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[UltraVid id=45 ]awesome awesome well first of all thank you audit for that intro that was quite amazing and you know before I even start with anything I’m kind of looking around this crowd and looking at all of you guys and I wanted like congratulate you guys for taking action I mean it’s a really big thing to come out here and take your time I remember again when I was first starting going to events was the way that I could do everything from networking to learning and getting yourself all motivated so congratulations here you guys give yourselves a round of applause for being here today okay all right all right cool awesome so as onyx said today I’m gonna talk about the ten things that people should know about email marketing in 2015 now all you guys obviously profit Academy phase one teaches you all about email marketing now he teaches you everything from opt-in pages and building listen yada yada yada I’m not going to go over all that because you guys have all that knowledge but there’s a lot of hidden knowledge that continuously changes throughout the day so before I get into that though just for those who don’t know who I am I wanted to kind of go over Who I am real quick okay so I’m gonna look at my screen while I talk so I’ve been doing internet marketing for a little over six years now it was actually April 2009 that I actually started doing internet marketing so six years one month now so that’s when I started working with onic I am the CEO and co-founder of send link um a lot of you guys are on Stan Lane thank you so you know with that I actually actually am also the CEO and a Managing Partner of a leading Las Vegas clothing boutique as well so I’ve got my hands and like all sorts of things and of course I run my own thing my claim to fame right now at this point is that you know I’ve been responsible for Oh being part of over 50 million dollars in product launches so thank you and email marketing alone makes me over 2 million dollars a year that’s where I clear last year so email marketing works the basics work so that’s what I’m gonna do but before all this I’m gonna kinda give you guys a background who I am and I kind of preface it and kind of shared with you guys everything that I do and you know what I came from but we just started talking about who I am right this is kind of my story right so I started off washing cards at the age of 16 right so throughout the ears right I kind of moved up the ranks really fast it was actually really fun at this age of 16 at 17 I got promoted to head lot attendant then I moved up into the sales guy finance manager then next thing I know I went into finance director position general sales manager and eventually became a general manager at the age of 25 I was actually one of the youngest general managers in the USA for General Motors thank you thank you and you know I ran a Saturn store and actually rents three Saturn stores and you know when that 2007-2008 thing hit right over you guys all remember the old bankruptcy of the bubble burst and everything happened General Motors said buy the Saturn right and that’s when that mindset changed right like I didn’t know what to do so you know at that point I was actually offered to stay as a part ownership in a brand new Kia dealership that they were opening and I actually declined because I was just tired of doing the same thing over and over again everybody’s here because you guys want to make a change in her life right that’s that’s the idea right that’s the important thing right so even myself at that point I was making multi six figures at that point it wasn’t like I wasn’t making a lot of money but as I said 12 14 16 hour days constantly on my phone that that’s that whole trip that he talks about that was my one-week vacation that I got out of a whole year no man you know what I mean like that’s all I got I was working Saturdays almost all the time sometimes Sundays depending on the time of the month of course if we had sales Porter’s to me I know so it was a tough gig right so I talked about this he kind of talked about so it was roughly 2007 onager he talked about it we met in Vegas we had a good old time we became really good friends right we began really good we never talked about internet marketing we just kind of we just kind of you know we would just kind of dabble like what do you do what do you do kind of deal but most time we’re talking about their stuff you know so soft TV movies etc right what were friends do right that’s exactly what we did well it was 2007-2008 right sorry I skipped forward 2007-2008 that I had realized that I wanted to make a change right this is where it’s hard to make that change and that’s when this happened so basically he already went over this we had a barter almost teach me internet marketing show me what you’re doing I will fix your business that’s what I said I will fix your business and you know he gave you a story again I don’t want to keep going into it because I want to get into the meat of the content today but just to give me an idea that’s kind of what we did that’s how I started and that’s where I am today and now six plus years later I’m here standing in front of all of you guys it’s really exciting to be here and talking to everybody all about email marketing so let’s let’s talk about the goals here today okay and now I see all these people taking notes just FYI at the end of the presentation I’ll give you guys a link where you can download the presentation today so you guys have okay yeah so I figured it would help instead of all those no cuz I don’t know about you guys know my handwriting is like terrible so if I wrote all these notes I would like look at the end of me like then it didn’t mean anything to me anyway so so I put the presentation down obviously and I’m sure they’re recording it as well so here’s what the goals I just share my wisdom on email marketing you guys are all email marketers no matter what you’re doing in marketing no matter what niche you’re in no matter what Avenue in the world from retail to Internet anything you do you should be using email marketing it’s the future it’s here it’s not gonna go away anytime soon you guys all wake up and check your email in the morning everyone else does I mean you guys aren’t anything special versus anyone else in the world I’ll check the email in the morning so why would email ever go away but you got to become a better email marketer you are now in a big web of inboxes basically everybody is in there right how many people like you wake up how many p.m. got like 50 emails a day when you wake up every morning right look at that you guys all get it right so how do you speak yourself stand out how do you make yourself make sure that you’re in the email inbox and that’s what I’m gonna teach you guys today and that’s what talk to you guys about today so these are my best practices for 2015 okay these are my 10 best practices for 2015 I’m just gonna go right into it there’s a lot of content we’re gonna talk about I might say something that goes over your head it’s okay it’s not supposed to be perfect for you guys right now but as you guys grow your business my goal obviously is to make sure that you can go ahead and implement that into your business okay so the first things first I talked about this is a big thing that a lot of people don’t talk about that happened in the beginning of this year it’s called SEO for email fancy thing up there so basically SEO for email what is it okay so what what is alright so the idea of copying an email no longer works now what do I mean by that you guys are taught with email marketing that you’re supposed to go off and find an affiliate offer and write an email right but a lot of times the JV page or the affiliate page will actually give you emails that you can copy you guys know what I’m talking about here yes okay good so that no longer works in 2015 doing that will hurt your inbox what you should be doing with that is that you should be using it as a guidance just a simple guidance of