High Ticket Programs

What are high ticket programs?

High ticket offers or programs are usually associated with sales starting from
$1000 and can go up to $25,000 or more.

The products you offer may range from digital, coaching or consultation
products or all of the mentionedto provide clients with high value training and
exceptional results. These products usuallyoffer clients the ultimate or turnkey
solution to their problems.

In order for you to promote your high ticket programs, it has to go through a
sales funnel which brings your client through a journey with you.

You normally start with your front-end offer, which is your first offer and is
generally priced low or free. The purpose is to attract a pool of potential
customers to your front end. This can be an e-book or a webinar.

You do not have to worry your front-end offers are not making much, as this
can be compensated with the massive sales gained from your high ticket offers
later in your funnel.

You notice not all of your clients will make it to the high ticket offer. As the
nature of high ticket offers are exclusive and are intended to give high value to clients therefore programs are also priced at a higher cost.

Only clients who are willing to invest a huge amount for greater value and are
aiming for a transformation in their business are most likely to purchase your
high ticket programs.

In the next chapter, we go through a step-to-step guide to execute your very
own high ticket offer.
Why High Ticket Programs?

In this chapter, you learn why high ticket programs are important in your
online business.

High ticket programs serve an integral role in your online business, especially
when it comes down to your sales funnel. This is where you are able to gain
massive sales with minimum effort!

Why high ticket programs?

There are 4 main reasons why you should incorporate high ticket programs in
your online business:

1. Transformation
2. Video testimonials
3. Filtered clients
4. Instant commissions
First is transformation.

This is where you project the highest value in what you are offering. Your high
ticket program has to provide the ultimate solution to your client’s problem. It
needs to be transformational or life-changing to them.

Provide them the answer they have been looking for all this while. This builds
your reputation as well as credibility, especially if you have just started out.
Secondly, are video testimonials.

When you have successfully gained your high ticket clients, you are able to
gather video testimonials from them.

Why is this important?

This is your future social proof. When your clients provide you with positive
testimonials of your programs and products, this will again build your
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credibility and reputation. This helps you attract prospects, which eventually
turn into your high ticket clients.

The third reason why high ticket programs are important to your online
business is because this is where you gain your filtered clients.

These are your premium clients who are willing to pay a high price to solve
their problems. You managed to gain these clients by bringing them through a
journey. From the 3 week webinar, to attending a strategic session with you
and finally taking in your offer!

This is why executing the 3 stages in creating your high ticket offer is
important. You are able to filter your prospects and only deal with those who
are really interested in your offer. This saves you a lot of time and resources.
Finally, earn massive sales!

You are able to gain instant massive sales with minimal effort. You do not need
hundreds of sales to break even and earn massive profits. All you need is a
small number of highly qualified clients who are interested in purchasing your
high ticket programs!

Let me illustrate an example.

Would you rather get 1000 people to pay you $7 each for a program, or would
you have 100 people pay you $1000? Clearly the latter saves you a lot of time
and most importantly, will get you earning massive as well as instant


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