Facebook Ads Case Study – Bidding, Scaling, and Conversions

[UltraVid id=1 ]hey what’s up econ vampire good morning or good afternoon good evening wherever you are in the world whatever time zone you’re in it is 746 a.m. for me here in the North Bethesda Maryland area I have my coffee and I am ready I’m excited for this video I know a lot of you are excited to watch this as well and it’s you know we should be there should be excited because what we’re going to be looking at today I’m going to be pulling back my ads manager the curtain you know so to speak metaphor pulling back the curtain on my ads manager and showing you guys what I was able to do last week this is basically a case study alright I got a great response to this post and that’s always cool and I love that you know a lot of people started asking about kind of unrelated things like product research and niche research and a lot of different things but you know this is really just meant to be a case study on when when your source set up and when you’re ready when you have a winning product being able to scale it quickly all right and I just want to show you what I’ve been doing with my ads I want to show you my overall strategy how I’m looking at winners and losers and and my bidding and all that kind of stuff all right so I really want to help you guys have a look at the numbers because one of the most important things is that number one you’re able to look at your ads and understand how to read the data I mean that’s almost the most important thing it’s going to be really difficult for anybody even if you are like the best product and niche picker in the world it’s going to be difficult for you to do very well and build a consistent business with Facebook ads or any ads platform if you’re not able to understand your numbers and read the data so that’s one of the things that I definitely want to look at just to give you a very candid transparent look at my ass not all of them are winners and show you exactly what that looks like and how I’m judging my ads and you know some of you may be surprised it’s still the same as what’s in dropship Academy I’ll refer to that a lot as a matter of fact I’m going to pull out the notes that I use in dropship Academy when explaining Facebook ads and testing stuff because that’s really still the same I really still follow the same process and so I’m going to cover that we have a lot of new people in the group I know as well so people who may not have the context of having watched some of my ads videos what I’m going to try to do is sum up the process of what I’ve been doing and really the whole goal here is to show you how in one week you can take store from so basically this was looking at so this day that this actually happened because I posted this yesterday and it was a snail it was a Cessna it was a sales snapshot of the day before so this picture is actually representing the last day of April April 30th and I just so happened the way that I’m doubt that this was the last week of April that I was doing this and so from April 23rd I believe was the Sunday before April 23rd to a producer new set of ads starting at $0 and scaled at $1,300 in sales on this day here alright and then Marcella actually dropped a little bit on Monday which I don’t know that had anything to do with my ads at all I think that might have just yesterday just seemed like a really off day when it came to Facebook because it didn’t spend as much money like it didn’t spend all my budgets on most of my campaigns and you know I was getting less traffic so less traffic equals less sales so you know you’re going to have off date but all right so here’s here’s what I really want to do before we get right into it okay I want to you know I’m going to be going over and hold on let me let me pull something up really quickly so for any of you that know me my goal is to deliver a ton of value in these videos and what I really want to be able to do here is really just just some clarity I guess just give you guys some clarity I know – one big thing I know a lot of people are probably waiting to see and this is the manual bidding strategy that I mentioned because manual bidding is hot right now for some the live people it’s kind of like one of those grass is greener things people always want to know what’s on the other side of the fence and think that’s going to be the secret but look I want to start and preface all of this all what we’re about to go into okay I’m going to jump around a little bit because this is just a impromptu training here there you know I’ve planned it out and I know what I want to talk about but at the same time this is really just meant to give you guys an inside look at what I was able to do here alright so but the first thing that I need you to understand is that that product is always king all right I had some people in the comments yesterday that were acting like this is a strategy that’s going to make it so no matter what your product is if you know how to scale or do you know how to do what I’m doing here that it’s going to start equaling money for you and I know that can be really frustrating as e-commerce entrepreneurs because we look at a product we think it has all the signs we think it’s an amazing product and so we assume that if we find the right ad strategy that we’re going to start making sales and we’re going to start making money but I need everybody to really like listen and pay attention to this part right here okay because any seasoned any successful e-commerce entrepreneur who’s been consistent in the game is going to tell you that product to audience match does everything alright it really doesn’t matter you could have the best scaling strategy in the world you could get the minds of at the top ecommerce guys out there and put them all together and come up with the perfect the most perfect targeting and scaling strategy ever but if you don’t have a winning product if your product doesn’t already have those viral elements of selling a lot to the audience that you’re targeting it’s not going to matter none of this bidding strategy none of these is it’s not going to matter you can’t force sales okay I guess that’s what I’m getting at here is you can’t force sales and some of you guys are out there thinking that you know all if I if I just had the right formula or if I just had the right secrets and tricks and tips that these other guys are using and that there’s that’s really not it like yes on the one hand you can make a lot more money you can be a lot more efficient you can do a lot better with your products when you know the systems and strategies of people that have spent thousands of you know hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads to learn how the platform works and have studied all the courses out there and like I have and you know I curate that knowledge and that content for you so you know what to do but at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day no matter what the most important thing is that you’re going to have a product that is a winner all right and there’s different levels of learning products too I want to mention this these are such important things to go over before we really get into the ads here is that some products are not going to scale at a high level and I’m going to show you that as an example with ads that I have running right now that there are products that I understand are probably not going to scale at a high level the products that are going to scale at a high level generally all right are going to be ones that start off with a really low cost per purchase okay and here’s here’s the reason that in my opinion it works this way again I’m giving you my opinion one perspective having spent over $100,000 last year on ads and spent over you know 15 20 thousand dollars on courses and studying stuff and just my own knowledge as an entrepreneur with over 1.5 million dollars in sales in the last three years online and what I can tell you is that some products are going to sell but they’re not going to be something that you can really scale to you know thousands and thousands or tens of thousands of dollars all right and and some of you are running into that challenge right now and there’s no way to know all right you know you don’t know ecommerce is so subjective based on whatever audience you’re targeting but you know you just have to realize I’ve hit this before I’ve had many products that you know you get that first sale and you get excited you start getting a couple more sales and you’re getting more excited and you start to think that you have over really you know product that you could scale and make a lot of money off of it and that may be true but you know two things are going to matter number one is how viral is that product like how hot is it how you know how much is the audience really really buying and the number two the thing that’s going to matter is how big is your audience I mean these two things combined together are really what make the scalability of a winning product because it’s not a super passionate audience that is just like your cost per purchase right from the get-go is is good because you just know you have a passionate product and think about this you’re targeting precise audiences in the beginning so your test run when you’re targeting a precise audience should be a low cost per purchase you know there might be some people out there thinking well Nick you know I’m getting it started can’t my cost per purchase drop over time yeah that’s true but generally alright generally what I’ve seen okay and spending again you know some people have spent more money some people have spent less but for me personally I think I’m very qualified to speak at spending a hundred thousand dollars last year on Facebook ads and having a lot of winners in generating over over five hundred thousand dollars in sales and being able to tell you that I have not ever seen in my personal experience where the cost per purchase starts out high and gets in lower the longer I run yet okay it always starts out the lowest for me and that’s because the strategy that I’m using so if you’re using the same strategy it’s going to be the same deal is that I start out with my most precise audience all right I’m starting with my most precise audience and so my test results initially want to running those conversion ads should be good if it’s going to be you know chances are it’s not going to come down much lower it might come down a little bit but in my experience it’s never been anything dramatic where like it starts out at ten dollars and it comes down to five dollars like that just doesn’t happen all right if it’s a winner it’s going to be a winner right out of the gate basically 99% of the time all right and if it’s a good winner you know a winner that’s going to be highly scalable it’s going to show the sir coming out of the gate with a low cost per purchase and you know a large audience size to be able to scale into okay so I hope that that makes sense I hope that some of you guys are taking notes here especially new people because even though I know we’re you know I’ve just been talking and we’re not looking at anything yet this is really important stuff before I even get into the numbers okay number two all right that