#AskGaryVee Episode 35: Email Marketing in Today’s World

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Talk about long-term value sent mail, orange and masters. You asked the question, I answered them. This is #AskGaryVee show. Everyone this is Gary VAY-NER-bamboo welcome to set the number # # #kkariVee show. On the 35 interesting facts, it was a big injury,
Frank Thomas’s phone number, my favorite non-Yankee baseball player because I collected all his rookie cards, and my friends, Brandon and
I am running a hangar now doing an agreement when we 15 if Frank Thomas would be awesome because we bought his rookie card and went to the hall
Hall of Fame, we will go. That was the last summer as a big injury to get guidance. We went there, but
Strange things happened. We realized there was a 90
Miles of garage sale in the general area, we skipped the hall
Hall of Fame, we went to 90 miles garage for sale. This is the so-called adjustment. – [Dubbing] Madison asked,
“As an e-mail marketing, I said that e-mail is not dead. Do you think e-mail will
More or less relevant in three to five years? – Madison, good question. For me, three to five years
It’s always hard to predict this way, but I’ll get that part before I actually
Answer this question, i just want to give a huge one
Shouting VaynerNation to support this show. I really liked it. I’m super depressed about Friday night, so I’m sorry I thought about me
Tweeted, I was going to go. I let some people down on me
Hate to be disappointing. E-mail is definitely not going to die I would say that e-mail now i like marketing
We live for a year So I’m saying now
E-mail is a very killer application. Is now in the 90 opening rate
Like I was in 1997, absolutely not, but it was one
You control your own channels and do not have to be there
All these other pamper platforms you can
Market your people, be sure that I think we can not
Naive to the fact that Google made the change with
Gmail about a year ago if you feel now, or in
Here we go for a year to the promotional label. I understand
Stunwin shook his head. Steve is your influence
Through the promotional tag that is part of any of your e-mails listed out of your attention to go there? – Oh, yes, absolutely. There is a problem with the stamping line here. Tell me the problem of red line. Here the stamping of the production line. You feel some
Those get the switch to the promotional tag that you have already
In fact the name of Sun Shan because they do not go to your mother tongue
Hey, you either unsubscribe or you just do not pay
Have you noticed? – completely gone, yeah,
Approximately five or six emails. – this is my concern,
So what happened when i think e-mail will be the matter
In three to five years? Be sure that I think it’s playing. It is a channel that it will not go anywhere. Do i think it’s dead? Absolutely not. I think it would be more or yes
As the marketing value of the lower engine, I will use less
In three to five years of precious. It is still very valuable
“Leading it to one of the best channels, but it would be less valuable
Ruined all the lines I used a lot, it was
What is it all about. Platform to go together. They have the value, then
Our market for them and then the consumer a kicking. This is a police bandit. This is a cat and mouse. Over and over again. And we live in one
Now we are going into the second decade of processing e-mail
Broken by marketing. – [dub] Troy asked, “I am
Working in two different spaces. “How do i use social
Media platform so that “I will not confuse my audience?” – Troy, this is a very simple question. You adjust to the platform in front of you. So we are very detailed about this program. For microblogging the way
You do not confuse if you are talking about
Two different things, i will, uh, business and
The wine is about you creating two different channels and you
Have a @winelibrary account and you have one at all
@garyvaynerchuk account, Gary V type, that’s what i did, or
You just become so branded in both, you feel that
Comfort, kind, Renaissance men or women, you can take this road. But you have to go to the platform to react. So, on Twitter, you just have to
Create two different accounts that you promote through them. While on Facebook,
The positioning feature allows you to just yourself,
Talk as a person, you can plan, people
Is 25 to 45 is a wine, you put the contents of the wine, they will like, you know that 22 to 27 is
Podcasts while you do it and then they want you
Talk about that thing, so Facebook gives you
Flexibility goals. To know, microblogging did not. So you have to adjust. YouTube channel you have not
Two passages, you have one. This is what we talk about because we want to cut down
Every answer to the question. As a matter of fact, let’s link
The first one, we endure the right thing about tennis. One here. So, you know … the real answer to that
Problem, trojan, is that you have to adjust to the platform
Ability to drive home split or
The way of a channel, so you used the place to go somewhere. Pinterest, you can create a board, right, you can have an account for you
You can create different boards and for some boards
You come up with the content whatever you do is hell, and any hell you do
This is different, so your tumblr can be
Create a batch of different, nonsense, nonsense, nonsense .tumblr.com, so make your flexibility. So I give you very detailed
The answer is here, my friend. This is not super difficult, you have
Have the right strategy based on each platform
That flexible platform offers the story. – [dub] Michael asked,
“How do you define the hustle and bustle?” – Michael, that’s funny
Because show face. Because i can see him laugh. This is the first question – what are we 35 years? This is the first question
150 questions, I can look from the corner
My eyes, he literally said, “how do you define the hustle and bustle?” Because he can see this (laughs) I mean, it’s a challenging question. So first it is
Everybody is different, right, but I have to say that the hustle and bustle is to me, that is when you have
Around some passion, you are squeezed
Every point of the juice is orange, right? For me, it is the biggest hustle and bustle
Your energy into someone else. I was praised
Say they are busy They want to realize these great things and then their behavior does not match. It’s like saying you
Really want to lose weight while eating a giant, right? So for me, the noise will be
Put all the energy into the goal, for me, that means
