sending paid traffic to our products like we’re doing right here I’m going to show you how to calculate the value of your customers and then by customers for weary way way less than they’re worth to you so that’s what this course is all about and this is how email marketing works so in the next video that we’re going to be releasing on the YouTube channel tomorrow or you can just go check out in the next video if you’re in the course itself we’re going to show you how to get your first two thousand subscribers for free and there will also be more raccoon taxation jokes it’s going to be great you want to make sure you get this and you’re watching from YouTube be sure to subscribe and if you’re watching this in the course there’s a link below to subscribe to my youtube channel as well we release new videos like this in all sorts of subjects every single day you should check it out as well now also believe the blah blah below this video is a link to our Facebook group for market hero and what you should do is go join that group because we have over seven are actually closing in on seven thousand people as I make this video all talking email marketing sharing how they’re making money sharing how they’re getting results it’s really cool so you should go click that link as well right below this video so this has been Becker I’m going to catch you next video where we get into getting our first two thousand subscribers on our email list be sure to subscribe or I will my feelings will be extremely hurt and you won’t be invited to my birthday party so you definitely won’t get any cupcakes in the mail either so this has been Becker catching the next video [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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