A Behind The Scenes Look at Self-Publishing.

Being a self-publisher who will be able to write creatively and with total freedom of expression and convey your message without restrictions.

It’s very important for a writer to not have a publisher or editor breathing down your neck.

Some writers who have no experience with self-publishing often think twice because of the cost.  In traditional publishing, the publisher would shoulder the costs and the author would not have to worry about it.  But with self-publishing, the author would shoulder the expenses.  Currently, a book can be produced with as much as $5000. 

When self-publishing, you can be the author who is doing the hiring for editors, cover artists, publishers or printers and distributors.  On the other hand, there are self-publishing businesses or companies that are dedicated to produce or sell your book or CD.  There are three main stages when self-publishing: 

• Creating, writing, editing and providing illustrations if needed.

• Preparing the manuscript for printing.

• Marketing and distributing the book or in other words selling it.

Of course, the first process that needs to be completed will be the completion of the book itself.  It is true that with self-publishing, you can publish everything.

The reason that most writers cannot get their works published is that they don’t fit the standards of the publisher.  But since you don’t have to get any publisher’s approval, then you can publish everything.  You just have to be sure that what you have to publish is something really good. 

To be an effective writer, you would have to touch the heart of the audience.  That means in the start of the writing process, you would need to identify your target audience and write for them. 

If you would have to go to a self-publishing company, then most of them would do the entire thing.  Once you are done with your book and your manuscript, then you would have to just give it to the company and they would choose the publishing needs based on your requirements.   Everything, of course, would be for your approval.

But the author needs to submit everything or things for the publisher.  Once you have submitted the specifications, but later decided to change something, it can cost you additional fees.  So you would have to be sure that what you have submitted is the final stuff.

Everything goes back to the author.  Once the book is done, the author will have to approve the layout and design of what’s inside and outside the book.  This would allow the author to have the final decisions over the book.

 If it gets approved then the printing will start.  Again, the printed copies will go back to the author for a nod of approval.  When it is done, it would be distributed. 

Self-publishing companies would also include, sometimes in their packages, other kinds of services.  Sometimes self-publishing companies would take care of getting a copyright for the book, ensure that it would comply with international standards, promotional materials, and other necessities that would give the self-published and edge.

Self-publishing could sound full of tasks or tiring, but if you would like to be successful then it would require a lot of patience and at the same time hard work.  But it would sure be worth something in the end.

I trust this has been helpful to you.

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