Are You Trading Time For Money?

Are you trading time for money?
When you are tired up in a day to day job and you HAVE to WORK the hours given to you other wise to don’t get paid then this is called trading your time for money.

Now don’t get me wrong you won’t get rich over night – so this method works well until you start making the money. You see I haven’t given up what I do because I love what I do but the internet life style has made my life A LOT easier.

What do I mean by easier?

Let me tell you I used to trade most my time for money and I missed both my eldest children growing up as we needed the money to survive, in the profession that I was in it was known to not be well paid compared to the corporate life.

Now I trade money for time, I spend maybe 2 hours a day setting everything up then I go out enjoy my time with my family and I let my online business run and my offline business run.

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