how to write it now I’m gonna give you guys an example of that because I always feel like it makes more sense when I give you this example so here’s my example I tell you right I have a very special this is what the original would say I have a very special video in which you’ll learn how to open your very online business right that’s the original that they give you now you just want to speak it in your own words saying the same message while still giving that same message but changing it so that it’s not the same so not every person who went to that page is copying the same thing so in this case I wrote if you’ve been thinking about opening an online business I have a very special video that you need a watch right it still delivers the same message but it’s just in your own voice does that make sense very simple change like that and now there’s gonna do two things for you it’s not even just doing it for deliverability but it also helps you build your mind up for creating your own voice it’s very important to create your own voice in email marketing everyone has their followers you guys listen tonic you guys have a listen Sonia you guys listen to Mike everybody here has in style right if you’re under email list you have a different style that you receive from every marketer right that’s because they all have their own voice the successful marketers will always have their own voice because you have to be able to share in your words so that’s my first thing okay now number two I want to talk about using free email service such as Gmail Yahoo Hotmail Bing any of those services versus a domain name versus the idea of a domain name how many people do your email marketing use like free services gmail email Wow nobody know a couple people you guys are shy it’s okay alright so using your email service free verse things so basically let’s talk about this right now okay so this is when you’re sending an email from like Jimmy Kim at gmail.com for example right as opposed to Jimmy and Jimmy Kim calm or something like that right so the idea for people that get scared right I was talking to a lady I don’t remember who I spoke to her a little bit earlier up she’s over there just talking up to me about that she said how do I get my email into a domain name but without buying all the hosting without all the technical stuff so I kind of laid it out here today with you guys okay you buy a 10 dollar domain you Ford your free email service so what do I mean by that basically when you buy one if you use Namecheap GoDaddy any of these services actually in the back end and those things if you go there’s there’s an option called email forwarding you can just set it up where you write Jimmy and let’s say I bought Jimmy Kim not net which is my domain right so if I say Jimmy and Jimmy Kim know me net forwards off to my email address my gmail address okay I haven’t bought any hosting I haven’t had to do anything I spent $10 to have a personalized email address right that alone will help your delivery that’s important because I’m gonna tell you why okay so it’s a first it creates a trusted domain name gmail is like Gmail Yahoo all those the free services are what the spammers use they’ll spam you with these free ones because they’ll just turn and churn right so when you have an email address where you have people listening to you you create this you create this trust in the in the domain right ESP is the email Google and a gmail everybody who’s in boxing into your inbox they have to trust your domain it also allows whitelist and you guys have seen the way listing you’ll see other marketers to whitelist my email address you guys have seen that right yeah so that’s what that does too and then yeah I already talked about that so that’s supposed to be a safe region emails by the way I must’ve been hungry when I was writing that all right so and then the trusted trusted sender email okay so that that’s kind of like the really small tidbit that takes ten dollars five minutes of your time and she should be doing for all your businesses don’t use Gmail to send from this is your sender you know this is when you’re sending that from name right the from name of whoever you’re sending from so if I says Jimmy Kim the from name next to it right wherever it’s coming to email this is what I’m talking about in using for your email so make sure you’re using these domain names it’s ten dollars it’s real easy it’s right in the backend it’s called email forty you can’t miss it so it’s very simple and straightforward okay so the third thing I talk about is list scrubbing how many people here have a list already raise hands so he’s a good see okay we’ve got a good good amount like okay gotcha all right so what is list scrubbing right okay deleting old emails now the idea of deleting old email sounds like crazy right I’m gonna go over an example why it’s so important again in 2015 all right so why is it important and how you do it all right so I always say don’t be afraid okay so what is the idea of Lists go and basically you have emails and people are on your email list now you guys know what open rates are and so forth right you guys are familiar with that term so the open rate idea is basically what percentage of people are opening your emails okay now here’s the question for you if someone’s been on your email for 60 or 90 days and it haven’t opened a single email from you at this time do you think they’re gonna open an email from you on the 91st day on 120th day no right they’re not gonna keep open your emails so why are they on your email service why are you paying more money for your autoresponder service to have a bigger list right when you’re not actually delivering an email to them so the idea of list scrubbing is so important the doing a listing list scrubbing is like the thing to do these days I’m deleting people off my list at and ninety days if they haven’t responded to me they’re gone why because when you’re delivering email the smaller email is the better the delivery let’s just keep the people that are active on your email list let’s not talk to the people that don’t want to hear you okay so I’m gonna give you an example on this this example actually goes to onyx business because I do help on it with his email delivery and this is actually a really fun example so the first time I came to onic with this I said on ‘ok your email this is bloated your email list is old we got to do something about it and I said I’m gonna delete a hundred thousand people off your email list 100 thousand people now you guys already gone whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh hundred thousand people it’s crazy right well I said you know it’s okay trust me on this we’ll save it so just in case something go bad goes and I’m wrong we’ll save it right but trust me I’ve done my research I understand how this works I’ve been doing it myself let’s do it so let me give you guys the results right we delete a hundred thousand people right we actually the first email campaign immediately we start seeing results instantly right we see better opens and talking about more opens not just a percentage right we see better clicks and over time this actually increased because the domain trust increased it basically there was more openness so like Gmail Yahoo Bing all these people do people who have email addresses I mean email services are looking at Onix emails and going oh I really trust they really trust him because more people are opening so what happens is even the ones that weren’t in boxing at one point another for any other reason our starting to inbox they’re starting to show up in their inboxes so it helps that delivery okay so there’s that one all right so number four this is something I believe on it talks about this a lot it’s called link cloaking I found this fancy image on Google and it actually kind of represents exactly what it does it takes a link and it masks it okay and let me tell you guys why it’s important and this this is a service that will cost you anywhere from there’s free services out there I don’t even know which