25 Email Marketing Tips And Tricks For Beginners 2016

[UltraVid id=46 ]hey guys justin bryant here from self-made success.com and i’m going to show you 25 email marketing tips and tricks for beginners if your kind of know – email marketing or you’ve been in a know it a while and you’re not sure what you’re doing this is the video for you okay i’m going to go over some tips and tricks that will help you get better conversions get more people to open your emails get more people to click through and read your blog post or your offers or buy stuff I’m going to show you a few different things you may not be aware of and a few obvious things that you might have overlooked I’m going to get you back to the basics and I’m going to get you some better results okay so the first one is you need to use the right email service obviously there’s a lot of different ones out there now because everyone’s starting to realize how important email marketing is to your business okay a website is essential to a business in today’s world and email marketing is how you monetize your website it’s as you collect information for people and it’s how you get customers from your traffic and without a good email service you’re not going to be able to collect those subscribers in the first place so three of them that I recommend right now without going through all the BS of comparing them all get response Aweber and Infusionsoft I would recommend get response or Aweber especially if you’re starting out if you want to go on to more bigger and better things and have more options and or if you have a company with e-commerce ties then you want to go with Infusionsoft but it’ll be something that requires a little bit bigger budget okay another thing you need to do is make it easy to subscribe let me tell you something right now the hardest thing about getting sales and everything is making it as easy as possible for your customers okay the harder you making on them the worse your conversions are going to get alright so don’t make them do extra steps assume that they know nothing okay assume that they have no idea how marketing works or any of that kind of stuff show them exactly step by step what to do making them as many or actually as few steps as possible and have everything as simple as possible for them to just go through and subscribe right away in a matter of seconds all right one thing you can do is have like an opt-in form like you see here it has their name you don’t even have to have their a name actually if you prefer not to collect names because of the slight drop in conversions you can just add email or you can even collect phone numbers if you’re into providing services whatever you need to do have like an opt-in form or two-step opt-in where they click a button and then the form pops up but just make it easy for them to subscribe next you need to define your audience obviously collecting leads is completely pointless if you’re collecting leads who are into dog breeding or food and marketing all in the same list you know you need to segment you need to know who your audience is you need to know who to target you need to know who you’re writing your blog posts to who your perfect customer would be it would be the most likely to buy your stuff another thing you need to do is create a lead magnet you know used to in the past people would just subscribe to an RSS feed for a blog or something or subscribe to a newsletter but now people want something they want more they want something in return because they realize when marketers started to offer free things that they could get those types of things for free in exchange for an email so now they expect you to give them something in exchange for their email like a trade so this is just an example I have a 320 blog post ideas with examples for people who want to learn more about blogging I offer this my website it’s one minor resources and this gets me bleeds because a lot of people want this stuff it’s quality stuff and it’s going to help them so you need to come up with something like that for your week next we have always have a welcome email you need to send an email as soon as they subscribe this is part of your autoresponder okay all you need to do is welcome them maybe and then give them the lead magnet say hey welcome to the list or whatever here’s what you ordered or here’s what you wanted deliver that to them give them their download whatever they asked for give it to them in that first email and from right from the start you establish some goodwill with them next send yourself a test email before you send a broadcast email okay when you’re a broadcast email which you probably already know is just when you send an email to your whole list but before you send that send a test to yourself especially when you’re creating for your autoresponders and stuff and you haven’t sent them to anyone yet you need to make sure everything looks good it’s going to show up well it’s going to deliver into the right Inbox it’s not going to be seen as spam or any of that kind of stuff I’ll go with I’ll go a little more into that here in a minute but send yourself a test double check things like this can save you a lot of time and actually help your conversions because you might catch some things that you might not have seen before another thing encouraged subscribers to follow you on social media this should be in a second or third of your autoresponder if you have some kind of a welcome sequence and your autoresponder this should be one of the emails you have it to get them to connect with you on Twitter Facebook LinkedIn whatever it is that you primarily use for social media can actions for your brand get them to follow you the more places they follow you the more likely they are to see your