was all to kind of preface you about product to audience match and how important your product is remember there is no strategy out there in the world that is going to be more important than your actual product finding winning viral products is the baseline of everything we do all right next thing I need to preface is just to say that understand that what I’m what I’m doing and what I’m showing you is yes bye-bye you know standing on my shoulders and using my experience and me breaking it down exactly how I show you is giving you a shortcut all right but also understand that your learning curve may be a lot different than mine I don’t want you guys to compare yourself to me or your stores to mine just like I don’t compare my stores the people doing better than me right it’s theirs you know we’re all just looking for information to be able to do the best we can with our own business and that’s really what it should be so the fact that I took a store from 0 to $1,300 in a day in a week doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what you are going to do because I’ve been doing this for a while it’s very it’s very it’s very inherent to me at this point you know I just I just do it so but what I’m going to show you can give you the same tools and the same abilities to be able to scale like this you know it may not happen in a week maybe it takes you 2 weeks or something but you know whatever is it’s not meant to compare alright don’t we’re not meant to compare our journeys to other journeys the other person the only person that you’re comparing to and and trying to do better than every day is the person you see in the mirror that’s really how it should be all right so with that being said with those notes out of the way I want to jump into the ads here I want you to notice one thing I never do make those claims you know income disclaimer is about how my results are typical because you know what my results may not be typical but the truth is that you can absolutely get these results if you do what I do and so I am showing you information that will absolutely make you money and I guarantee that if you have all the right elements that I’ve already spoken about winning product winning targeted audience large enough in size to scale then guess what I’m about to show you can absolutely make you a lot of money all right so we’re going to switch over here to my ads manager and I want you to see that where I already have it set looking at the period that we’re looking at all right yesterday I said I already told you I think my sales dropped a little bit yesterday was kind of a funny day because a couple things happen which I’ll show you number one I accidentally messed up one of my big manual bidding ads you know I just I didn’t realize I was like looking at it while I was kind of half sleepy still in the morning and one of my best performing ones and I messed it up and then it wasn’t running for half the day and so that really drained a lot of my sales and then I had one manual bidding I didn’t spend any money at all yesterday was really weird like so there are a couple things that I’m still understanding but because of those two big incidents and then they still just not really spending my budgets yesterday for some reason my sales did drop from 1300 to about 800 yesterday and then today they’re already pretty good today March sales right now actually I’m getting sales on making this video but today I think they’re already up around 150 which for 8:00 a.m. in the morning on pace for $1000 day so which is really I guess the headlining of this is that you know you can be getting to these thousand dollar days in a week when you have winning products in and you will get scaling the way I’m going to show you all right so that’s the period we’re going to look at for this case study because that’s really what I want to I want to what that’s this is about is showing you how I went from 0 to $1,300 in a week all right and we’re going to look at the overall strategy and we’re really going to break all this down it’s probably going to be an in-depth video it’s going to be kind of lengthy some of this stuff might be kind of nerdy but at the same time you know this is money at the end of the day remember that all these numbers all these little digits here that we’re looking at equal money in your pocket hmm but actually one more thing before we get into this that I want to talk about is that money in your pocket part of you know I wasn’t really an argument but we had a couple people comment on one of my post the other day trying to correct me or profit and trying to correct me on how much money you really get to keep at the end of the day and you know just kind of saying some silly things really because they should know at this point that I know what I’m talking about but you know here’s the deal and I came up with I think in my own mind I came up with a really good understanding of this in response to what this one got said the reason that I show cropped it and I talk about profit is not only because of course you know you need to know the ads success I mean there’s some people out there that are like well you know they think people are just spending money on Facebook to rack up sales and not make any money like whatever I don’t know but the reason the profit is important for me is that it’s cash flow all right cash flow is everything in your business and so when I talk about profit when I talk about money that you’re making back in return I’m not talking about taxes I don’t care about the taxes I don’t care about the pre-tax profit I don’t care about you know the overhead and what people think that they know about running a business and overhead because everybody’s business is different your life that looks different than mine what your lifestyle is different so you know at the end of the day yes do I do really well in my taxes and keep just about all my money absolutely I paid like you know I shouldn’t even say it out loud but believe me my tax bill I barely paid anything in taxes last year all right and you know that’s just because I understand how to do it now as your income grows that gets harder to do but you know when when you’re making under a million dollars a year it’s pretty easy to be able to balance your taxes out correctly so that as an entrepreneur you’re keeping most of it at the end of the day and then the second point is that you know all this stuff about pre-tax profits all of that is nonsense because I’m just reinvesting this money right back into my business anyway okay I’m not you know yet at the end of the day the lifestyle is important right and you guys have seen that I think that I’m very transparent about that you know this this can fuel an amazing lifestyle where you’re living for your working part-time you get to travel when you want to do what you want to eat the food you want to and that kind of thing like that is absolutely true but that’s not necessarily the goal I think the goal is the freedom and the financial security and the cash flow because the more cash flow you have the more opportunity you have the more leverage you have to do other things invest in other businesses invest in other affiliate opportunities or traffic opportunities or whatever it is once you have money online marketing becomes not necessarily more easy but more simple because money is generally one of the biggest problems that people have in getting started online alright so this is just meant to you know the profit is not meant to be an argument about what you actually keep at the end of the day with taxes and all that nonsense it’s more meant to be just this is the cash flow you’re building for your business and so when you do something like this and you can scale like this you know this is able to when you add it all up together this thirteen hundred plus the two thousand I have done prior leading up to that and that week thirty three hundred dollars in sales in a week you know that generates an additional $1,000 plus in cash flow for the business moving into the next week that you can reinvest and the larger that cash flow grows the larger your investment power is to continue growing and scaling your business all right so I hope that makes sense I know we just did you know like 20 minutes of kind of preface and intro and talking about all that stuff is so important guys one of the one of the biggest problems in e-commerce and online marketing right now is people giving out information with no context all right the context is so important in the information that you get when it comes to any online business because there’s so many variables and nuances and so you need to understand everything that I just went over before you look at these numbers if you don’t understand everything I just went over these numbers aren’t going to help you if you do understand it then these numbers absolutely are going to help your business and I’m excited to get into it you can see as I’ve spent $1,500 in that period of time and then like I said I well I just said that it was it was 1,300 and while was 1,300 in sales on on that day I don’t I guess I don’t know what it was total throughout the whole week I’d have to go back and look I know I post I know I posted about it but anyway I’ve been monitoring my profit margin I know that on this state in particular I was at 40% prop I was at 42% this was good because I have a really good margin all my products and then you know for the rest of the week I know I was it at least 30% so what we know what is call it 35 all right and get into the numbers now so now remember we’re looking at just this time period the whole time so you can see there’s a lot of stuff that I was testing guys anything when you look at a time period in facebook anything that is actually you know like showing up this money spent in that time period then you know you’re seeing you’re seeing all the stuff that I’ve tested so you can see going all the way down here to how many ads I actually tested and why my ad budget was a little bit higher all right you know probably about three to four hundred dollars of this was simply testing products some of it was ppes you know I still set up on my PPE ads first and and then move from there which is here all right let me try to bring this in I have the screen size the way I have it size because I’m not showing you guys my audiences or my products in this video the reason I haven’t actually gone into my store and showing you that is same thing and I’m keeping this store secret this is not a bold and social type deal this is an actual store that I’m making actual income from you know the type of income that fuels my business and and I live off of them so I’m keeping it to myself all right but you can see the strategy here this is still what I do all right I still do this exact same thing that was test almost every one of my ads and the reason I still start with a PvE campaign no matter what is just because I guess I’m just I like to do it that way all right I when I start with my audience it’s still the same exact reason now PBE I haven’t been pushing as many sales for me as they used to but I still do it this way because I like to test my interest with a PvE campaign because I feel like your feedback loop is a lot shorter meaning that when