ones are the good ones there aren’t free but on the paid ones there’s a lot of ones out there I’ve seen from you know I’m sure you guys have heard like hyper tracker click magic there’s a couple other companies out there there’s ones you can install yourself now that’s not important what I want to talk to you about is why you want to link cloak okay so what is it why is important okay so here’s why it’s important okay first of all you guys are buying solo ads you guys are buying traffic you guys are doing all sorts of things with email you guys are spending money to invest and grow your business okay a link cloaker allows you to track your clicks to the T allows you to see your uniques it allows you to see your raw clicks these are important why because if you buy 500 clicks from somebody or a thousand clicks from somebody don’t you want to see that that’s delivered to you what you want to see that you’re actually getting those clicks now the second thing attracts location it’s kind of cool you can actually a lot of these things will show you where the location of the clicks are coming from for example if you’re seeing it overseas or mobile or whatnot and you know how to adjust your page the third thing that’s mobile and desktop and it gives you real time data that’s the coolest thing a lot of these services platforms they don’t really give you that real time data that you want I know click on imme gives you it inside their system but you still want to do this and I’ll continue on why okay let me give me an example okay so you send out email you use the wrong link has anyone sent an email and use the wrong link yet no no but I see a couple hands a shy it’s okay don’t be afraid nice I use the wrong link all the time on it does we all do this that’s why we have a click tracker in place okay okay with link cloaking it allows you to change your URL on the fly okay let’s say you send that email something’s wrong there page crashes there’s server crashes something happens and happens so this is what happened so if a door closes on the offer so let’s just say door closed you can’t promote it anymore you can just redirect the traffic find something similar send it to that offer is not converting I mean you guys have promoted offers already with your email list if your offer is not converting you can redirect that traffic as well and if the offer is down I just said that in the pages crash redirect the traffic because the thing is if you’re sending traffic to a page that’s closed not converting or or pages down you’re just wasting traffic your email is your traffic your email is your targeted traffic that you’re driving to web pages right not only is it affecting your pockets or your income but it’s also affecting your you know your delivery as well your customers trust right because they’re like clicking on a link and it says 404 page not found or doors closed it’s upsetting to some people and it’s unnecessary if you just cloak your can use a simple service you can get that taken care of right the next thing I talk about best time to email so this has been a topic and you know what I talk about my best times to email it’s kind of its subjective I guess I can’t tell you that this is 100% perfect but I’m telling you from my best practices from what I do in my companies and what we recommend to everybody because it’s kind of important to know what time to email you know I know some people will email whatever they feel like it some people in the morning at night but there’s actually a time frame if you can continue to email on the same timeframe to most people you actually continue to build that trust so if you know that on extends an email at 9:00 a.m. you know at 9:00 a.m. when you see email come through it might be from otic right the idea is to kind of train your customers not only it’s not only good to practice but it’s also to train your customers okay so what is the best time an email so this is my personal experience so these are the two time frames and I find is my best time to email 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and 3 to 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time so those have been my proven tests I’ve tested it ranged and whatnot I mean you can go through from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. is when you’re attentive why 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. is either when they’re getting up showing up to work 3 to 4 p.m. and people are getting checked out of the work right they’re all ready to leave 3 o’clock rolls are I mean if you guys have a job and I remember 3 4 or 5 o’clock rolls around I’m ready to leave I’m gone and my mental you know what I mean like I’m already out of the out of it and then Sunday through Thursday so Sunday through Thursday has always been my best emails and then Friday until 12 o’clock and a Saturday is worse so those have been my personal results and those who haven’t personal results I share them with all my friends and everybody who does this usually gets the maximum amount of attention so it’s very important to try to pinpoint an email but those have been my time so you know since I’m here and I’m representing Stanley and I actually for those I know I have a lot of customers here who are partisan Lee I actually have a really cool feature coming that we had created it’s called optimized opens ok based in minutes just kind of give you an overview of it I just wanted to talk about it real quick I kind of wanted to see what you guys thought about it so at the same time right so it’s a unique basic takes your subscribers and optimize the centimes for best delivery basically if customer a opens his his or her memos at 9:00 a.m. every day and customer B opens their emails at 4:00 p.m. every day customer C opens their emails at 7 p.m. every day right that idea right our system will actually gather the time that they’re getting their open their emails the best create an average and when you click on the optimized opens button it’s going to send that email at that exact time so if I know that customer only opens at 9:00 a.m. thank you so so if I know customer a only opens the emails at 9:00 a.m. every time I click that button they’re only gonna need an email at 9:00 a.m. if they open at 3:00 p.m. they’re only gonna email at 3:00 p.m. so that’s actually like a really cool thing the thought process behind that is everybody has their things like for myself I wake up in the morning I check my email and then I forget about it till probably like midday sometime and I’ll check my email again but I’m sure if you went back and looked at my email history I’d probably have a kind of an average there right somewhere that I opened my email is very often so that’s what we’ve been working on instantly and making sure because we realized that unique need for this so number four number six I’m sorry that’s how much trigger words okay this is another thing this is the more of a best practice again that you should be thinking about when you’re doing it now if you’re I I had an argument with my CTO back there about this because we’re talking about this because it’s like this I’d rather teach you guys the practices that she should use now and implement your new do your business while you’re growing then just just use things that are just things that are not always right so if your Apple or your you know one of these large companies you could probably get away with using all these words because it won’t matter you’ve got an audience but if you’re anybody else even myself I don’t use these words on purpose okay so if you go into your junk or spam folder you’re gonna see these words use a lot these are the words at every spammer and everything basically have ruined the words they’ve that’s the best way I explain it they’ve ruined the words for him so you know say we want to be to try to avoid them as much as possible and use it sparsely okay and of course I just mentioned it domain reputation helps a lot in this instance the idea of having a reputable domain and having a lot of opens this is where that