Tech Tonics: Navigating the Healthcare Highway with Megan Callahan, Lyft’s Head of Healthcare

Veering off her initial plan to become a physician, Megan obtained an Masters in Public Health and headed into epidemiology, looking at underserved populations devastated by cancer in the strip-mining city of Pueblo, CO.. But seeing that her ability to earn a meaningful influence was limited, she headed down a different, more business-oriented route, first at firms including Anderson Consulting and HealthNet, however afterwards finding her way into a rabbit of people that went from startup to startup collectively. She learned some wonderful lessons regarding entrepreneurship but some ones.
Today’s episode is sponsored by Manatt Health–a services firm that integrates a full service law firm and also a business and policy consulting practice to assist its customers grow and prosper. Manatt Health supports the entire array of stakeholders in changing America’s healthcare system.
Lyft known as Megan from the blue while she had been taking a sabbatical; the business couldn’t have known that Megan’s own cancer experience painfully highlighted the importance of transport support. Megan jumped at the chance to join her experiences as a patient with her devotion to serving those in need. An interesting revelation has characterized moving from conventional healthcare players to Lyft being frees one to think at ways our traditional system sometime forgets to do and the healthcare voice at a company compels you to depart the jargon behind.

Content Delivery Sharing – Intel Chip Chat Network Insights – Episode 214

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Intel Chip Chat – Network Insights Music podcast with Allyson Klein: Mark Fisher, VP Marketing and Business Development at Qwilt joins Intel® Chip Chat Network Insights to Talk about the Way Qwilt is changing the game around content delivery. Qwilt is addressing the biggest barriers facing service providers now with the launch of their open advantage CDN (content delivery network). Mark shares how he imagines that the transition from metal to virtualize CDN will happen for cable operators and service providers. Learn what exactly ’ s next after CDN, and more about industry trends. Qwilt is currently a founding member of the Streaming Video Alliance that made to accelerate ecosystem cooperation and handle the absence of standardization, in order to induce the development towards a media world that is really immersive.

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