content to see your promotions and to buy your stuff right make sure people are able to unsubscribe because it’s actually illegal for them not to be able to unsubscribe okay they’ve laws that say you know you can’t be sending these mass emails and these marketing emails without people being able to voluntarily unsubscribe okay so just make sure you’re not breaking the wall don’t get sued or anything make sure that they can unsubscribe or change their options at the bottom of the email and this is kind of what that looks like you see the arrow – it says you man subscribe or change your contact details at any time I have this about my emails you should have my ears have autoresponder based on subscribers time okay this just means that you send Auto emails based on their time of signing up so when they’re signing up to your list that means they’re usually probably awake at that time of day and it goes based off their time zone and when they subscribe so that means that your Auto responder emails will be sent at that time that they subscribe from then on which means it’s optimized for time that they should be up that they should be online on their computer on their phone whatever it is because that’s when they signed up in the first place that’s probably a good time to be sending them emails so just keep that in mind and check this option with your autoresponder next make sure your email says from your brain your name or your company looks like this get an email from Instagram it says it’s from Instagram you get an email for me it says it’s from Justin or Justin Brian you get an email from express it says Express if you get an email from Walmart says from Walmart okay make sure they know who is from don’t let it say like what blah blah blah two three one five at yahoo.com or whatever don’t let it say something like that because it doesn’t look very professional another thing you can do is use scarcity in your autoresponder and your promotional emails if you if they can just sign up to your stuff at any time trust me they won’t do it if they can do buy whatever it is you’re offering at a discounted price at any time they’ll put it off until they feel like it and they may never feel like it so if you get people to have some urgency and give them a chance to get something really cool by doing it early or by doing it within a time period then you should take advantage of that like a 40% off in the next three days for Labor Day or something that’s just an example of how to use scarcity no thing you want to do is pay attention to open and click rates obviously if you don’t know the numbers you don’t know what’s working and if you don’t know what’s working it’s hard to optimize it and make more money good open rates about 25% or more you can do better as you get more experienced click-through rates 3 to 5% or more good place to start subject line and the quality of that subject line is what’s going to turn your open rate of course it also depends on who it’s from that’s another big part of whether they open your email who is from and what the subject line says so don’t screw up and scam your people or do anything shady that would make them not want to open any emails from you ever again show good will create a lot of content for them that they would really like and they will want to see your next email they were look forward to it so there’s half of the battle one with your open rate next you need to make sure your subject lines are good I’ll go a little bit more into that here in a second but your open rate is all based on your subject line if your subject line isn’t good your open rate will suck so make sure your open rate is good by and if it’s bad you know where to check you know to improve after these people are opening your emails that’s good you need to make sure they’re clicking through your links go into your content go into your website watching your videos buying your products seeing your promotional pages if they’re not clicking through at a very high percentage if you’re getting like a 1% click-through rate that’s not good you need to do something about your email body okay next use the 80/20 rule okay you want to send them or nothing but promotions you need to send them quality content things that they would like things that don’t require a buying decision okay just keep that in mind so 80 percent value which is blog post content contents just the best way to do it really quotes even stuff like that just stuff that people would like in your list that’s related to what you’re trying to sell and then 20% of time you can do promotions another thing you short punchy subject lines I mentioned subject lines are extremely important because that determines your open rate and who looks at your emails if people don’t look at your emails you don’t make sales from email marketing so short punchy subject ones tend to do well okay here’s just a few of them neck that I put together that do really well okay open up with a smiley face important in all caps new case study time-sensitive you know that’s a little scarcity right there great news they like to see good news even something negative lot of people like negativity for some reason but you know you can test that high and then you can have pre filled in fields that have their name automatically in there if you collect names when you collect weeds hey dot dot is pretty you know person-to-person it’s great it’s kind of a personal email approach you might not do that with a corporation but you would do that maybe if you’re branding yourself more than anything and video if you’re telling them what’s in it like a video or podcast or a photo you can put that in parenthesis at the very first vision you’ll probably increase in opens but make sure it’s actually in there don’t