whole list scrubbing thing comes in if you have a very active audience a lot of these words won’t apply but especially when you’re new and you’re building up your list and your lists are small these are very important because these are the things that the email service providers look for okay now again you guys will have a thing here do you don’t need to go try to write all these down but these are just just a handful of them basically of ones that putting him in to your email can actually hurt you especially when you’re smaller this is just a small list of my I couldn’t even put him on a page I was trying to put more there’s more but you’ll see things that you’ve seen make money weight loss free even the word free you’ve got to use that and you know I’ve seen I’ve had customers that send our sudden that’s a ticket and basically say you know I can’t get this email to inbox I can’t get this email INBOX what’s going on I think oh let me look at your you know that you’re sending they’ve got free something free this free that for you this when you put when you abuse a word especially a trigger word and almost automatic dibs so I deleted all the free words and seconds later inboxes it’s amazing how that little little word can screw up your whole email you know and I’m gonna talk about that a little bit more on number 10 – so let’s talk about seven the ideal subject line okay this again is something with my ears and experience with email marketing I kind of always talk about let’s make sure you’re a subject line is ideal you’ve seen the long ones using this short ones what’s the ideal thought process before you okay now we know subject line it’s most critical it’s like the 10 15 seconds that you have each person I’m browsing through my emails every morning I’m looking at the subject line if it doesn’t capture my attention I’m probably moving on so it’s very important and it’s especially as an email marketer alright so here’s the thing you want to use 50 characters or less that’s six to ten words max no one use anymore basically that’s what fills a frame on a mobile and mobile device mostly and on a desktop it can go a little bit longer but you know with 50 percent of your traffic nowadays coming on it’s very important to be mobile optimized so we say 50 characters or less that includes the space as a character obviously okay make sure your from name is very clear you’re from name like if it’s Jimmy can be Jimmy Kim you don’t have to be you know bunch of arrows and spaces and asterisks all over your name that doesn’t help be clear be clear who you are that’s that’s one thing that I keep telling my students now let’s talk about this avoid all caps lots of punctuation z’ repetitive words and trigger words I’m gonna go over each one real quick okay first of all writing your subject in all caps is going to be almost a sure way to to hit a spam filter of some sort just because it just is unnecessary you don’t need to do it you know in the internet world when you cut when you type in all caps you know you’re shouting at someone right that’s what it means it means you’re shouting at someone no one wants to get shouted at even if it’s virtually through email so let’s shout at your customers okay punctuation you know it’s a talk about locks of punctuation because this is something I learned early on using an abundance of punctuation through your emails exclamation points question marks you know ellipses anything that you’re using that you’re you know you’re using through your email be careful you want to use three two three four types of punctuation in your email max outside of that you start risking yourself into the spam filter that’s basically where it comes down to and of course repetitive words when you’re saying very very or you know anything used to repeat again is not good for delivery as well okay and then of course trigger words that’s pretty self-explanatory all right so the next thing I talked about in number eight is email templates and versus the plain HTML basically you guys have seen a fancy and a plain and this I’m gonna bring in a example again that ionic and I had talked about because I think he even made a blog post about it because I knew the answer to this but he wanted to prove me wrong and I don’t know if a nice even in here right now but when when we did it basically we said you know I kept tone and look the whole fancy mail thing doesn’t work okay it’s great for branding it’s great to have a reference tation but the fancy email actually hurts your delivery and it will increase the chances of you being in the promo box that promotional box is always looking for templates one of the algorithms behind especially Gmail because they have the promotional box now right that is they’re always looking for a consistency of email templates right an image boxes special things basically making it look like fancy you know like the same template every time with the same words in there right so a chance of getting into your promo tab increased significantly by using a very nice template our best recommendation a plain HTML email a very simple plain one just the way did you guys see onyx sent to you guys that’s the way that you should be sending as well don’t get fancy there’s no need to do it we’ve tested it over and over again okay so we did that same images we talked about the same images you know recently I had a test work I had an affiliate more affiliates I was promoting something and they had these images in there right these cool banners and stuff oh use these in days email so I tested I said you know what I have a feeling that it’s not gonna work very well for me so I tested it I copied an image put it in my email and I tested it and believe it or not ended up in a promotional tab the reason why is you know I said earlier about Google SEO that image has an SEO you know did you know Google takes that image and they running through their filters right you can actually take an image and put it into Google and it’ll tell you where it came from it’s actually really important it doesn’t backwards just an email too so if they see it heavily used they must sue you must be a promotion real simple and straightforward even even worse down to the bottom there the same Endura signature as the legal mumbo-jumbo I’ve seen markers that write this huge legal mumbo jumbo on the bottom of the page I get it they’re trying to protect themselves but that’s gonna Lane gen approach the filter as well it really is it’s not about the email service using it’s not about the car it’s not even about the content it has almost to do with just your template and your images that’s really how you end up in a promotional tablet so now I’m going to talk about example here oh whoops alright well I missed the slide I can tell all right so basically there was a there was a basic I’m gonna just kind of laid out and picture it here because that’s the only way I can share there was an email test a tonic and I did there was email a an email B email a was fancy have pictures of him a big big like movie play button in the center of it a bunch of words all around it a big header a big picture of him and he said oh this is gonna do way better than everything else okay and I said okay well you send that and it will split test that and send it a very plain same message the same subject line everything else we’re gonna leave exactly the same okay let’s test it let’s see what happens okay so here’s the results okay oops so here are the results all right so we did the fancy one all right we had an open rate of 17.7 two percent and a click-through at four point one three percent okay and there was a results of the plain one plain text was twenty point three seven percent and the click-through rate was eleven point four eight percent I mean you guys can see the significance in detail there right that’s that’s pretty big if your email lists a hundred thousand people think about how many people you’re adding to that open and especially look at the click-through rate and the reason why was you’re not the change in a template was a big