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[UltraVid id=5 ]hey guys it’s Brad Stevens here and in this video I want to do a case study on how I managed to make return on investment of one thousand three hundred percent from an affiliate campaign I ran on Facebook because the thing about going ahead and selling stuff on Facebook cuz it’s mostly t-shirts stuff on Shopify lead generation through squeeze pages but the easiest way to to do so is doing an affiliate promotion because it’s someone else’s product okay and all you have to do to go ahead and make money is to set up a landing page get get approved for their product so you get an affiliate link and you earn a commission on every sale you make now lots of people are scared to give this a go because it can be it can be quite daunting and that’s because people don’t know whether what they’re promoting could be against Facebook’s Terms of Service and they don’t want to get their Facebook accounts banned so the easiest way to actually go ahead and see whether the offer is applicable with from the Terms of Service is to go and read the Terms of Service okay every single offers different so you’ve got to use your own judgement and determine whether the offer you’re promoting is within Facebook’s Terms of Service and what I’m gonna do today is actually show you exactly how I set up this promotion with Facebook Ads I use mount my email lists too but this is actually the the campaign I ran on Facebook and it made me another it made me over $1000 okay so if I hadn’t ran the ads and just promoted from my email lists I would have I would have left two grand on the table all right so I’m gonna start I want to start off with the obvious okay and that is actually going ahead and placing pixels okay so what you’ve got to do when you do an affiliate promotion you’ve got a contact the vendor whether you know the person or not if you can send sales the way they’re going to help you out okay so I’ve got the facebook business manager because I do quite a lot of ads on Facebook so your actual interface might look a bit different to mine it’s quite so if you guys have got the business manager that’s great if not consider applying for it because if you are running ads for business purposes it’s good to have the business manager set up right and that’s just a simple Google procedure you just Google how to set up Facebook for business and they’ll be plenty of instructions you guys can run it follow it’s it’s very very simple alright so what I’m gonna do now is click on the Tools drop-down and I believe in the other ads manager from if I’m not mistaken it’s on the left hand side here but you see audiences yeah and you see pixels here okay so I’m just gonna open this in a different tab because I want to keep this page open cuz those are my ads and as you guys can see here you’ve got the custom audience pixel now this pixel is the pixel you can place on your actual bonus page this is the bonus page I did for this product and you can place a but a custom audience pixel on here and what that’s going to do is it’s going to build an audience of all the people that land on this bonus page and you can retarget them with the same offer okay so if they perhaps didn’t buy the first time you can go ahead and you can retarget them with this offer and get more sales that’s actually let’s let’s do that first so let’s say create audience and I could go people who visit specific web you visit any specific webpage I grab the URL of my bonus page that I set up I paste it in as you can see it in there and what you can also do is select this option and inserts ask the vendor for the first app sell URL and you can insert this year so people who actually purchase the offer through you or purchase the offer through your ad won’t be included in your custom audience that we’re going to use to retarget alright so you’re only going to have people who haven’t purchased already inside this custom audience okay and basically what that allows you to do is to only retarget people that haven’t purchased and therefore your conversion rates going to be a lot higher but I’m gonna unusually just keep it as this and then I’m gonna set this to 180 days and we can name this we have an AR system bonus page okay for instance and when you create this you can view your pixel code click on create audience view pixel code and it’s going to give us a pixel okay so you just copy that pixel and for those you don’t know I use clickfunnels to set up these pages and but you can use any page creator you can insert these pixels into HTML if you know how but it’s simply settings tracking codes and you insert it whoops and then copy it but you copy that code and you paste it into the header tracking code right here again obviously the different page builders have different ways of doing this but I specifically use clickfunnels all right if you’re using for instance instabuilder or optimized press you can just insert a custom HTML widget and insert the pixel into there okay so now every single person that lands on my bonus page from there the ad traffic I’m sending all the email list traffic I’m sending is going to be added to my new custom audience and then I can go ahead and set up an ad alright separate from the original ad and the purpose of this ad is purely for retargeting so your retargeting people who have landed on the page but haven’t purchased yet and obviously the conversion rates on retargeting ads are extremely extremely high and I was gonna save this till the end but um if you do this consistently for every single bonus page you make alright eventually you’re gonna have a ton of custom audiences that you can go ahead and promote your offers to all right so let’s say you have 10 bonus page custom audiences each worth people in right that’s a thousand people you can go ahead and each new product you want to promote you have them in your custom audience and you can go ahead and promote to them as a retargeting audience and not just call traffic these people have purchased from you before or I’ve seen your face or your offer in in facebook before so it’s not one hundred percent