fold it another thing you can do is have email links spread throughout your email if you’re going to need winks regardless you can’t you’re not going to do a lot of sales you’re not going to do a lot of anything if you don’t link to your promotional pages your sales pages your sales videos your blog post whatever so these people go through here in these emails and click through to what you left them to click through the best way to do that is to spread your wings out if you have a normal email you have maybe two or three links let’s say you have three links you have one at the first of it one in the middle one at the end or if you have maybe an introduction to a post you might have it up click to read more link and then another one later on here’s an example of one I use that’s generated when I create a new blog post you see I have three links I have one towards the front of the email the top of the email you have one kind of towards the middle and one at the end so that’s the best way to do that and make sure you always have a call to action in your email so if you don’t tell people what to do next they’re not going to do anything that’s just how it is like I said before assume that they know nothing and it will get you farther tell them to go to that link to read more go tell them to go this link to get their coupon tell them to read more here tell them to watch the video here tell them what to do next segment your list you need to separate your listen to different types of people based on their reactions based on what they’re reading based on squeeze pages that they opted into don’t put a one-size-fits-all list for everybody okay you’re already know you’re targeting like I talked to you you need to be targeting a certain audience but that certain audience is also going to need to be targeting to other branches you might be offering different ebooks if you have an e-book on let’s say your website is about health if you have an e-book on gaining muscle you have an e-book on losing weight you have Aggie book on eating healthy okay you get a bunch of people that are interested health ok if they’re reading a blog post that’s more specific to just eating then that you have a lead magnet for eating have sales ebook for that for eating healthy don’t just assume that they want to gain muscle lose weight and all that stuff they might just want to eat a little better ok don’t assume anything just segment your list based on what post they read what they opt-in to and what emails they open next read emails before sending ok I mentioned doing test emails while just reading through them can help a lot too you need to make sure that you don’t have bad spelling that you left out the call to action that you don’t make any sense at all in the whole email that is completely not even in the right language you know just take 30 seconds to read through it shouldn’t be a long email anyway it won’t take you long at all make sure everything you need in the email is in there make sure your links are in there make sure they’re spread out make sure what’s good make sure it’s legible make sure it makes sense when they read it it’s easy to comprehend you didn’t do too many gigantic words trying to outdo Bill Gates or something and make sure they have a call-to-action note to do next another thing you can do is RSS emails to save time for your blog newsletter ok a lot of people obviously have a blog now because blogs are one of the best ways to get subscribers for your business and get sales it’s constant like free advertising that’s basically it you don’t have to pay for of course you go into SEO and all that and that’s for a whole other conversation but when you’re publishing all this content all the time to help your site go up in rankings and get more customers you’re going to be spending a lot of time making an email every single time you do this so instead the best way I want to do it is to create a template using RSS emails to where it takes the title it and mix it like the subject line it will take the link to the post put an email for you take the first few sentences and put it in there so they can continue reading that email I showed you a minute ago is just like that see you you get all of this from a template I did not write this this is automatically generated when I created this blog post and I got this from a very successful blogger and marketer okay this stuff really works so it takes you know the first few sentences from my article it to continue reading it goes to this link it’s automatically generated to go to the link to this article it goes through this here enjoy the post my name is Justin all this stuff and that is how you do that to actually you know get what you need to do when it comes to creating RSS emails a lot of them will have it like it responds and things like that you just go up there you put in the RSS feed and you say how frequently you want it to do it maybe once a week if you want to do like a few articles and bulk in one email I break them in that if you publish a whole lot of blog posts or like multiple posts per day you want to probably do that or if you just post one or less per day like one every few days maybe like most bloggers do then you can just do it every time you publish it when you press publish it will automatically send that email that way you’ll get more traffic but RSS emails you should set those up so you don’t have to write a new email every time you we should block those decide if templates make sense for you so templates of course we have here’s kind of a difference like the email I was showing you mine is more personal because I’m branding myself my website my personal brand things like that I’m not trying to act like I’m a corporation because I don’t have corporation or