deal that’s the whole fancy verses are clean the clean it kind of got right to the point here’s the email and you read it click it right we’re all marketers we’re not we’re not trying to bring well we are trying to brand we are trying to brand ourselves okay we are trying to brand ourselves but at the same time you still want to deliver the emails because this is your business and every email you send though would be content or a promotion you still want to you still want to get in their face no matter what you want them to open you want them to click you want them to be attentive to you or else it’s a wasted email so these are very important the next time I talk about call to actions call to actions are fun because well call to actions are important and I see marketers not use it often enough actually we actually again another recent test we we started testing with and I was like I know the call of action is so important we got to get up top so here’s what I talked about a call to action bring it early and often okay so this one’s real simple very simple bring the call of action within the first few lines okay get that call of action they’re opening the email because they know you have something to deliver make sure there’s always a call of action at the same time don’t send emails without a call-to-action because they have nothing to click on if they open it that’s great but you gotta get trained the idea of having a call to action is training regardless of its content or it’s a promotion you want them to train him to click on something right and then the second thing is you want to bring it up in the first few lines because if you’re like me I open an email like this and if I start reading the first few lines and I’m bored because it didn’t tell me what’s going on it’s giving me this long story about something or another I closed it because it’s not attentive to me I need to make sure that call of action what you’re doing is told up front as fast as possible so within the first four lines I would say get that call to action going all right so at least three times per email as often as possible and use HTML cloaking to display you know there’s there’s this is another fight that we have between marketers is basically these show a display like a naked link versus basically going click here to find out more information or get more information by going here that idea in what I think and what my personal experience has been is that using that HTML cloak allows you to get better clicks gets better clicks in your system because basically the idea is if you don’t if you mask it you’re never displaying what they’re clicking on people are funny you know they see a link it looks crazy it looks weird they don’t click on it because they might think it’s bad it might be malicious etc okay the last thing a number 10 that I kind of talked to and I kind of talked to everybody it’s one of the most important important things that I learned this past two years that has dramatically increased my in boxing and dramatically increased my email marketing has been testing so what am I talking about here testing testing and retesting okay I just keep writing a test okay so basically the idea of any autoresponder regardless once you send lane or using any of the other autoresponder companies out there the idea is they all have this little test button you guys have all seen a test button right you know you know what I’m talking about there’s a glove some don’t okay well when you’re in the email campaign after you the email out out there’s a little button that says test it sends to your email okay now a lot of times you’ll be fine but there’s no small percentage of times because you use the trigger word use something special that you’re not getting in boxed you’re not showing up in your inbox you’ll hit test they’ll sit there and wait wait nothing if you jump over your jump and chunk or spam folder chances are your emails over there and a lot of times it’s just one simple tweak will get you right out of that junk in spam box it could be from a link it could be from just something you use a trigger word it could even be your subject line so sometimes you need a test your emails especially your autoresponders because you know those autoresponders our follow up by itself you never get a test in after you test day one so you don’t mean and make sure those are tested perfectly that their inbox in the day that you put them in there because if you’re not testing because if your first one doesn’t go in guess what happens your second email it’s not gonna go in either and 30-mil they’re not gonna go and now you wasted three four five six days an email with your people because you didn’t test okay means more opens more clicks more trust and a potential whitelisting your email okay so let me talk to you guys about whitelisting how cool like I talked about say about Gmail guys because Gmail is like 80% plus of users now that’s what people use these days so we always focus on Gmail as our number one delivery platform because we always want to deliver on Gmail first and I won’t worry about the other free services out there next okay so what is domain whitelist or user trust okay obviously there’s one way people can actually go in there and what’s that going hit that little like Oh add to favorites you know some markers will tell you to add to favorites put on your thing well I’m sure you guys like with me I’m lazy I’m not gonna I don’t do that right it’s not in my mind to do that I’m not gonna go and take six steps just so someone can send me a promotion a promotional email or you know I mean anyways so I kind of pulled up this week here so in these two emails this was an identical email this is an identical email on my thing now there’s a difference that you guys are seeing up here okay you guys track the difference yet anyone see it yes yes you see it right so the top one will tell you JV at bullet lists and other one doesn’t have it right you notice that the funny thing is it’s the same email and two different inboxes here’s the difference the top one is showing you an untrusted email basically one that is coming from an email that isn’t on your trust list right and the second one is trusted that second one regardless how spam your messages almost 99% on time will inbox because your trusted you trust this user okay so now why do I bring this up in testing so I talked about testing because when you’re testing your emails you know I don’t know what you guys but I have multiple emails okay I have a lot of email as I do with different emails read different companies it’s important to have these different emails for testing for your email marketing company so when you’re testing you want to make sure that it looks like the top one there you want to make sure that it’s always showing if you ever hit a test and you test your Platt test your email out to yourself and it shows like this you need to go to a different email because that one is now trusted and it’s no longer gonna it’s no longer going to show you advise you against it okay so the top one sorry so the top one is the good one that’s the one you want to see every time you send that email every time you send that test you want to see the top one they’re not the bottom one the bottom one is basically basically trusted and shows up on your domain saying that your Gmail or whatever in this case it’s Gmail they’ve put it in your trusted inbox so basically whatever that person emails you they’re always gonna land in your inbox no matter what the top one is what your customers are gonna see most likely because when their first new their first your autoresponder they’re not trusted yet right they don’t trust you they don’t know who you are yet so it’s very important to do that so yes correct but you always want to test and make sure you’re doing the top one correct you got it so what he just said is whenever you’re doing it when you’re testing it you should always make sure it looks like the top one as your email list grows and your people continue to subscribe to you they’re