you run a PvE campaign you know within the first dollar if you hit the right audience because if you’re under ten cents per engagement in the first dollar you hit the right audience right like it’s that simple if you’re not then you know you hit the wrong audience like you can get a feedback loop so quickly with a PPC ad and it’s never wrong so now I may not necessarily mean that it’s a buying audience but that’s why you can switch over really quickly all right if I only spend a dollar or two on a PPE campaign and then I switch it over to a conversion you know I spend a dollar or two to test the audience real quick and get a bunch of likes and shares and comments on that post so it still works for the same exact reason I use it to get some social proof on the ad I use it to try to get some sales prove the product when I’m very first launching into a new niche or a new pixel I do use it to collect data once you have a store running for a little bit that’s not really as important but you know mostly it’s that social proof and I’m willing to spend to three up to five dollars on a product because if it becomes a winning product then you know it’s just all again I’ve explained this in my other videos but it’s all about money and versus money out and so I look at my overall ad account per store on a daily basis as to two views I look at the campaign in the ad set level to see how a certain individual ad set is performing on that product right because that’s important looking at the micro the micro review but then I also look at the macro view I also just will get my overall how much money is going in everyday and how much money is coming out because I know on any given day I’m going to be testing products that may not be winners and so I want to have built-in revenue coming in that’s covering the testing that I’m doing all right and that’s the way that I will get it in the beginning your goal is to just get a winning product or two to start having a balance where you probably you might just be breaking even until you start the scale and you’re making some money but you’re still testing so you’re losing money but you want to continue testing because you want to eventually get the multiple products all right I have multiple products running yes there are situations where you can scale one product and make a lot of money and that’s cool but those are one-hit wonders I like to get multiple products running and that’s how I’m able to generate consistent revenue month-over-month wouldn’t stores new stores old stores whatever it is because you just get multiple products running at the same time and you get yourself into a cycle all right all right I’m not going to go over this whole thing because this is all in there but generally you know I’m still looking I’m going over in in just a little detail because it’s still the same way I look in my axe alright people are asking all the time and I just think that maybe they haven’t seen this one I haven’t actually watched a video but I still do it the exact same way all right I judge my PPE ads of course by my cost per engagement and likes don’t matter at all you know you’re really just looking for the cost per engagement to being well under 10 cents and you’re looking for a lot of comments and shares to know you have n tags people tagging people to know you have a winning product and then you know when to kill it you know when to kill a PP yet basically everybody always wants to know when do I switch over to a conversion end alright now again you can start with a conversion at if you want to that’s completely your prerogative a lot of people do I choose to start with TV ad for reasons I’ve already mentioned do what you want to do alright but when I switch over is very quickly alright if the PPE ad doesn’t get a sale within the first five dollars I’m probably switching and because I know that the conversion that is more likely to get sales and so the only time I really keep the PBE ad running is if it gets a sale in the first five to ten dollars all right if it’s at five dollars the cost per engagement is really low and my clicks are good on a on a PPEs then I might let it run the ten dollars but I’m not letting the PPE ad run past ten dollars because my goal is not this needs to make sense okay even though I test a PPE ad because I want to prove the product and get some sales my goal is not to get sales with the PPE ad my goal is simply to get that initial push on that ad get those lights on there get it looking like a good ad that’s going to get engagement and then I start the conversion that all right maybe that’s just the way that I look at it that’s but that’s you know and that’s the way that I do it because I like doing it that way all right and then I switch over to the conversion ad as soon as possible as soon as I see signs that this is a product that this audience is going to want to purchase then I’m switching over to a conversion that you can do it whenever you want all right but you know I’ll keep the PPE ad running because it has the potential to build that social and that viral awareness around that product all right and it can bring in ancillary sales and all that kind of stuff so generally five to ten dollars I’m keeping the PPE everybody if it’s getting sales I’ll let it run longer than that if the if it’s getting great clicks and the cost per engagement it’s like two cents or one cent you know I’ll let it run and and just factor it in to my overall cost on that product all right and then when I do switch over I’m generally switching over to a website conversion that to the same exact audience because I know that audience is a good audience and I’m usually starting with an Add to Cart purchase conversion now if it’s a brand new niche and a brand new pixel brand new store then a lot of times they’ll start to a view content and work my way up after I’ve had like you know after I’ve started getting some clicks right after I’ve had twenty generally your conversion levels 25 so if I’m running a view content ad and I get 25 clicks in two days then I can move to an Add to Cart because Facebook’s optimized at that level for the view content so I don’t need to keep optimizing for it okay all right now let’s get into actually looking at some data and again I know I mentioned this before but I hope everybody’s still with me I hope you find in this information you know you’re not taking that information air for grant and some people are probably like man just get to the meat and potatoes negative so I want to see the numbers and you know but that stuff is so important that we just talked about for really understanding the context of these numbers and and why they are the way they are all right so let’s start with some losers first and look at why I’ve killed ads especially ads that even even have a purchase these are good ones to look at because you know I know a lot of people always like well people are like well I got a purchase you know should i scale it not necessarily all right now this was a look-alike audience okay I’m just picking up ads randomly some of them so they were all new products they were all new audiences but it’s not hard to get a look-alike audience if you’re running a successful ads it you know gets a few sales because or not necessarily I mean you can get you can get 100 clicks within your first 15 dollars I mean if you’re getting a CPC of like 15 to 20 cents then you can get that 100 clicks really quickly and or even you know 50 Cent’s you can get that clicks really quickly and then you can build yourself a look-alike audience it’s not going to be the strongest look-alike audience at only a hundred clicks but then you can you know you can start testing that look-alike if you want to if your original audience is small or just not really something that you can scale into you know like if you have a product where it’s running good at ten dollars but you try to put it to 15 and it doesn’t work all right you know we’re going to talk about that but look-alikes or a good way that you can get around that because they give you bigger audience that you can scale into and a lot of times a little bit more targeted this time wasn’t though so as you can see when we’re looking here all the stats on this look good alright let’s look at delivery I will get CPM a lot now because if your CPM is low it’s generally a good indicator that you can keep that ad running and of course if your CPU is or your if your CPM is loath and everything’s cheaper alright so it’s easier to test ads on a CPM that’s low because it’s going to be cheaper to test that ad you’re reaching more people quicker right so I had a great CPM on this cost per engagement was low CPC was well great link clicks but I only had one purchase all right so you know what do you do at $16.95 spent but only one purchase well for me I turned it off because generally with my website conversion ads I want to have a purchase by 10 dollars spent or on turning it all and then if I do get a purchase by 10 dollars spend I want another one by 15 all right because my goal is not really you know my goal is not really to get a purchase every ten dollars my goal is usually to get a purchase every five to eight dollars depending on the product and and the price but these products are not priced high these are these are in the range of 17 to 20 dollars plus 495 shipping so these are products that I want my cost per purchase to be well I wanted to be five dollars and so if I’m not getting a purchase every ten dollars then with my CPM that low in my CPC that’s good then it’s just not for some reason it’s not aligning and so I turn that off I’m not going to keep wasting my time with it let’s look at another one that was like that here’s one it was an engagement ad that got a purchase but the CPC was horrible right so with this one I looked at and I said I’m not getting lotta Ling clicks I’m gay a good cost per engagement and I got a purchase at a good price within the first seven dollars spent I had a purchase but my CPC is way too high it’s it’s wet as up over $2 and you know I like my CPC to generally be under $1 by the time I’m this far into running my ad so I shut it off because that one purchase could have just been a lucky purchase and I don’t want to keep running this ad when the CPC is not showing the signs of a product that is going to be winning right and so I switched it over to a conversion that is what I did at this point because that I know that on a conversion that I’ll beginning a much better CPC so I figured all right you know for some reason the CPC’s and I’m showing good here but I am getting my good cost per engagement I did get a purchase let’s switch it over to a conversion ed so I want you to see guys I’m starting I’m going to take you through the whole process of what I did here but when I got started all right so when I started on that Sunday these were all new ads that were launched all right in if you look at I had to go back and try to find this picture because I had a really good screenshot in it here it is if you look at this picture oh 2800 I’ve made plus so plus step 1300 so that took it to 4300 almost 4500 dollars in sales on that 1,500 ad spend so 3,000 dollars left over probably about 1,500 cost of goods so about 1500 profit on that because my margins