do I want one okay my business is mostly online based this one in particular and you say udemy which is a bigger brand a corporation you know a company I guess would be a better word for it they have a brand you don’t you know who started the company but the company itself is sending emails on behalf of their company brand so they have more of a professional more pictures and all its fancy stuff in their emails but if you’re branding yourself more than anything and you’re just kind of a small business you’re trying to sell specific things may be your consultant maybe you do coaching maybe you sell your own products things like that you want to do just a normal text base email because then it looks more like a personal style you know person to person email that you would get from a friend Oh also you need to optimize for mobile almost 50 about 50% of email is open on phones now and obviously it’s going up pretty rapidly so you know it’ll take over and more people be seeing their email on their smart phones than on their computers so you can’t afford to not have mobile optimized emails okay and some of them will show you a mobile preview as you can kind of see below but nothing you need to do is when you send those test emails open it on your smart phone doing that and making sure it’s legible you know tinker around with the the size of the font and things like that make sure what’s good before you send it to hundreds or thousands of subscribers you short and sweet copywriting what I mean by this is just keep your senses short and don’t cram a lot into big paragraphs and make sure that these sentences the paragraphs do not go off the page especially on like a smart phone okay you don’t want people having to scroll with left and right on their smart phones trying to read it they won’t do it like I said the easier you make it the better conversions you get so make it to where they can read everything quickly don’t make your emails too long make this make the sentences short and sweet so they can just skim over it and get the idea and click on the link don’t email too often you don’t want to send multiple emails every day I know some people think that this is the best way to do business but even if you’re getting a lot of subscribers you’re going to know a big chunk of them by seeing them too many emails okay I recommend a day at the most probably one every other day would be best you can test different ways but don’t send multiple emails in one day unless you’re just having a big sale or something that ends at midnight or if you’re having multiple reminders about a webinar that starts today otherwise you know unless there’s an urgent reminder or something for them don’t email a bunch of times in one day double-check your links your links are what gets you your business it gets you your traffic it gets you your views on your sales videos it gets you your customers on the sales page to be able to buy things if you don’t get your links working you’re not going to get any sales you’re not going to get much traffic from your email list please double-check your wines before sending emails it’s just a common thing you need to do a lot of people you know they try to blow through this stuff and do it too fast and then they they forget to include just the basic essentials and last but always avoid triggering spam filters spam filters you may or may not know about but using like five or six links in one email and very little text using too many images you know using to mate all cap words using that using spammy words like make money online or things that would imply a scam don’t do any of that kind of stuff because it will avoid you can it’ll it will trigger while spam filters and your emails will automatically go into the spam folder for your subscribers and they will never even see your emails I mean do you even check your spam felt your spam folder I seriously doubt it I don’t check mine you probably don’t check yours nobody does so they’re not going to see your emails if it ends up there so make sure your emails are genuine they are playing by the rules and you’ll avoid that completely I also encourage you to look up on Google or whatever your search engine is to figure out what spam words trigger those filters just to make sure you’re not using them okay so that’s it for this video with a little bit a little bit longer than I wanted but I want to you know spend a little time explaining each point make sure you understood exactly what you need to do exactly how to get past the beginning stages and get into the more advanced stages of email marketing getting better sales things like that so if you learn some stuff from this video please like it we subscribe I’ll have more coming your way more advanced tactics more tactics and marketing developing your mindset and things like that to help you be a better entrepreneur and get better results with no matter what your business is and so liking the video would also help me out and just let me know that I’m putting something out that actually helps you which is my goal here and don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you thought about the video what’s your favorite point was or if you want to add a point that might help other beginners an email marketing may be shared past experience that you learn from you know we’re just trying to help everybody create a little community here on this YouTube channel and make us all better marketers and learn together ok so and on top of that don’t forget to visit us at self-made success.com where we’ll have even more resources and things like that for you and other than that that’s about it for this video and I’ll see you in the next one hope you have a great day you

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