gonna start seeing something more like the bottom one because they’re now on your trusted list but no matter what every email you send any autoresponder you sent you always want to make sure when your tests show up in your inbox that they look like the top one there where it shows your email address as you’re right next to your from name it’s very important okay so testing has been like my big thing this year I talked about on it all the time about testing testing testing how important it is to make sure that your testing okay so I have no idea what time it is here 310 okay all right so I think I have some time for Q&A actually I think I blew through this a little fast alright so we’ll do a little Q&A but first of all download if you want to download it there’s the URL even download the whole presentation go back through it a couple times I know that my presentation will go over some people probably got it some people didn’t get it so it’s very important but there is my presentation you guys can go ahead and download it Oh I broke it sorry I one second yes work no hold on we’re going to end I don’t know how to get shoes one second guys all right that should work yes no oh there it goes okay there it goes it’s actually really easy Jimmy Kim net backslash profit Academy he’ll just go on there let’s say download button it’s a PowerPoint presentation you can download it kind of go through it again if you miss something if you couldn’t see it you can grab it from there so I think I have a few minutes actually I can do some Q&A all about email so let’s open it up yes correct that is that’s exactly the right idea so yes basically I think I I think I understand what you are asking basically if you let’s just say use this link and let’s just say you wanted to send to a promotion today and you sent an email right and let’s just a page isn’t working your links not working what a cloak tracker does it gives you a back end ability basically your back end is where you’re entering your link in okay I think he has a section in his course about improv in accounting about this but basically it allows you to change that to whatever you want it on a fly on a simple fly of changing that domain so if you want to if you put google.com in there and you had hit Send and then two minutes later you notice that oh I spelled Google wrong I put two G’s and there are two O’s or something extra in there you can go in there and correct it real fast as opposed to a typical email in which you’re sending an email and you don’t have the ability to control once you send that email off of the cyberspace you can’t change that link so make sure you’re protecting yourself with cloaking it basically masking so you can use a tracker with it as well okay that makes sense correct got it yep hi Jimmy thank you for a really awesome presentation okay okay for Jimmy okay so I’ve been using for a long time now Aweber as my email provider and I found this service that’s called a aw Pro Tools I don’t know you familiar with it tools it allows you to cloak links and move people from you it does a lot of things okay but the thing that I’m not sure about is when you use the link created by that it folks it and it does track clicks and everything that’s going on but Aweber doesn’t track what’s going on so I wasn’t sure which one was best what do you mean Aweber doesn’t track usually when I use this one and somebody clicks it on it Aweber shows zero clicks but this one so maybe it’s not a very good I don’t I don’t think it’s anything to do that has nothing to do with this company years using it’s probably your settings when your email or using a plain text email probably Shantz no I use HTML email but I use plain text as you showed hmm it’s probably something you must be turning tracks and links off in Aweber in a weber right it’s nothing to do with this tool it has to be with your sis ID basically with Aweber there’s options as turn tracks off tracking off so it turns the tracking off what happens with the ESP any company is when you send that link we mask Andry mask it anyways when we send it out so whatever you put there we’re gonna be mask into for our own tracking links inside of it so it has nothing to do with the actual tool you’re using but yeah okay I’ll check it out thank you very much no problem okay so I’m a sin Lane user okay and usually what I do is I delete all of the pictures out of the mocha template to make my email plain white do you know it will that still be picked up as using a template or doesn’t it is it read as a regular eight white HTML and we’ve regular white HTML if you’re deleting the images out but you know if you use the third one when you’re going to the pages we’ve used a third one it says use plain blank HTML that kind of eliminates using how to delete everything just FYI if you if you know thanks very simple you don’t have to go all through this confusion there another question it doesn’t matter I’ll let you choose okay this gentleman is alright there we go he’s raising both hands so he gets there Jimmy Kim I just want to be your friend we can be friends my question is I’m very very new to this and going through the profit Academy videos they were talking about leadpages and mr. Hutchins was talking about a double opt-in a two page opt-in and I signed up with sudden lane as well and I was just wanting to know I couldn’t find one with your guys’s templates on there so I just wanted to see if that’s something that you could bring to the table because I would rather use that so that way on my first page it looks it doesn’t look like I’m taking something from them right away sure the two page optho you’re talking about basically they click a button opens a box right yes sir when’s the last time you’ve been into the site it’s been a little bit now what’s that it’s been a couple weeks yeah it’s there all right hey good deal you are you knew I was coming that’s it with that so good deal all right well anyone else right here she’s standing up yes in the corner they’re like two more questions I don’t know how much time I have Manik oh okay cool hi hi for your presentation this is probably a very simple question sure you mentioned the fancy emails versus the HTML so is the fancy when you’re using a template correct you call okay an HTML is that like the written out the law yeah exactly like it’s just a plain text email basically a white email which is some words on a plate if you have an e-zine that goes out and you use the template for branding purposes to send it out correct so what I was saying is you know if you’re really into branding you should you can do it but the chances of ending up in a promotional tab increase and your click-through rates and open rates seem to decrease with it and that’s the testament keep seeing over and over again so it’s a decision you have to make again if your Apple you’re sending out the perfect Apple email every time but they don’t care because they’ve got the huge tribe and following behind it right when you’re starting up fresh I know you’re trying to brand yourself but at the same time it’s important to get the most opens and clicks yeah so I always recommend using the plain HTML text it doesn’t matter take couple more yeah standing up when is there any way to put a picture in a plain HTML yes absolutely you can you know you can just well depending on the service again they all have you can put the pictures in the key is and you know we talked about this again is the key is to use a unique picture not one that you’re fine yeah if it’s yourself or whatever it’s fine it’s it’s when you go out and find an image off Google or an image off of someone’s affiliate page that you post in there no longer becomes a unique image your chances increase doesn’t mean you’re going to get promotional tab and that’s saying you are it just increases and that’s what I’ve always noticed where did I go oh is there any way to put a remarketing pixel a remarketing pixel yeah that’s a great question actually yeah that is a great question I don’t know if we can do that he doesn’t know you don’t think