are really nice product margins are so important when it comes down your job advertising is so much easier if you find products with good margins not always going to happen but when you do it’s beautiful as you can see here though when I started I wasn’t spending much on ads even here I wasn’t spending much because I started just everything at a $5 five or ten dollar test budget all right adds to them a little bit more confident in just they stock my research and the product that I think are going to do well I started a $10 budget most of my stuff I started a $5.00 budget I start them all as PPE adds in and I switch them over to conversion ed so as you can see these first two days I mean this day here was just about all this they here is just about all PPE ads okay and then some of them because I was in a hurry I switched over to conversion as really quickly like I saw they were doing okay maybe they got to sell that first day they got a lot of engagement and they were getting clicks and I was like alright boom let’s switch them over because now they had you know sometimes I’m just looking for a little bit of engagement on those ads that gives them a little bit of social proof and then I launched that conversion that immediately because I just feel like the conversion ads perform better off the get-go if they have some social proof on them again my personal opinion alright so and then here we started to get some sales like you can see though these first four days I mean really in here I’m still figuring it all out here the sales jumped a little bit which I don’t I mean that’s probably just because I launched a bunch of new ads this way I started like with half of my ads on the 23rd and then I was like switching some over here and launching more ads and launching more out to 25th and then hear things like by the time I got to here I had had two to three days of testing on most of my stuff so I had seen what ads were performing well and then going into the 27th some of them I scaled they were Auto bit and you know I added five dollars to the budget some of them I Simone I opened up my manual digit manual bidding budgets here and then I was able to scale that heart but that’s important to look at as we go through here because the first four days was really just testin yeah I was making sales and I was profitable but I was I was really just testing I was spending heavily on ads in these first four days compared to the sales that I was getting because I was getting stuff out there and seeing what was going to work on launched 525 products at the same time or within this within this three day span here I lost aside 25 products okay so let’s let’s keep going down here some of them let’s look at what I killed and have-nots I don’t know if I’ve even done this as a conversion I’d yet this was I’d spent $5.00 on it five cents engagement and then you know nope no link clicks oh so generally what does this tell us when we’re getting that people are interested they’re passionate in the subject of whatever this post is whatever this ad is but they’re not really buying interested you know they’re not not a lot of people were ready to click and pull their credit card out on this so I’ve shut that off by five dollars right now we’re still just looking at some ads that didn’t perform well let’s look at this one all right you can see this I was targeting a specific state on both of them and then this yeah they were both the same thing all right so I tested twice and one of them got a sale here but you can you can see like nobody was adding the car so the reason I killed this one is because I got one sale but that one sale almost looked like an anomaly right like because I only had one Add to Cart I was getting a decent CPC but I wasn’t getting any add the carts and so people weren’t actually that shows me like a study you got a it’s a it’s a funnel alright so for those of you that are familiar with a sales funnel the process alright the sales funnel is just the process people take just because you are a Shopify store and you’re not building something on click funnels doesn’t mean this isn’t a sales funnel it absolutely is sales funnel starts with your ad which is supposed to follow them to the product page which funnels them to your cart page which funnels them through the checkout and funnels them to your email list right like that that is your sales funnel so if I’m getting a lot of traffic here I’m getting good clicks but I’m not giving on it as the cards here then my funnel is broken alright now I know it’s not the product page because all my product pages look the same and a lot of my other stuff is converting well so I just for whatever reason again a subjective I don’t necessarily know the reason that this is was getting good CPC but nobody was adding it the car I don’t really care like it doesn’t matter to me all I know is it wasn’t working and so I’m turning it off okay and I may try it again I did try this again actually just gonna look at it and see okay is there any way I can tweak this maybe targeted a little better so it’s not necessarily a sign of saying give up but at this point you know I got the 13 dollars and I still only had that one sale if I had like 10 Add to Cart I would have kept it running but with only one at the card I’m not going to keep that running okay this one should be obvious why I killed it my CP C was only one link click buy three dollars spent that’s always a sign for me to kill my my ad all right let’s look at some that didn’t even get a sale here’s here’s an engagement ad again so out of my ad some of my target by state based on what I’m running right now so this was 13 dollars spent 5 cent engagement CPC I let run a little bit longer that I should I shut it down because it wasn’t getting sales alright and again I just want to show you guys with some of these look like so you can get under idea of you know just seeing seeing how much stuff goes right here is a conversion ad that was optimized for Add to Cart one leg click buy four dollars shut it down it’s just as important to know when to kill and AD is it is the one to know when it’s scaling at and some of you are always like you know what like what shows me if it’s a good ad or not and generally the things I’m looking at are the CPC number one I want this number to be as well as possible I want my link clicks to be as high as possible and I want my you know obviously once you start getting purchases you want to look at your cost for purchase all right so these you can see here I killed all these were engagement ads that I was just testing I killed them all because link clicks were horrible here here and here I should’ve killed these earlier but I just let him run for two days without even looking at him and then when I well on the second day I looked at him and I saw that they were not getting any traffic at all and so I shut them all these traffic way too high this no trap you know like this CPC is just awful all right now here’s an example of one I want to show you that the reason sometimes I’ll take a PPE and switch it over when I see that it’s getting a good engagement but it like I’ll just switch over quickly like if I’m in a rush okay so this ad here was an engagement at and I spent four dollars and 80 cents on it my cost per engagement on this wasn’t great it was eight cents I like it I mean it’s under ten so that’s okay and if I would have dropped as time goes on but you know like a really viral product it’s generally going to be down like three two one cent but anyway I saw my CPC was good and so I was thinking to myself what is the point of running the engagement out here my engagement cost is really not that amazing my CPC is good let’s just switch this over to a conversion end all right same exact audience and when I switch it over to a conversion ad this is the version of it as a conversion head all right and so you can see here it’s the same audience it’s been running for I just bumped it up to ten dollars yesterday it’s running for three days so excuse me for probably three and a half days all right so I probably started it on a half day and then let it run for two full days and then just bumped it yesterday to $10 because generally like I said even on winning assets I don’t touch him for 48 hours because I want to give that as a chance to optimize alright and I was getting great my I mean my cost per purchase here is three dollars and so I knew from day one I was you know within that first five dollars spent I had a sale within the next five dollars spent I had another two sales I think so you know I knew right out the gate that this was a winner but I didn’t scale my ad right away a lot of people in this group would have been tempted to just go to ten dollars right away as soon as I saw that sale but I didn’t because I just started that ad and I always want to give it a 48 hour period to optimize on that initial you know that initial jump of getting started so this is an auto bit alright this is a great example to talk about this okay this is an auto bit add that is set to add the cart alright so what this is here is just your basic Facebook ad right a basic conversion ad set to add the cart that is just you know scaling it $5 every two to three days if this cost per purchase continues to stay great through today and through tomorrow then on another two days from now I’ll bump it another $5 and that’s how I scale Auto bid ads alright so when you are when you’re doing this you really have two options if you have a winning ad set you can either one scale it slowly $5 every you know 10 they say 20% of your budget but until you get to like even until you get there like $40 20% of your budget doesn’t even equal $5 so I don’t ever scale my ads by less than $5 at a time all right I start allowing my ads at 5 dollars so if it’s doing well in two or three days I’m not going to scale it by you know 20% of five dollars is only a dollar I’m not going to scale by a dollar that’s silly all right I’d scale by ten and then I scale it to 15 and then the twenty twenty-five I scale by five dollars at a time until twenty percent of my ad budget equals more than five dollars so I guess when you get to you know when you get to thirty dollars is when 20 percent starts to equal more and so at that point I’d start seeing on by twenty percent at a time you know still every two to three days and still monitoring this cost per purchase okay because what happens with an auto bid generally the higher you start the scale the more your cost per purchase starts to rise and so that’s why a lot of people like duplicating their ad set to a much higher daily budget with a manual bid because it allows you to jump quickly and still keep control of your cost per purchase in a way all right we’re going to look at that a little bit more okay so this one’s going to continue to run now based on my audience size on this I want to talk about something else with the manual bidding based on my audience size with this I will create a new manual bid at all right if I have you know like with manual bidding as long as you have an audience size of a few hundred thousand I mean you you can move into it so manual bidding is just a different way of doing auto bidding but it works best with higher budgets which is generally when