10 Easy Ways To Triple Your Profits Fast

“It is much easier to put existing resources to better use than to develop resources where they do not exist.” ~ George Soros

If your business is already making a little money, sometimes it takes very little to produce a surge of profits.

Here are 10 simple ways you can turn your small profits into a growing fortune. Don’t let the ease or simplicity of these strategies fool you. Together, all ten can help you make at least 3 times the money you’re making right now.

  1. Give people the benefits they want the most. Solve their biggest problems.
  2. Develop products and services that appeal to your specific market.
  3. Make sure those items have the largest profit margin possible.
  4. Develop marketing systems that help you attract the right prospects and communicate the right message to them, while you repel the wrong people.
  5. Reach and sell to those people as fast as possible for the largest profit.
  6. Profitably re-sell to them as often as possible.
  7. Create sales messages that build strong bonds with your customers.
  8. Position yourself so you are unique compared to your competitors.
  9. Create marketing strategies that allow you to control the selling process.
  10. Make specific offers to your customers on an ongoing basis, compelling them to come to you instead of waiting for them to come on their own.

All marketing should cover these key areas.

Good offers can be structured in many different ways, but they all have one thing in common:

They do everything possible to persuade prospects and customers to take action right away, not later.

Think deeply about these things and how you can implement them in your marketing plan, because they’re all very important parts of the process. Don’t be overwhelmed.

It can take a lot of time and work to develop all of these things in your business. Start by getting on the other side of the cash register, examining the situation from the perspective of the marketer you are, not just as a customer.

As you become a more serious student of marketing, you’ll see common denominators used over and over by a wide variety of companies, which will help you identify the “secrets” behind their success.

The good news is that you have a lot of sharp marketers to study and learn from, even better, the strategies and methods they’re using are very transferable.

In other words, you can use those same means to achieve your own profitable pursuits.

Put your thinking cap on. Find ways to implement these strategies. And you can quickly triple your current profits – or do even better.

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