call traffic so there Ford converts higher alright so you guys get the idea behind being consistent bahut with custom audience pixels and how valuable those audiences are with promotions down the line alright so we’ve set up a custom audience pixel next is the conversion tracking pixel alright and because this is a an offer we are promoting we don’t have access to the back end HTML code of the offer we’re promoting okay because it’s not our offer so again when you go ahead and you contact the vendor for whatever reason whether it be to get a proof for the offer or whatever it may be you just have to go and ask them can they please place a conversion tracking pixel on the one-time offer page or the first upsell page excuse the background noise my my dogs are having a barking session outside anyway you click on crepe pixel exact same process check outs name it’s whatever the bonus page may be create pixel and you copy it exactly the same as you did before and you send it to the vendor and all since a place it for you now if they come back to you and they say we already have one then what they can do is they can share that pixel with your ad account okay so you’ll still have access to the pixel alright so that pretty much covers the pixels guys it’s not that complicated I know it can be a bit confusing between the two pixels you’d be surprised at how many people that sell millions of dollars online each year don’t know how to place these two pixels okay it’s quite scary but um yeah as I said it’s very simple I’ve just explained the difference between the two all right so this is the customer audience pixel where we’re going to build up our custom audiences from people the ending on our pages alright and the conversion tracking pixel is the pixel that is going to track the people purchasing through our ads okay so it’s very important that you place us pixel otherwise you won’t know when people are purchasing through your ads you don’t know your turn return on investment on your hair and you don’t know if you’re profitable alright so that’s the difference between the two different conversion pixels how to place them and why they are beneficial all right so from that point I want to move on to the actual bonus page now within affiliate promotion generally there are numerous marketers promoting it okay so you’ve got to go ahead and create your own bonus page for multiple reasons number one the number of marketers are promoting for it okay we don’t want to compete with all the different people sending traffic straight to the sales page we want to stand out and we want to provide an incentive for people to purchase through our link because at the end of the day we’re going through all this effort to set up these ads these pixels this whole promotion to make money okay so imagine if someone went through the effort of making a huge bonus package and you’re spending all this money on ads and you’re making no sales well it’s because you’ve made no effort on the actual promotion you just went straight to the ads reason number two is Facebook doesn’t let you put a direct jvzoo affiliates URL into your ad okay so we use a landing page which is the spurning page and it’s basically acting as a middle page between the main offer and the ad traffic again I would set this up regardless of whether I was sending air traffic to the offer because I like to provide bonus packages to my customers that are my email list anyway alright and it just works out for ad traffic as well so basically there’s a headline I did you can see I did my own review of my full bonus package a basic summary of the products by button introducing the products and my story behind the webinar my whole webinar story how I got involved how I overcame the objections how it became successful for me you don’t have to do this with all yours or something I wanted to share with my customers and then I go on to discuss my bonus package alright so I shared a bonus webinar replay alright a webinar that generated over twenty thousand dollars I shared a replay of that so they had the structure bonus number two was a mastermind group where I was going to provide training on how to do webinars and bonus number three was their own product they could sell because that’s a huge objection to people selling on webinars they don’t have a product to sell and the bonus number four was behind-the-scene webinar with kurt christensen okay so basically you can see how valuable this bonus package is compared to just in someone sending they traffic directly to the author right now the thing behind bonus pages is you want to go ahead and you want to actually provide something that’s going to complete the package okay so most of these these systems or software’s that I like to promote they’re beneficial because they help people make more money online or speed up something along the way or how part in one way or another but lots of people like for instance this product webinars they could have this tool but they want something that’s going to help them get results faster and that’s what I like to do when I set up my bonus my bonus packages as you can see they had the full structured training their own product the soil you guys can see how beneficial it is to someone who wanted to get started in webinars instead of someone just purchasing the training and the software alright they had something further to help accelerate their results so that’s my bonus package that I set up and again just more by buttons very simple I limited this one because it was quite a big bonus package I don’t want to give away too many white label rights for targeting inspector because it creates competition for myself and the other white label rights customers alright and also also that involves scarcity as well okay so now that brings us to the real meat of this case study and that’s the ads okay everyone wants to know how you run Facebook ads through an affiliate promotion to make money now what I did was I set up one two three four five six okay I set up six ad sets that the ad is no longer running because the promotion ended but I think amia let me have a look you have 45 