people use it so as soon as you know that you’re getting purchases though and you know it’s a winning ad you can move to a manual bit the thing is with manual bidding is it will like when you start out with your bid if you put it high it’s going to start spending your money quickly so depending depending on how you’re using it you just want to be watching it so that you’re not spending money too quickly but what I’m going to do with this is and again I’m sorry I can’t I’m not going to make the ad live in front of you because I you know I’m these are audiences and with my audience you would be able to figure out like what I’m advertising so so anyway what I will do and I’ll show you my manual bidding here in a minute and show you what their debts look like because I’m going to duplicate this and I’ll set it to a hundred dollar daily or mint you know something like that 100 dollar daily manual bit and and just let that run because I know this is a winning app set this is a highly highly highly highly engaged audience on this product so that’s awesome alright and what’s weird here is that my Add to Cart is higher than my purchase I don’t quite know how that happens so sometimes you know you got to look at your numbers and like obviously that’s wrong but that time I’m going to scale this alright I’m going to continue to scale this at $5 at a time but I’m also going to duplicate it in the mean time and duplicate and that set to the purchase conversion alright so one thing that you can do and I’m going to show you here let’s jump into I know a lot of you guys are waiting for this so let’s just jump into one of the manual bidding ads that I’ve been doing okay so what I what I end up doing and here’s here’s a way I think you know before I even go into this I want to first say number one that this manual bidding strategy is just like a combination of me learning from other things out there and putting it all together okay I didn’t necessarily invent manual I mean I didn’t of course I didn’t I didn’t necessarily invent this strategy either I’ve just kind of put it together based on things that I’ve seen so one of the things that I do is I have my original ad so you can see here this is the original $15 now both of them are doing pretty good alright my profit margin on these products again is decent I have like that like a 17 dollar profit margin going into these items so at a nine dollar cost per purchase I’m still making you know six seven dollars per item anyway I had my original $15 audience okay which was a layered audience as you can see all right it’s layered based on its layered based on flex targeting so I take like a main interest all right and then I layer it with another man interest to get more targeted and then a lot of times what I can do you can see if I have products that apply to a certain region or state then I’ll also narrow to that area as another layer of targeting all right and so this was optimized for purchase and it’s doing well okay and from this ad I was able to generate as between this and the PPE ad that came before this I was able to generate enough clicks that make a look-alike audience so there are a couple ways that I could have scaled this alright a couple options that you have and I’ve been testing all of them you could scale by duplicating this original ad set and just turning off the original afterwards so I could have just duplicated this kept it if the exact same turned off the original and then just let the duplicated manual bidding ad run which is what a lot of people would do for me if I can I like to switch the audience a little bit because I already know that it’s a winning product and so I’m already very confident in the new audience and so I’ll switch it up a little bit that way I can keep both running as you see here and so what I did is I took the look like and created a manual bidding ad for the local Ike audience and that way I’m able to keep both running I didn’t have to turn this original one off because there are two different audiences alright so and again remember one thing I want to point out too the other thing you have to remember with Facebook in these cost per purchases is number one it doesn’t catch all of them and number two it has been fairly accurate for me so side note here I’ve been using the Shopify integration and I think that they’ve come a long way because or that or Facebook has come along way I don’t know which one it is but it is tracking a lot better it’s fairly accurate but it’s still miss is when people purchase more than one item in a cart and it still misses a few sales here and there because it you know it only gets direct traffic it can’t get in direct traffic and it doesn’t it can’t calculate when there’s multiple items purchased in one order so you know these costs for purchases are always going to be a little bit higher generally on winning or lower on winning products but even with these space value numbers here these are still good numbers for what I’m doing you can see the auto bid is still lower because I’m scaling it slower I’ve only reached 19,000 people here at a much slower pace compared to starting here having already reached 53,000 people in less time then this ad has been running this ads started at $10 a day and I might have run $10 a day probably for about four days and testing I mean you know you can see that it’s at $70 now so I mean I probably had it at $10 today for the beginning of that week and then I bumped it to 15 I so and then I just was focusing on the manual bidding ad all right but here’s what I do when I set up these manual bidding ads now this is not in the micro ad set theory so this is something new I wasn’t doing manual bidding when I wrote this but here’s what I do all right you want to test a website conversion on first and you want to test it whether it’s an Add to Cart or purchase this is of course the first step and it’s either 5 or $10 a day budget alright whatever you’re more comfortable with but I would say that you know you just want to know you have a winner like this here is you know you know you have a winner now let’s let’s look at it a little bit I guess let’s narrow it in to these first four days to show you what I looked at to know that I had that type of winner all right so you can see here if we look at the first four days that I wasn’t running the manual bidding at yet okay but I was here’s how I knew I had a winner I was all I had just bumped it to $15 a day or I don’t know if this is showing this because it’s there now yeah I wasn’t at $15 a day yet cuz I’d only spent $18 so I had started out at 5 I guess maybe I did start out at 5 and I bumped it to 10 and then I bumped at the 15 after that but you can see here I had only reached 4900 people but I already knew that this was a winner I had 5 sales I was at under $4 a purchase and I had a great CPC I had like everything was lined up across the board here too all the signs of a very very clear winner and then as well if I look at the year my CPM was amazing all right under $4 so I knew that I had a winner and then the very next day if we look at the 27th I duplicated and set up this manual was it the next day no I guess it wasn’t I guess it wasn’t until the 28th so there you go it wasn’t even till the 28th so it was the day after that it was on Friday right the 20th was Friday I believe yeah that I then set up that manual bidding at and and just immediately I started out a hundred dollars daily and that was my purchase ratio alright so let’s go here so if you have winner and that’s the way that I’m judging it sales and stats so I wanted to have a great CPC but I also wanted to have sales because the way that I’m doing the annual been in and trying to be aggressive alright I’m showing you guys have a scale aggressively here is that I’m about to start a big budget and put a lot of money into it so I want to make sure that it’s a winner so I want sales and I’m one consistent steps like my engagement and my prosper click alright now I’m going to show you what it looks like to set up a manual bid and show you exactly what I was doing on these so hold on a second alright so you will come to conversions you’ll duplicate your your ad and then okay so you’ll duplicate it and then what I’ve been doing with manual bidding first of all I’m optimizing for purchase okay because it I don’t want it with a manual bid with a big budget I don’t at this point I know I have purchases I know that CPC is good so there’s no reason to optimize for an Add to Cart I’m going right for purchase at this point that’s what I want Facebook optimizing my manual bidding for that’s what I’m bidding on I’m not bidding on an Add to Cart because I don’t know the value of an Add to Cart I know the value of the purchase and so I’m going straight for the purchase all right okay so let’s keep going here not that one this one all right so then you know you’ll set your audience whatever your audience is going to be a couple things in here to look at quickly is I always uncheck this expand interest and then when I come at a placement same thing as always I put it on mobile at the beginning of the year I was testing just doing all devices not Instagram never Instagram never audience Network but I was testing desktop and mobile and same thing Facebook still pushes all traffic to mobile so you know desktop is something that I generally leave out and you can test that as a campaign on its own later if you want to if the mobile is doing well but this is what I do mobile only no Instagram no audience Network you can run these if you want to just do them separately dual image separate campaigns because mixing all these together in one campaign I still don’t know why Facebook says it’s you know recommended because it’s the worst way to do it all right and then I get rid of instant articles I only ever run feeds okay so then down here now you can set your daily budget to whatever you want all right but the daily budget is really you know it’s going to be based on your audience size and in my opinion all right so like you can see over here the estimated conversions that will give you out of the audience you have for manual bidding I mean where I’ve been starting where I like to start as a hundred dollars for a daily budget now that doesn’t mean Facebook is going to spend that money because it’s based on your bid so if your bid is right then Facebook will spend the money and you’ll be getting purchases and you’ll love having that budget if the bid is wrong then you won’t be getting purchases and you’ll shut it off or if the bid is too low then you will be getting traffic at a little Facebook won’t even spend your money so you do have a level of protection in there but I would you know started wherever you want you to start the books but the whole point of manual bidding is to be able to do aggressive quickly so $100 is is where I would start if you’re looking to go aggressive all right one day click now I want to talk about the conversion window as well because this is something that recently I’ve come to understand in a different light and I know there were some questions about it one day click OK one day click that’s what we’re doing and the reason is because of your sales cycle so what I did is that I went in the Facebook blueprint and I was