Zach he wants to know if there’s a way to put a retargeting pixel zach is our CTO by the way he’s here of said lane he’s he’s the delivery guy he’s the guy get your e mails in the inbox so that guy back there oh yeah came up around flowers Eric Zach he wants to know if we can act you can add a retargeting pixel on an email he said no I can’t it does not work with email I am using hyper tracker for you know to distract my clicks and it seems like after a while they say I don’t know just the emails like getting spammy because of the hyper tracking link you know I I’m not sure if that’s the case in Santa when I am not using Sanremo it again depends if you have that little link clicked or not where it’s displaying that link or not this is why I was talking about masking emails how important it is so if you don’t mask an email it displays that link right hyper tracker combat right that alone can get you in the spam box try using the hyper tracker link but mask it click here to learn more something like that mask it and put your hyper tracker link into it you know how that works you highlight it you hit the link button usually and what that’s gonna do is it’s gonna let the back end go ahead and track it through their system so whoever the company is Aweber – ever it’s on it’s got a trap it’s gonna go ahead and cloak it but it’s not going to display it so by not displaying you eliminate that problem oh hey hey Jimmy yes what do you think about getting Zach up there with you on stage I mean Zach if you want to come up here and answer some questions guys what do you think you want Zach up there so up here Zach’s a little nervous he’s not really spoken on stage before so let’s get let’s give him a nice big round of applause and cheerful welcome Zach Zach you can come answer some questions with me so Zach here is like our child prodigy is what we call him because he’s young he’s 22 years old right 22 years old then he made your first million when you were 18 though it was 18 years old he made his first million dollars online okay all right this guy is the genius behind sin lane as far as the delivery the end the technology behind the company he’s the one that helps deliver your emails into the inbox I’m you know I’m an email marketer and user I understand how this all works but this guy is the one who actually gets your emails inboxed he just smiles I have a question here yes I’d like to piggyback on what the young lady acts now once a person they say opens your email initially being a plain HTML email and open to several times at that point in time do you think it may be considered whitelisted you know cuz sometimes Gmail will do that but that little triangle there so where you can start adding the template or did you have weight because I think Zach would agree with this I think it’s just best practice to keep it a plain HTML right that’s just a simple practice that I recommend everybody until you get to a larger even onic I won’t let him use a template I mean on ekeus I don’t know 300 400 thousand subscribers through his email list I don’t even – let him use this template because I’m just trying to maximize the live reason clicks the number one thing when you’re sending an email is to get opens and clicks right it doesn’t matter how pretty your email is you just want them to click through it right open it click your content sell them something or give them some great content with it so that’s that’s so important and that’s what it really comes down so regular HTML I mean especially you know so high it’s been a while haven’t I tried using the send lane before when you guys first send an email but it’s been a while I know you guys were working on linking it with leadpages that would be great what’s the political answer here they are very large we’ve requested it and there’s a lot of people on the list and they just don’t get back to us because this is just their thing now so that’s my answer basically I can’t integrate because they won’t allow me to yeah and and they’re like I understand like a lot people like like to use leadpages it’s because of the a lot of template they had and as we get more requests from you guys and we have been up personally I’m going to start over the next few weeks our problems you’re gonna see a lot of beautiful templates that’s gonna up out Stan yeah yeah yeah oh you like certain number of designers and their few weeks gonna see like really beautiful actually absolutely all right I saw someone jumping over here who is jumping all right someone was jumping well since we’re right here this problem but we can do this one first I’m sorry I didn’t see you jump though and then over there I don’t know if I could answer that it’s about Facebook it’s nothing to do with email can i I’m sorry Facebook groups and pages can I ask a question about that you can hear me what about Facebook I was confused about this can you hear me now yes okay can I ask a question on Facebook sure okay well uh about whitelisting about clicks now I have a page and obviously some members do they oh is it possible that some of them don’t get you know the information because it’s like at hashtag so maybe I put a lot three three three I think what you’re trying to ask is if you’re making a Facebook post you’re using hashtags you’re saying weh-weh should we put them the hashtags what words and also is it possible that I my information that promo page does not get to the members of that group or the page she seems to know the answer relative to sin lane and email however this woman right here has an answer for you so okay she already has an answer for you and over here who was who was going there yes okay I just wanna clarify I’m not going nuts hi Jimmy I’m using sin Lane and I’m happy to announce I’ve got 298 people in my autoresponder so thank you congratulate I made one hundred and seventy three dollars I’m pretty excited when I was trying to optimize and talking to different people who are selling clicks on economy they said that the time redirect works better because I didn’t have a time reject so I started using the Thank You page generator thing that you guys brought came up with my question is is that is it better to use a landing page a Thank You page with a time to redirect on it or is the Thank You page generator that you guys have is that is there much difference like I know what you’re asking this is something that I don’t do in my it’s it depends on what your purpose and goals are I mean I know this is where’s Annika unexpected basically she’s asking insanely we give you a very free thank you page generator basically here’s your book here’s your report etc downloaded here we keep it easy and onyx course he teaches you the five four three two one a redirect page right to the offer right so it’s a question of she’s asking it which one’s better okay now in this case I can’t answer that because I think they both work equally as well but the thing is it depends on how you’re trying to grow your relationship that’s what my honest answer is that’s what I’ve always felt if I’m trying to grow that relationship better with a person and my email list I’m gonna give him the book up front and not promote him until my follow-up series okay but if you’re looking for an ROI the maximum ROI you want to promote him immediately while they’re hot and attentive that’s my answer basically right so the difference between a regular thing yeah Thank You page where’d they go okay while your books arriving here watch this video correct versus a redirect which just says hey it’s coming and then it just goes immediately and there’s nothing about you there’s no you know you know I’m saying it’s just it’s just simple yeah basic things basically has little words like hey here’s the book etc download now but your whole idea is you have your autoresponder set up behind it so when they opt-in within an hour you’re sending an email right away we might even do book reminding who you are and then you can start promoting from there so it’s it’s an option you know it’s optional how you want to do it I’ve gone both ways with