Creating Swipe Files

I’ve got a question/tip for you about your email inbox

10% of you reading this are probably doing this
40% probably know to do this (but need to be reminded)
– And 50% of you really need to hear this!

Ok so how many emails arrive in your inbox everyday? I know I have at least 80 and that’s no lie.

What I normally do is I make a folder then I store them in there but only the emails that grab my attention. The reason for this is because you can learn from them?


Well, if you are just starting out with your online business and you need to learn copy writing subscribe to several email list’s as you will be bombarded with emails but these emails will help you write your own emails or even sales copies which can save you loads of money and time.

If you try and go at this alone it becomes hard at times but you can always try!
Now I will personally help you out with this by giving you 30 HIGH CONVERTING EMAILS to have as your own and you can adapt it to what ever business you are promoting when you come on-board with this system.

Email marketing is still king even with the explosion of social media but did you know that video is going to be the way forward.

Creating a video sounds very nerve racking but if you use a free screen capture software like OBS or Debut then you don’t need to get in front of the camera just in case your camera shy – but you will need to talk over the presentation with the words on the screen, easy!

Or you can just use you phone to record a video, simple. Anyway I will give you the 30 high converting emails and the training worth $97 to use them for FREE when you purchase the wifi millionaire here.

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