Developing A Winner’s Mindset

Did you know that there are more than 90% of people who attempt to start an Internet business fail to make a stable income online much less break even?

The statistics are scary – the same way most ‘real world’ business startups fail within their first two years of operation (and those that DO survive, struggle to make a profit due to competition and rising costs!)

However, most of the failures can be traced to one problem – a wrong mindset!
Now, I know you are probably thinking, “Yeah, yeah… attitude is everything, be positive, blah blah blah… (not one of those motivational pep talks AGAIN!)”

If you think you have ‘arrived’, then you probably have a long way to go. So you must always have a teachable attitude!

However, having the correct mindset isn’t just about having the right attitude ALONE… you must also have the proper vehicle that will get you to where you want to go.

Allow me to give you this simple illustration.

Having the positive attitude is very important, no doubt… but without the right vehicle for success, you are no different than a person driving a car with the WRONG ROAD MAP!

You can be really determined… but you are just wasting gas and driving in ‘circles’!

You can be really positive… to the point that driving around in circles doesn’t even bother you at all! (After all, you are so positive, you probably wouldn’t even care if you are wasting gas!)

You can even get really fired up (like what they do to you in motivational seminars telling you to PURSUE YOUR DREAM) but it will only get you to the wrong place faster!

Make no mistake about this. A lot of people out there are totally fired up about making money online and starting their first Internet business.

But if you do now have an understanding about how to generate traffic, building a relationship with your target audience, pitching the right offer and doing things properly, it is very hard for you to succeed with just pure determination alone.

I will go into more detail, but suffice for you to know for now, you must develop the proper mindset which is.

Good Attitude + Right Vehicle = Guaranteed Success!

How Many Hours Should I Spend Online?

People ask this question a lot. Most of them ask this out of fear because they find the idea of spending hours in front of the computer petrifying…

The question is NOT, “How many hours should I spend…?” but rather, “How should I effectively spend my time online?”

To set the record straight, the key to building a successful online business is directly related to your level of passion.

A person who is truly passionate about spending his time online will no doubt achieve success much easier compared to a person who grudgingly drags himself in front of the computer and does the bare minimum.

There are many business models on the Internet that you can use in regards to your passion. You can blog about your favorite hobbies all day and people will be able to see your passion.

Well, if you really want a rough figure, it really depends on your aptitude. If you love to surf the Internet and you are fairly competent with computers, you can get by with 3-4 hours a day (assuming you use your time productively).

If you are not technically savvy, you might have to work twice as hard (but with the right attitude, you can outsource most of the tasks and be the ‘brain’ rather than the ‘hands’).

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