reading about the conversion window and you can even see here they give you a little blurb but what ended up happening I’m going to explain both sides of it for those of you who have watched my training before because I’m kind of updating and correcting myself from what I said in the past is I used to think you set it for the 7-day window because you know if you’re running a small budget then you might not be getting a lot of purchases in one day and that you know you want Facebook to optimize off of as many purchases as possible over that 7 day window but that’s actually not how it works it’s not an aggregate conversion window what it is I mean it is an aggregate conversion window but it’s based on it’s based on your ideal sales cycle so what Facebook wants to know is your ideal sales cycle what’s supposed to happen in a perfect world in a perfect world if you set up an ad and you can have a hundred percent success rate what is supposed to happen is it’s supposed to be that they click and purchase within that day if that is what your product is that it’s in the ideal situation the ideal perfect sale that you could get if somebody clicks an ad they see the product they read the description they love it they add the car and then they buy it that all isn’t that very same sequence then you want your conversion windows set to a one day click alright if you were doing something like you know if you had a photobooth company like I used to have and you have a sales cycle that takes longer you know it’s not a one-day window because it’s a bigger purchase and people need more information and it’s generally something that they purchase after seven days then you want to set it to a longer conversion window because what Facebook is going to do is it’s going to track that person and it’s going to see when they purchased all right and it’s going to take your ideal sales cycle and it’s going to optimize based on that so if you have a conversion window of seven days but you’re selling a dog collar and that that’s not going to give facebook the right results because if you want to get that dog collar to its peak performance is peak performance would be to have people clicking and buying all within one day not within seven days so I hope that makes sense it’s a little bit of a nuance but every day 99% of e-commerce products you want to set to a one day click alright because that’s what you’re trying to optimize for so you want Facebook to take those ideal sales every time if there is a one day click purchase that’s what Facebook is going to look at and say yep that’s what it’s supposed to be that’s what I want so I’m going to optimize off of that purchase all right so one day click and then that matter like that’s for automatic or manual ok and then when you get down to the bit amount here’s where we select the manual and then you can see that here’s a little drop-down menu you want to set this to maximum and then suggested bid they give you what I’ve been doing and this is suggestion that I just you know read from somebody very credible and the e-commerce industry is started at $40 all right now you’re not going to spend $40 per purchase and I can tell you that from experience because here’s the first day that I did it all right I said it at $100 daily with a $40 purchase now you can see my cost per purchase did jump a little bit higher on this okay it did jump four dollars higher but number one again remember Facebook’s not tracking exactly everything that happened that day as far as sales and then number two it’s still you know I’m just pointing that out because number one that’s still within my profit margin and that dropped over time I think the next day you can see the neck drop the 9:20 and I need any sales on this bottom one so like sometimes days fluctuate alright with at you like people you know we get into this habit of thinking if we just do the as rate will always get sales and that’s also it true things fluctuate that’s why you want to look at it over a time period but for this you know you can see it dropped in I had it set to $40 so what I did though actually over the two day period here is I started afforded to get the traffic coming in I was getting sales at a rate where I’m profitable like I said I have a 17 dollar profit margin on these items or sixteen dollar profit margin so I’m still profitable here by five dollars and 50 cents and probably a little bit more than that because I probably had some more purchases or some double arrow mortars in here but the next day I dropped my my bid down to $35 alright so you can this when you when your manual bidding you can change your bid in real time without messing with the optimization alright all this does here when you set your maximum bid per purchase is this is giving face book and indicator and saying big spender over here alright this is not that’s why you said to maximum that’s the maximum I’m willing to spend that’s what I’m telling Facebook now obviously I don’t want to spend $40 per purchase and I know it’s never going to cost me $40 per purchase to get this traffic but this is going to give Facebook a signal of saying whoa Descendants got traffic immediately because he’s a big spender alright that’s the logic behind this and then you can bring your manual bid down as you go and it doesn’t actually mess with your optimization so at any point in time I can come in here and what I did the next morning is I dropped my manual bids at $35 and that’s kind of what I’ve been playing with and testing over these past couple of days it’s just seeing how my sales and that’s honestly that’s how I messed my ads up yesterday because I didn’t realize what I was doing but you know that that’s how I’ve been just kind of testing to see with the manual bidding what happens as you switch that manual been around so you’re going to optimize for purchase [Music] [Music] finish writing these notes in here okay the thing with manual bidding in the beginning is you’re going to want to do it on a day where you can like be right there and mark your purchases because it can run away quickly alright now there’s another there’s another thought to this that somebody that Terrell actually shared in the group and I know he’s been doing you know he’s been killing it so another thought to this but you kind of have to have been running your ad long enough to know the other thought is that if you know what your cost for purchases you can take your average double it and set that is your max bid so I want to give you both both things that you can test I just started testing this so I don’t necessarily have definitive answers on which works better yet but alternative method alright then the theory here is that the numbers don’t lie so if facebook is out there on auto bid getting you a lot of purchases then you already know what your average cost per purchase is going to be and you want to take that number and double it and the reason you double it again is because you’re you’re giving you’re doing it as your maximum bid all right so you’re setting your maximum bid higher than what the actual purchase is so that Facebook is favoring you when it comes to winning those auctions if you remember how or maybe you don’t know this at all the way that the bid system works with Facebook whether it’s auto or manual is that Facebook is constantly auctioning every single ad that’s out there based on the audience that it’s meant to be shown to so looking at things like your relevance score and you know how much money you’re willing to bid and who you’re targeting what’s your CPM is Facebook will take all that in every single time like happening without us even realizing it in real time there are auctions happening where us against other advertisers are bidding against each other and whoever wins that bid gets their ads shown to that person all right so manual bidding the idea is you want to bid a little bit higher so that you are telling Facebook you want to win that auction and Facebook is going to favor you but it’s still going to give you that average bid price because you’re setting it as your maximum right so you’re still going to get a much lower cost but you are letting Facebook know what you’re willing to spend so they’re favoring your bid okay so that that’s the strategy right here guys in this alone I’m going to finish up showing you how how this worked but this here is is what allowed me to to do that alright that’s that’s what that spike was in those numbers is being able to you know test for 3 to 4 days on just auto bid 5 $10 a day see how it goes and then when it does well I opened up these hundred-dollar manual bids and it’s just you know it boosts in my sales that much more alright so let’s go back and now we’ll get another example of the same thing so basically I was testing you know like you can see here I’m testing multiple multiple ads right now a lot of these are still really early okay but with all of these I’m probably going to test like with this one for short where I’ve got six purchases really low with this one for sure 7 purchases really low this one for sure this one for sure like all these ones where my conversion cost on my my cost per purchase is really low I’m going to be doing the same exact strategy which is why I know I’m going to get the 2k date even if yesterday was a slight drop in sales you know I know I’m going to get back up to 2k days because I still have products in the works that have not yet come into their full scaling cycle so these ones are still and then even these ones up here a lot of these I haven’t even broken into the look like yet you know with this one I did break into them look like this look like is over a million people and I just started running it so like if you look at my delivery on me is still really really young okay I have a lot of room to scale both of these my CPM is great and so I’m going to be able to make a lot of money off of both of these ads over the next you know this month okay and then that’s the next one here we’ll look at now this one I’ve been testing of quite a few things and you’re going to get to see this like in the works of of how it actually is happening because this one I you know this is a good example if just because you have a product that’s selling doesn’t necessarily mean moving into a manual bidding it’s just going to be like a magic solution to start bringing you in sales it still matters on that product audience match because let’s look at yesterday man yesterday I was messing around with this and I was having some issues with these ads yesterday alright so I just want to show you this okay because what I couldn’t find that topic on with it 8000 X in the background alright so let’s take it back let’s let’s take it back actually and look at this time period and then move into that okay I think that makes more sense alright so here we go so here’s here’s the whole view of that leading up into yesterday so leading up into that that big sale day I mean you can see that I’m under $10 cost for purchase on both of them so right away I knew from this ad date I wasn’t necessarily already getting great cost per purchase on this conversion ed so I knew that my my manual bidding may jump a little bit but it actually stayed pretty even and and that was good because it allowed me to scale