conversions okay so I made 45 sales the product was originally at forty seven dollars and went up to sixty seven dollars so let’s say the average is an in-between there okay divide that by two because there’s 50% Commission’s so let’s say $27 Commission on every sale I make so 45 times $27 is one thousand two hundred and fifteen dollars revenue that’s how many sales I generated in monetary terms okay and then the total ad costs were eighty five dollars ninety two cents so that gives me a net profit of one thousand one hundred and twenty nine dollars okay so you guys can already see how powerful this is I spent eighty five dollars to make one thousand two hundred and fifteen dollars all right and that gives me a return on investment of 1,300 1,300 percent alright so it’s incredibly powerful and basically what I want to go through are the different hats it’s I made its open these okay so I set up a campaign just create ad and I set up my weights website conversions ad I inserted my bonus page you as the URL so basically everyone that cooks on my ad will be sent to that bonus page and Facebook is optimizing it for conversions all right so that what that’s what that means and also you guys concede this the like the budgets for each ad set are very very low it’s a lot an expensive way to make money at all okay so if I go to the first one let’s say you got last 14 days because this wasn’t run last week you can see everything here and what I did for this promotion was I ran an ad in the right hand side column I never ran newsfeed ads at all okay I never ran them for mobile I never wrote I ran them for desktop just literally 100% right hand side ads now look how easy this is guys it’s the product shot right here the picture of me and my dog and the bonus package banner okay we haven’t our bonuses 97 percent off click here to see my bonus package for webinar income system limited copies available alright this is incredibly easy to do guys it’s not a very hard ad that you have to go ahead and get a designer I’m by no means a Photoshop guru and this took me five minutes to put together okay and I think I had another another ad image this one’s the same that one’s the same here we go let me just scroll down these are all set to the last seven days ago so this one was centered it’s me again no red banner and it’s the same copy I believe your exact same copy all right literally incredibly incredibly simple nothing complicated in terms of what the ad images all the copy and the next thing I want to get into is the targeting alright what did I get and the reason I mentioned those custom audiences earlier and why you need to be consistent with those is because I use that exact strategy for this campaign all right I had gone ahead and placed the custom audience pixel on my previous sales pages and on my blog which is self made my sitcom all right that’s this one over here and over here again all I did was I ran all this traffic to my retargeting custom audiences again just retargeting ads and as you guys can see small budgets let me go last 14 days again if I scroll down there we go results okay 13 conversions for retargeting the video skins customers 16 conversions retargeting people from my blog because as I mentioned this is not called traffic guys people that are retargeting Know Who I am so they trust that they really trust me because I’ve given them they’ve seen my face before I’ve given them software before I’ve delivered value on my blog to them before and that’s why converts so well and that’s why you’ve got to be consistent with all traffic you seen through whatever page it is place a pixel on there because it will come in handy in the future when running other offers to the same people all right 13 conversions here and look at the cost per conversion okay one dollar ninety three one dollar forty eight one dollar 15 five dollars okay and I pause this one because it just wasn’t converting ten dollars and I just threw in a wild target here which is go to your meeting which is a competitor okay it doesn’t work out but you guys can see how cheap these conversions are alright it’s literally let me see if there are more in the last 30 days and it was just the last two weeks okay so you guys can see how cheap these conversions are I’m paying between $1 and $2 per perk on purpose and I convert and per sale all right and I’m making on average twenty seven dollars for every person I convert okay that is a huge huge margin okay and that’s the beauty behind an affiliate campaign and the whole reason I’m doing this case study and it’s obviously a very popular question people don’t know how to run these affiliate campaigns and I just wanted to do a very quick case study showing you guys I hope I’ve covered everything I’ve tried my best to go from the beginning from explaining the pixels how to place them why they’re beneficial the difference between the two how to place them on your bonus page how to actually set up your bonus page the strategies behind its bonus packages then I also went through why you can’t just send traffic straights or the offer and the the main takeaway I would say is to actually go ahead and build up these these cuts these custom audiences that you can go ahead and retarget the same users over and over again for each campaign and it’s almost like a snowball effect okay you build up these lists this list of people that you can go ahead that know you it’s warm traffic and it converts really well and you guys can start seeing results like this in your own business hopefully very soon all right so I think I’ve rambled on for I don’t know how long but I’m gonna knit I want to knit this go now so I hope I could have I’ve helped you guys in some way or another with this I hope you’ve taken away something and I hope to provide you with a lot more case studies going forward I’m getting back into e-commerce quite heavily at the moment so that’s why I’ve been a bit m.i.a but so they’ll become probably be some case studies on that pretty soon yeah that’s pretty much it thanks very much for watching and I will speak to you guys soon

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