Make every minute count. Who is hiring a full-time assistant? Friday night did not happen because i was furious every minute, just like if i miss my 15
Minutes to tape this show, i have missed my 15 minutes
Because there are so many in the hustle and bust I do not have a day, you know, there is no like … there is no hang out. There is no time we will say:
If i can do something like a joke with you for me
Walking between the meeting, we think this is a rare one
Acquaintance case, if there is no acquantance. The hustle and bustle is to put it all on a line. The hustle and bustle is waking up
One day, the day before you die, you realize that all of you give you up to your child’s upbringing, your business building, charity, what you want to do, whatever you define, it’s just that you know that all ,mood
And executionally. In theory and strategy, and in execution. – Hey, Bridget Willard is here
From which you can also become a master and #guruminutevideos. I finally have a problem
Gary V-shaped and VaynerNation for #AskGaryVee display. I asked one of you
I said, “out of curiosity,” you get in the end
Have more than 10,100 followers? “So, I’m going to different you and your wisdom. Remember, Â ™ t you can also be a $ t master – it’s a nice sound in the end There’s no real talent in VaynerNation. Oh, Yes, there will be no show on Thursday due to AJ and
I’m going to Cleveland to see LeBron’s first
The game was back in Cleveland against my New York Knicks, so I was very excited. This is a little public
Service announcement. Also, if you did not notice that I have been writing my ass on garyvaynerchuk.com so check it out, please click out. I like in the comments,
In fact, in the day of the comments, how do you see
garyvaynerchuk.com website? Merit, shortcomings, your thoughts, your two cents. Your three cents, if
You want to roll the way. To answer this question, you can also become a master, by
By the way, I would like to address the real fast, we are quite kind
For the nearest. You can, if you are a master
Actually get the master’s skills. You can not just say you
A master, this is a number. And then to answer this question, this is a wrong question. What is the 10,000 fans to help you? Nothing or everything I do not know. If you have 10,000 fans who have 9,000 each buy, buy 48s
Your book when you take it out on Twitter,
There is so true that the sound is really worthwhile. If you have million fans
Because you bought some of their strange eBay auctions because
You want to pretend to be cool which includes your friends,
When you post something no one gives a mouse’s ass, i am
Can be said to be less valuable, so the problem, my friend,
Is always the wrong thing. Well, everyone can not understand. I am not very concerned about it
The top line of knowledge, though it is important, right? What to do like 14 million people
What does it mean to watch this video? Means that I got more bats
People into my content, into my world, looking for value
In my opinion, this will produce a relationship at the beginning,
Then it may cause something, but long life. This is a long trail. Just one ten thousand to follow
Really change the course of your business or personal life, right? So this is a wrong question. What is the correct question?
What do you want to achieve? You see my friends, I’m a reverse project. Let me say it again if you have not figured out yet
It was in seven years you followed me, me
Will say this time. As a matter of fact, Zach, Zach shows the face because I will tell him
The right thing is on his face. Zach, I need a T-shirt
Said, “I am a reverse project” As you know, I never had
Carefully check the creative, and I have been like, great,
This time I’m gonna be careful because i wanna wear it every damn day Cause this is who i am,
I am a reverse engineer. Whatever i need 10,100 followers or I need to make every decision
What is the premise I want to achieve? Including long and short term, that’s the key to my friend. A thing you have
Do you have to balance whatever your short-term goals,
And your long-term goals. So I want to buy jets,
So a lot of things i do i leave t ton
The money on the table because i think it hurts my brand or my view of me
Where is the chance I do not know the feeling is good, I feel
Just like I can burn the bridge. I may need to buy a jet. The same reason I need
Build VaynerMedia is a huge company so I can
It is such a thing that we can afford amazing staff. So it’s all the tactics, but
I always think about why, why, why, why, why, why? All this is reverse engineering. So why do you need million fans? Maybe in 2007 you need
Million fans or value. You are the only one
People have 10,000 fans Everyone thinks you’re cool. And even someone just followed
I, because i have a lot of followers as early as 2006
Seven, eight. This gave me the leverage. Then they pay attention to me, lucky for me I do not even
Know why i do air quote now because it’s how to fire me up, but lucky me, i have
say good things. Whether it’s about wine, that’s basketball, no matter what, let me drink wine. Someone gave me a bottle of wine, is there any wine? Whether it’s about wine, whether it’s about business. I do not know why this represents the business. Yes, find me, hurry up. Whether it’s about wine, whether it’s business, so … million fans or anything else how do you do it? Why do i need a medium account? Why do i need fans on Facebook Why should i be in marketing Snapchat? This is all the strategy. For me, I am on the market Snapchat
Because i want to learn the platform because of me
Want to always lead because i want to earn you for 15 minutes for your flower and your only reason
Spend this 15 minutes to me, yes i was very attractive, yes i was very big charisma but it was because i was
To provide you with the value. I saved your time
Spend hundreds of hours I and my company spend your punchlines
You need to know what is by browsing
2015 marketing the world, this is it, it’s that simple. So the value is a stupid question. The right question is what
You are trying to finish while Twitter is the platform
Can this help you finish it? If so, now you start
Understand the value of things will be. My friend, is that so? – [dub] There is one if you want to. – I’ll take it. – [dub] Amy asked, “A
Professor once said to me, “the best is a big one
Fish in a small pond, “do you agree?” – Aime, this, you know,
I will be very early on this issue, this is one
Good way to explode the show. That sounds like that

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