much quicker where like would this Auto bid at you know I’m already at a pretty high cost for purchase with us where I’m at it’s this may get to the point where I can’t scale it anymore like where it’s at right now as a matter of fact I’m going to drop this to ten dollars because my cost for purchase is rising too quickly on on that alright because if you look at what happened yesterday I didn’t even oh yes just did well there you go that I just made a mistake while I’m recording this that’s why you want to check your stuff in different time periods because yesterday you can see I did awesome yesterday for purchases on that asset that I just dropped ten dollars and actually kept it five dollars I mean it’s not going to hurt me other than it’s just going to mean less money it’s going to slow my head down and now I got to wait another two to three days before I can before I can scale that go but anyway you know so I did the same thing with this that I tested it here on a 21 plus purchase conversion just regular targeting all my precise interests okay and I looked at it over the period of the first couple days here so I was testing this ad and that’s where you know that’s what I had moving into it and so I looked down and I said okay great link clicks great cost everything that great cost per purchase but good and really with this one it was a lot what had to do with the audience I knew I had a big audience and so I knew I really wanted to test manual bidding on this product I had a good feeling about it even though my cost per purchase here was a little bit higher than I would have liked it to be you can see I decided to test a couple of things here you can only see the tail end of it but this is a layered ad where I did some flex targeting big interests big interest and used them together to narrow it and then this was a look-alike that I just started I think yesterday and so on Friday I decided to start that manual bid and then like I wait like why is it not showing I know I started down with Friday and all the lights not showing it but anyway so here you go on Saturday I started the manual bid very similar to what you saw with the other product from the first day I started at $40 and right out the gate it jumped out and got me seven purchase but the cost per purchase was a little bit higher on this one and then on the thirtieth cost per purchase lowered down a little bit and then this ad started to be kind of weak over the weekend and then moving into yesterday for some reason and ended up doing amazing but then this dad started so like you know I’m watching things and I guess one example you can take from what I’m doing is not the micromanager stuff too much but like with this manual bidding at you know you want to watch it because yesterday that cost got really high for some reason where it only got 4 purchases but it was still sending me a lot of traffic and spending all of my money but my link clicks kind of skyrocketed and I looked at it you know I said okay well yesterday was bad and I decided to look at it over the full period including yesterday and even with that I said all right my cost per purchases has gotten too high you know it’s at $12 now so I was like that that’s just too high and I wanted to change it and what I looked at here is I looked at the breakdown of the age and gender a lot of times I look at both but I can already tell you because I looked at it as I noticed with this one that all my purchases came from a certain age group and above and if I look at just these two age groups that’s where my purchases really were 45 to 64 I was averaging a $9 cost per purchase that’s where Facebook was spending the majority of my money everything else was starting to get really high for my costs per purchase or no purchases at all and so when I came back and did then and I started the test for today I just started this ad last night as I looked at my my look-alike here for they look like something new that I’m testing I this is this got all this got all confused alright so here’s here’s my ads it’s 210 dollars that’s running here here’s a new when did I start running this April 29th okay so alright so here is you notice we get this separate alright so here’s this one it’s at eleven eighty five cost per purchase I’m just letting it see what happens and then this is the auto bid one that’s still running good and then this is one that I just started like I don’t know so with the manual bidding guides I guess this was a good example of showing you I’m getting kind of confused as I’m looking at this because I you know you like you gotta keep track of what you’re doing and manual bidding isn’t necessarily going to be like a solution that just helps you make money on products you know the product already like I said the product has to be already something that’s a winning product alright I clearly have to go in here and I’ll tell you what I’m going to do so I can make this a little bit more so I can make this a little bit more clear of what’s going on let’s take a look at you know what I really want to get the decision I should make I take the full amount of time that it’s been running all right and right now what I can see is that this has already spent twenty seven dollars it’s getting horrible horrible link clicks that needs to be turned off alright and now I have these two and I’m going to just let these run today and see how that happened so that was my local like that did horrible I don’t know why my local like was doing so bad but you know I can go back and revisit that I can wait till I get some more link licks here I can wait till maybe I stack up some more purchases and go back and try to redo my we’ll go like based off of different metrics but you know right now I’m probably just going to let these run and see if I can get this to come down a little bit you know because when I did it and I tried to scale like I looked at this one and I tried to see the age range and this is the one where the age range was like right here is where I’m getting all my sales but then what I tried to start an app set it was just that age range and didn’t perform very well so again you know there there’s still some nuances to this that you got to figure out and you got to be monitoring your ads but hopefully that was helpful and not confusing because I know there was a lot of stuff I just went over there now let’s look at this one this is the last one that I did with the manual bidding and I actually turned my stuff off yesterday because it stops spending my money for some reason yesterday you can see like on this one it didn’t even spend any money I don’t understand why and then on this one I got one purchase and I accidentally turned it off all right so I’m starting a new one again today but if we go back to the time period and let’s look at this and show you again just trying to show you how I was able to scale into what I was able to do last week all right so I had my original ad here running again probably five ten dollars and that’s still doing well that was doing well all week you know it had a low cost per purchase so if we look at the beginning of the week there what I was looking at when I decided to scale is here’s what I saw I saw that I had seven purchases already under $4.00 of purchase grade CPC so that alright next day what I’m going to do is start that manual bidding a next day started it with again what you’re looking at $100 daily $40 maximum did and then right out the gate this was still performing well eight purchases and then next day say anything next day had ten purchases it kept coming down a little bit like you know this was just doing well as an ad in general and then on Sunday the day that the day that I had that big day it sure it’s showing that my purchases were it’s showing I don’t I don’t know so that’s why sometimes it’s it’s really weird like I don’t only spent three dollars and forty seven cents on Sunday II am you know I still had an amazing day obviously from my other ad sets and only spend three dollars and forty seven cents and then yesterday then spend money so that’s why I ended up changing it up so everything else in here is basically from auto bit so all of these are still auto bit and then if we’re looking at that you know here’s one that on auto bid you know these are able to pull me in ten seven six microbe Dybbuk sales on these on auto bits still and I’m testing them and then I was switching now a lot of engagement ads with conversion ads in between there and then now it’s getting into this week I’m going to be doing the same thing same type of strategy where I’m going to be testing the auto bids here at the beginning of the week switching stuff out and moving everything all my best-performing abscess I’m going to be moving into manual bidding ads and testing them with the with the ad here I can tell you exactly what I’m going to do today is I have nothing running right now so I’m going to duplicate this and I’m going to duplicate it as a manual getting it and just started over again I’m going to do the same thing over here with the one that I was just showing you before where I already did do that that’s what this is so I’m going to let that run today and see what happens alright and then on these other ones that are already performing really well from whatever day they started some of them didn’t start that long ago but for all these other ones that are doing really well here here here here basically all these this one this one you know all those are going to end up being manual bidding ads as well and then some of these down here out these are ones I killed these are ones going to no longer active so that’s everything really I mean I think I covered everything like I really wanted to you know I went over looking at the ads the overall strategy that I’m using the notes that I still use how I judge winners and losers how I do auto bidding to test the ads for the first two or three days on the conversions using the one day conversion one day click window what that means the different conversion types and how I how I generally move through them and then now the new manual bidding strategy that I’m using how I set that up right here the new manual bidding strategy that I’m using basically my new ad strategy really how I’m starting with auto bid you know and then if it’s a winner duplicating it into a manual bidding building my look-alike audiences alright definitely still something I’m doing I have my custom audiences building on every winning product and so as soon as you know some of these products are hitting enough view contents to create a look like I’m creating that look like the more view contents you have the stronger you look like is going to be sometimes I’ll wait a little bit if the original ad sets performing well enough if it’s not performing all that well or it’s a really small audience I’ll try to pull that look-alike out as soon as I can and then actor look like this of course going into broad audiences doing the same thing and then I had to have my retargeting and my abandonment protector I’m still using both of those so they are pulling in sales as well you know that again is stuff that’s not necessarily being tracked in here because I may get the traffic today and it may become a sale tomorrow for some of