02 Introduction to Amazon Affiliation by Khalid Farhan

[UltraVid id=6 ]hello everyone my name is Khaled for him and welcome to the second lesson where we will learn what is affiliation and what is Amazon affiliation so I know that you have read some boring stuffs on what is affiliation and what is Amazon affiliation but I thought I won’t show you any PowerPoint slides or anything boring in this lecture but i’ll do is i’ll show you an example of an affiliate website from where we can easily understand what is affiliation so this the where name of this website is pick my shaver calm it is one of the richest websites in terms of affiliation in internet these websites earn more than 70 to 80 thousand dollars per month and yeah let’s have a look at this site so if i search on google um best shaver or recommended electric shaver or something similar then there’s a heightens that i will find this site within the first page of Google so what I’ll do them I’ll then click on that side and then I’ll find this page so what is this page in this page we can see that this site reviews about different kinds of shavers the different kinds of electric shavers and their companies and chairs and so on so for example let’s think that I’m gonna buy a shaver so when I am planning to buy a shaver what I’ll do is there’s a high chance that I’ll go to Google or any other search engines and I’ll simply type that best shaver of 2015 or based Phillips shaver or best panasonic shaver and so on so when I’ll find this site in the first page of Google I’ll click on that side and I’ll start reading the reviews so let’s assume that I came to this side and I’m reading the reviews so there are lots of reviews here let’s click on one of those the best of Philip electric shavers so I clicked on those because say for example I have interest in Philips so for example I liked this shaver so what I’ll do now I’ll simply click on the Save let’s read review on this favor so as you can see there is a detailed review on this uh shaver how is it what are the features what are the benefits and where the comms and so on so say for example I read this review and see there is an user guide to so for example I read this review and I now want to buy this so what I’ll do now I’ll simply as as I can see there is a link on of check price and availability here so what I’ll do is I’ll simply click on this link because I want to check the price which is very normal so when I click on this link as you can see i am redirected to amazon com so now if i buy this shaver if i click on add to cart and if i go to buy this shaver the person who is the owner of this website will earn a percentage of my payment in amazon which is generally six percent to ten percent so now here’s the interesting part this is regular affiliation but what is the best part is let’s say i don’t buy anything now but tomorrow morning i go to amazon and i simply by a razor will this guy get a revenue then the answer is yes the guy will even then get a revenue amazon stores the cookie of my browsing history for 24 hours which means that even if i don’t buy the item instantly if i buy it within 24 hours or if i buy anything from amazon within 24 hours this person will get a review this person will get the money the percentage so say for example i saw this review in amazon and i went to bed I sleep the night and in the next morning I decided that I’ll buy a phone let’s say i’ll buy an apple phone so if i go for a for apple laptop and let’s say by an apple left laptop so the interesting part is even then this person we’ll get a revenue yes that is why Amazon affiliation is the most interesting affiliation methods ever and this doe this guy has nothing to do with my buying the apple notebook even then this guy will get a serious revenue and this is how affiliation works this is how Amazon affiliation works and this is how we are going to earn via amazon affiliation we’re going to create a simple site like this one this is a very easy side to create and then we will link our amazon affiliate links within this side so that when people click on their these links they are redirected to amazon affiliate store and ultimately if they buy anything from the amazon affiliate store within 24 hours we will be getting money so yes that’s basically it I hope you understood what is emma’s and affiliation we’re going to learn more throughout this course so there is nothing to worry if you don’t learn or if you are confused about something let’s just keep going and it will learn you will keep learning it’s best of luck

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