it I I do it for myself my personal business I just give him a book or the report or whatever I told him I’m going to give him on the free side and then I put him into the autoresponder and I follow up through there so it’s a decision a personal decision I think is that what she said I’m confused by this question I guess so yeah maybe I think that what she was asking was not whether or not to do a thank-you page offer but there’s an there’s an option in signaling where you can create the Thank You page the transition page where it just says you know thank you it’s on its way now take a look at this offer well actually Thank You pages design it just says the download now which is why it’s not triggering in my head if I change the words to check out this offer then if that’s the question then you want to use the autocorrect because people are lazy they won’t click through so you want to force him through as fast as possible so that’s the answer for that I thought that’s what she was asking about the page of giving him a book the report and ending it there or forwarding him to an offer that’s what I was thinking – ok we didn’t do like two more let’s do two more I see so ok I see he’s been raising his hand so I’ll do him and then her right there where do you want to go right here this is just a feature suggestion um it would be awesome if you guys could add a feature were in a semi just version of like for example like a drop box where we could upload our content that goes beyond 100 megabytes or 50 megabytes but the link will expire in a certain or you could manage the download time or yeah host thing we’re doing that you guys do that are awesome alright we don’t do I’m not working on it right yeah guys just remember we’re digital marketers we’ve done it all so we’ve got a world of things but our first and foremost thing is delivery to get your email into the inbox that’s the first thing and then we’re gonna add a bunch of features behind it I mean you guys you can see a brand new UI this year I mean well in like 30 days I think we’re out right 30 days out you’re gonna come log in it’s got a little completely different cuz we’ve listened to you guys we know what you guys are looking for you guys have kind of been a little bit of a test group which is why we gave you guys a lot of months from we gave you three months free on purpose because it allowed us to get the feedback and grow with that okay and someone was jumped back there one more there I have a preview pane on my email on my incoming email so a lot of my emails I read that way I don’t ever open them and so I’ve been taken off a lot of these kinds of emails that you’re sending out because apparently I’m not responding but I am and I am reading them and you’re using a special program and so it’s a preview pane a preview pane so I’m seeing it below without having to open the email I see you’re eventually getting pushed off the the list because you’re not opening emails right now so is there a way that you guys can I don’t know that but actually brings up a good point that I don’t know why I didn’t put in the slide about it but basically about the email thing it’s not proving a hundred percent like how this works but basically this is the idea works Monica I was talking about this I’ll use Annika example with his wife basically his wife is obviously on his email list right and recently he was like hey she’s not getting inbox she’s not seeing my emails right I said check spam and he goes she’s in spam why because the user hadn’t opened the email and like however long we don’t know the exact date it can range from eight to thirty days it was what we see in thirty days sixty days because the user hasn’t actively opened the email and they’re not you’re not actually not getting email it’s just going into your spam box because your email service provider is saying it’s not it’s not it’s not it’s not relevant to you so they’re not they don’t you must not care so no longer that comes back to my old list scrubbing thing right if you list scrub you don’t have to do that but outside of that I don’t know what to tell you there if you’re using a preview or I don’t know how to explain that because the only way it works is when you open it it has a tracking pixel that’s inside that email and that’s how it shoots the information back to us so that’s the only way I can explain that so is it what a power on one more I’ll take one more because she’s just shaking her hand one more take shaking hand and I’ll be around guys and guys just so you guys know we have the booth outside for suddenly just because the booth is there for suddenly doesn’t mean that we can’t answer other questions if you have questions they’re there I flew him in from Canada and San Diego with me so they’re here to answer your questions anything even if you’re having issues they’ll log into your account right now and help you so they’re here back there all day today all day tomorrow so I’m sure you guys have seen that booth as well hi I’m with eye contact and i am i have my autoresponder setup and i sent all my emails but when i look at the results and i look at the clicks and the opens and the clicks is very low and then but they have the category that says no info and it’s like 80% or higher and it’s knowing for I can’t in the auto responder when I look at my results I have the opens and I have the the clicks but most of them are in the category of no information and it’s a 80 percent or higher and I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on that what that could be the only reason and could they turn off their tracking links right that’s the only yeah no but I guess this if they did not open so we have no information about the subscribers oh yeah yeah that means they did not have any activity in your emails so remember we talked about testing it probably it’s a good time right now to go back and test all your autoresponders I’ve done a run and did a few tests already and it’s always the same thing it’s either roughly 80 percent or high or no information 80 percent or higher doing what I’m sorry no information they fall in that category is this percent lean no with eye contact oh it’s with eye contact well I can’t help you with eye contact I don’t even use eye contact since 2009 yeah they don’t like affiliate marketers settle like affiliate marketers yeah they don’t like the affiliate marketers so I haven’t been an affiliate marketer with them for since 2009 so I contact us so 17 seconds ago yeah just kidding but now any other question are we moving on or what where are we they’re on it wait for time are we good we got one more that this guy okay so one more question okay right they’re all big they’ve got a crowd cheering for this guy so let’s let’s go over here feel the energy right over here I never saw time you are a PowerPoint you know what this is really cool thank you so not yet that’s actually we’ve been talking about that plugins plugins to make it for opt-in pages when I redirect from Facebook I can’t go to my opt-in page I’ve got to go to my web page otherwise Facebook will knock me off so I need to go through my wordpress site sure right and so well there’s two ways to do it there’s if you’re not using a plug-in you can use the HTML or the you know there’s multiple ways to do you can use the iframe there’s a simple thing called iframe you can call an iframe or you can use the integration the basic HTML code you know HTML code works and work for us too as well so if you don’t know how to do that whole fancy stuff you hire designer for like a couple bucks they can integrate right into your page for now that’s probably the better solution we are working on a plugin because we do and we realize that people are asking for a plugin for send lane so we’re working on it it’s just time yeah no problem awesome awesome is this incredible everyone oh well I don’t have anything else okay can we please give them an amazing round of applause and thank you thank you honor of having you guys here thank you so much

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