that retargeting and those abandonment protectors so you know that’s why the numbers are a little bit higher my cost per purchases because overall I just want to know my costs per purchase you know I don’t care if the sale came from the ad yesterday or the ad today because I’m looking at it in a time period so I just want to know how many were sold in that time period and so the abandonment protector and the retargeting app are absolutely still really really helping me and you know absolutely essential apps I think for being able to run a profitable store and make sure you’re making as much money as possible so I hope you guys got a lot of value from that video I know that this has been like an hour-and-a-half video um true – I guess Nick formative style you know my videos tend to go a little bit wrong but it’s just because you know number one I like making sure there’s context and transparency and that you understand you know not just throwing numbers out there with no meaning and so that’s what the beginning of the video was about and then really I hope that you feel that you’ve got a lot and I mean I really went in I didn’t show you my products I didn’t show you the actual store but I mean I showed you all my numbers here actually do exactly what I’m doing exactly what my numbers look like including ads that have failed why they failed why I killed them it’s really pretty simple guys if you’re getting if you’re getting great engagement but no CPC that means your audience is interested but not interested in buying if you’re getting great engagement in great CPC and a low CPM then you want to run that ad as long as you can to see if you’re getting purchases if you get to ten fifteen dollars and you have no purchases yet then it’s it’s time to try your targeting again or it’s time to start lowering the price and if neither of those help then it’s time to move on because you can get great CPC and no purchases it does happen all right so you know and if you’re getting great CPC and you have enough to build a look-alike audience and you’re only getting a purchase or two on the original audience then build that look-alike as soon as possible move into the look-alike and see if that performs better for you then the original one all right but there there’s really no you know you just want to test until you have enough to realize whether or not it’s going to be a winner if you get to $15 in sales or if you get to $15 and spend and you don’t have a sale or two yet then it’s not going to be a winner I mean generally do you get to ten dollars in sales and you don’t have a winner you might as well turn that at off unless you know let’s just say fifteen dollars three days is really you know and I’ve been doing a lot of course studies I’ve been reading a lot most people are still doing that as a way to test their ads they’re spending – – or spending ten to fifteen dollars over a two to three day period to test an ad and see how it does sometimes a three to four day period – some people swear that after three days of optimization and ad really kicks in and starts to optimize but for me I don’t like to play the risk generally I can’t open ads winning within the first 15 dollars if it doesn’t have a purchase within the 15 now first $15 very very very rare never actually never am I going to run an ad that doesn’t get a sale within the first 15 dollars like it’s just not going to happen you can see here plenty of ads that I’ve had a sale on that I tried to let run past 15 dollars to see if you know they get another sale and they don’t so you know generally it’s not going to come down and so I’m looking for those winners that are kind of showing themselves as winners right out the gate here’s an example of a conversions add that is doing getting great CPC but it’s only had one at the cart by eight dollars and 39 cents spent like if this doesn’t get a sale today that I’m going to have to turn this at all you know like that’s that’s the way that I look at it even though it’s got great CPC I’m not going to let that keep running because you know maybe I need to lower the price maybe I need to try something different but if my price is where my Christ needs to be and I can’t lower it anymore without compromising my profit margin to make it a profitable ad then I’m just going to cut it off and move on all right so that’s everything guys this really is the stuff remember that product is still kicking alright product is absolutely still king but this this strategy here this strategy that I mean this document this text document here you know you can you can take this and maybe I’ll put this in the comments of the video or something you know and eventually I’m going to redo the videos well not necessarily redo them but update some of the videos in the face and in my econ vampire site but with this strategy you know using this same strategy of course to test your original ads like this testing base here still exactly what I do all this information here is absolutely gold for you and it’s very it’s kind of standard too for you know what most successful e-commerce entrepreneurs were doing and then building your custom audiences this is all about scaling auto bids though so everything that I have in here up until this point until this video has always been scaling with auto bids and all this stuff works alright this is the stuff that has all worked for me up to thirty thousand dollars in a week in sales alright because my strategy is generally lots or multiple winning products that scale gradually as opposed to one winning product that you scale aggressively and try to make a lot of money out of so this all works you know if you have multiple winning products doing 2030 dollars a day a couple different ads that’s each you know you can get to thirty thousand dollars in revenue I mean I think when I was doing that you know I had like 15 winning products that were probably running now I don’t know to add sets maybe $20 each so you know you’re looking at six to eight hundred dollars in ad spend and a day that was bringing me in you know like three to four grand a day in sales which was bringing me in you know upwards of 25 to 30 grand a week or whatever that was and in my one of my best months which was towards the end of last year so all that stuff still works but the manual bidding lets you scale aggressively and lets you scale quickly if you use this little strategy here when you know you have a winning ad set and then you just duplicate it to a manual bid right away and then test both of these here tests both of these ideas where you can start at $40 and this is a guaranteed way to start getting traffic quickly and then you can kind of lower your bids from there if you think that the cost for purchase is too high or you can start here and understand though this way if you take your average purchase price and then double it and set that as your max bid so say you know I was doing that with this one here right my cost is my average cost per purchase here is 454 so I would you know just around that the $9.00 multiply it by two it’s nine dollars and then test that is a manual bid you know that that may or may not I may have to if I’m not getting any traffic at ten dollars then I’ll start racing and maybe I’ll bump it to twelve dollars and then the 14 and then the 16 and just bump the $2 until I find a sweet spot where traffic starts coming in and I start getting sales and that’s generally how manual bids work guys it’s not very difficult at all if you have a winning product you’re just setting up a bit a manual bit larger daily budget on that product and you you want to set your your daily your bid as maximum and then just watch it one day click and you should be all right so I hope that we get some people testing this out and then some case studies and some testimonials and some success stories that come from this because I’d love to see people be able to duplicate this kind of thing in their business all right that’s everything I have for you the last thing I want to mention for people that have made it all the way through the video in the following days leading up to next week for the rest of this week I should have just said the following days the rest of this week I have some exciting like probably the most excited one of I would say definitely top top three most exciting things that I think is going to happen in this group this year is going to be announced so that’s coming I will be announcing that over the rest of the week it’s it’s a webinar that I’ve finally been able to secure for this group that is extremely extremely special access I’ve been pounding on the doors of this guy to be able to get this webinar and so I’m going to be announcing that and that is something that is going to be I think tremendous value to the people in this group so you can definitely stay tuned for that everything else though you know we will continue to move on I have lots of plans for this group you know lots of ways I have something right now just like the cool little trick that I think it’s going to help people make or save you know 4 or 5 percent on their orders all the time so there’s a lot of cool things that I’m working on in testing and figuring out that I want to bring to the group I will be updating with case studies and training as we go and as I continue to run and build ads you know for the first part of the year I was really focused on my marketing company which is done done pretty good I mean you know we’re we’re consistently building we’re like $20,000 in revenue now it’s a you know it’s a monthly recurring subscription model type deal so that that marketing service is working well and yet to actually scale into that with the webinar funnel that I am building but you know now I’m really getting back into dropshipping because I really see how you know I just I just want this group to remain active and positive and motivated and show everybody what’s possible with dropshipping and so I’m going to be taking like some of my stores like this one and showing some case studies and some ads and some things and not necessarily showing you the products or the audiences but showing you exactly how I’m doing what I’m doing that way when you have a winning product you know you can be building your store the same way test in your store the same way because I’m still doing everything the same way as I do in the dropship videos dropship Academy and then when you get to your ads now you have strategies that when you know you have a winning product you know how to look at the numbers and now you know how to scale to start aggressively making some money quickly all right so that’s everything that I have for you guys I appreciate you watching if you made it to the end of this video I really truly do appreciate you and you watching this video and you being part of the group thank you for everything you know it continues to be motivating and humbling to have the opportunity to lead this group and to get to know all of these awesome eternal entrepreneurs from all around the world I will see you in the group I’ll see you in the posts I’ll see you in the next video until then have an amazing day wherever you are in the world hustle hard and remember as always live free

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