Case Study: How This Facebook Ad Generated 129,890 Leads in 1 Year

[UltraVid id=4 ]hey guys Mollie Pittman here vice president of marketing at digital marketer in this video I’m going to walk you through one of the most successful Facebook ad campaigns that we’ve run in the past year so you can see that this campaign is for zoo produced pretty awesome results for us so we’ve had almost 130,000 conversions which a conversion is a lead so someone gave us their first name their last name in their email address and on average each lead has cost us about three dollars and fifteen cents you’ve seen that I’ve tested lots of different ad sets 18 in total here and we’ve gradually scaled this campaign over time now i want to tell you why this worked first of all we had a great offer so if you don’t have a great offer if you don’t have a great message if you don’t have something that really resonates with your audience it doesn’t matter how awesome your traffic campaign is it’s simply not going to work so for this campaign we were running a website conversion campaign and we were optimizing for people to fill out this form in exchange for their contact information we were giving them what we call a lead magnet and this lead magnet is our ultimate social media swipe file so they’re literally getting in a slight file of 70 to fill in the blank headlines that they can use on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter so imagine how valuable that is to digital marketers social media marketer to be able to download 72 headlines where they can simply fill in the fill in the blank and and copy and paste these headlines and use them on their on their own social profiles so we’re offering something for free that’s a very high value they’re simply giving us their first name last name and email address in exchange for this lead magnet author so step number one the offer is really solid it’s something that people want now if we click over here is the winning ad from this campaign so if you start to think about what we call ad sent this campaign has really good ad sent an absent is how congruent your ad is with your landing page so is your copy written in a similar tone are the images similar if someone clicks on your ad if they click on an ad in their newsfeed and they hop over to a page and it’s talking about a different offer than they were promised in the ad the ad copy is is very different it’s in a totally different voice and tone the imagery is totally different it’s going to alert their their brain hey you just hopped off of facebook you should probably go back so after having a solid offer second you really want to make sure you have a really congruent ad sent so you can see that that this copy that we’re using in the headline is the same copy as we’re using here the imagery is similar the offer is the same our ad scent is very congruent now if we start to look at the copy and the creative the copy is very benefit rich so we’re telling them to copy and paste which we’re giving them a directive but it’s also easy copy and paste is easy read a 300-page ebook is not easy right so copy and paste c72 proven we’ve already proven them headline formulas to get more clicks from facebook twitter and your own blog so we’re telling them what to do with ease their proven headlines and the benefit here is to get more clicks from facebook twitter and your own blog so this copy not only tells them what to do but it’s also very benefit rich the creative is very eye-catching and you can see how we really spent time incorporating the marketing message and the offer into this image so it’s a social media swipe file it’s a headline swipe file so we went with an image that looked like an old school newspaper and the headline of the newspaper is the offer that we’re away for free you can also see that we incorporated some social media icons here to really you know just to really drive home the marketing message and and to really you know catch people’s attention catch people you know who are really interested in social media so our copy and creative sold the cliq people wanted the offer when they clicked over to the page it was congruent and they opted in and a little bit more behind the scenes you know like I said we tested 18 different ad sets of targeting groups that were very very specific so if you build this beautiful campaign and then you’re targeting is too broad or you’re just simply targeting the wrong people it’s not going to work because the message that’s built for a certain audience isn’t being shown to the right people so like I said one of the most successful campaigns that that that we’ve run it’s generated a ton of leads for our business but it really comes down to a few things we had an offer that people wanted the ad sent was there over to the landing page and the copy and the creative really sold the author and the targeting was specific and it was accurate in it put our campaign in front of the right people so I hope you enjoy the the breakdown of this campaign if you want a deeper dive into this campaign and a look into other successful Facebook campaigns that we run here at digital marketer please scroll below and download our Facebook ad template library I hope you have a great day thanks again

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